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Mighty Thirsty Mop - Absorb, Lift, and Clean Any Mess!

Mighty Thirsty Mop - Absorb, Lift, and Clean Any Mess!

Mighty Thirsty Mop - Absorb, Lift, and Clean Any Mess!
Mighty Thirsty Mop - Absorb, Lift, and Clean Any Mess!
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Spectrum Warranties
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Spectrum Warranties offers replacement coverage for your purchase on this item. It covers drops, water damage, and all sorts of accidents with a quick and easy claims process.

Warranties purchased at the time of product sale take effect on day 31 after purchase.

Please contact Spectrum Warranties upon purchasing to register your product.

  • Contract covers units in a residential (non-commercial) environment.
  • Contract covers free shipping of repaired items.
  • If the product cannot be repaired, it will be replaced.
  • If unable to replace a 100% refund will be issued for the purchase price (less shipping & tax).
  • Covers standard malfunctions & accidental damage.

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The Mighty Thirsty Mop is the official As Seen on TV household essential that revolutionizes cleaning, sweeping, and mopping. Designed for easy cleaning, storage, and super absorbency, this self-wringing mop is a game-changer for any home.

How To Use the Mighty Thirsty Mop

The unique mop head is made of a revolutionary polymer compound consisting of millions of super-absorbing pockets that can hold 10x its weight! With just a little bit of water, these specially designed pockets act like magnets; effortlessly holding and trapping dirt, dust, pet hair, and more. It's mold and mildew-resistant so it remains odor-free.

There's no disposable pads to keep buying and nothing to wash: the mop head rinses clean in the sink and the unique self-wringing design makes it a breeze. The five roller wringer ensures a drip-free experience for a streak-free clean. Now without a bucket, this isn't necessarily made to deep clean your whole floor - rather this is for soaking up spills and messes, as well as sweeping up dirt and debris.

The low-profile head pivots to get the perfect angle. Clean hardwood floors, vinyl, baseboards and more. You can even soak up spills and pet messes in carpet since it's so absorbent.

The convenient wringer doubles as a stand, allowing you to store it in small spaces or behind doors.

With the Mighty Thirsty Mop, get ready to simply rinse, wring, and clean!

Note: When dry, the mophead hardens. Do not attempt to wring or use the mop while completely dry.


  • Official As Seen on TV Viral Mighty Thirsty Mop
  • Unique Mophead Absorbs 10x Its Weight
  • Self-Wringing Design Rinses and Cleans Easily
  • Special Polymer Compound Traps and Holds Dirt
  • Mop Wet Messes, Spills, on Hardwood, Vinyl, or Tile Floors
  • Low-Profile, Pivoting Head for Tight Spots and Baseboards
  • Absorbs, Lifts, and Cleans So Many Types of Messes
  • Dries Mold, Mildew and Odor-Free
  • A Great Pet Mop for Hair and Messes in Carpet
  • The Built-in Wringer Doubles as a Stand for Small Spaces
  • 12.5in Wide Mop Head
  • Assembled Dimensions: 3in x 3.5in x 56.5in Tall

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