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Lot of 25 American Flags (3 x 5 - Standard Size)

Lot of 25 American Flags (3 x 5 - Standard Size)

Lot of 25 American Flags (3 x 5 - Standard Size)
Lot of 25 American Flags (3 x 5 - Standard Size)
Your Price: $74.75
Compare at: $124.75  (40% off)
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Warranties purchased at the time of product sale take effect on day 31 after purchase.

Please contact Spectrum Warranties upon purchasing to register your product.

  • Contract covers units in a residential (non-commercial) environment.
  • Contract covers free shipping of repaired items.
  • If the product cannot be repaired, it will be replaced.
  • If unable to replace a 100% refund will be issued for the purchase price (less shipping & tax).
  • Covers standard malfunctions & accidental damage.


Fly your country's flag proudly! This standard size USA flag is 3x5 ft and is made of weather resistant polyester which prevents mildew. Included are supplies for attaching to any standard flag pole.

Show your spirit, resolve, and support by flying a US flag!

- Quantity 25 standard size 3x5 ft American flags
- Includes grommets for attaching to standard pole
- Poles not included

IMPORTANT NOTE: This product is only available for shipping in the contiguous 48 states. Any other orders will be cancelled.

5 Stars  USA Flags 
I buy them as they hold up in all kinds of weather for a longtime

5 Stars  Flag 
Super product and great shipping

5 Stars  Good quality 
Good quality for the price

5 Stars  The Greatest Flag of All 
I love the quality of the way it made, It feel great and look wonderful, The greatest part of it is the cost, being a fix income retired Military Veteran the cost is great.

4 Stars  Flag 
Made well for the price

5 Stars  3 x 5 Flag 
Great Product !

5 Stars  Always reliable 
I order these from Pulse Direct because living in a windy area, I have to replace my American flags every 3 months. The price and delivery from Pulse Direct is just great.

2 Stars  Very cheap material 
I was surprised how cheap feeling the material was. Feels like plastic as opposed to a soft material. Disappointed!

5 Stars  American flag 
This flag is very nice. Seems to be made well of good material and flies freely.

5 Stars  Well made 
Very happy with this flag. more than I expected.

5 Stars  Great Flag 
These are great flags at a good price. The sun and wind are hard on the flags so it is nice to have a good price on these.

5 Stars  Very nice quality flag. Delivered quickly. I m so pleased. 
Very nice quality flag. Delivered quickly. I m so pleased

2 Stars  Low Quality 
You get what you pay for with this flag. The wind destroyed this flag quickly, so if you are like me and refuse to fly a torn flag dont bother purchasing this one.

5 Stars  5 Stars for 50 Stars 
5 Stars for 50 Stars!!!!! I pledge allegiance to the flag of the USA. Good quality and good service.

5 Stars  Looks Great 
Received expeditiously. Product as described.

5 Stars  I just bought 3 more. 
were good.

5 Stars  American Flag Flying High! 
Bought 2 of these at the great price offered. Very light weight, so I am not sure how they will hold up to continuous outdoor exposure to the elements. On the other hand, their weightlessness allows them to flutter and wave beautifully in the slightest of breezes. Very satisfied at this point in time!


5 Stars  Best Flag 
Very good quality! Looks fabulous waving in the wind. Proud to fly this flag!

5 Stars  American Flag 
I was very pleased with this flag. Good quality and looks great on my porch.

5 Stars  nice flag 
got one in the front yard

5 Stars  US Flag 
Flag is exactly what I wanted for our flagpole in front of our house.

4 Stars  Great Flag! 
Great Flag! Just What I Wanted.

2 Stars  fair weather flying 
I fly my colors 24/7/365 under the lights and these are nice but not sturdy enough for daily display or winds. Theyre great just for holiday displaying!!

5 Stars  Flags 
The flags are very high quality

5 Stars  How do I Rate the AMERICAN FLAG 

5 Stars  Proud to Fly My American Flag ! 
I sincerely hope Pulse can keep these in stock for those who may have missed out on this must have item.

5 Stars  Great price 
It was a little thin when I received the USA Flag but it is holding up much better then the more expensive ones I have bought in the past. It flies great on my 25 Flag Pole. I would buy it again. But it might be awhile from the looks of it so far.

4 Stars  price was right 
Flag is light weight

5 Stars  A+ 
I have been buying Pulse American flags for many, many years and they have always been top quality. Always in stock, shipped quickly and never any site problems. Great job Pulse!

5 Stars  They were great!!! 
I purchased more than one and loved them!! It was just what I wanted and all went well with shipping and ordering too.

2 Stars  flag 
Very thin material,otherwise not bad.Would not purchase another one.

4 Stars  I enjoy it 
I fly my flag every day so Im always looking for flags.Yours are of a good quality.

4 Stars  great for the price 
these are not as good as the more expensive ones BUT for the price they are worth it. they may not last as long as the high priced ones but you get your moneys worth . over all if you are cheap like me, this is a great bargain.

4 Stars  Great 
These flags are long lasting and really nice looking. We fly them every day so we go through a lot!

5 Stars  great color 
Very nice looking American Flag

5 Stars  Very nice 
It looks extremely nice. It is light so it flutters nicely. I am very satisfied.

5 Stars  waving old glory 
I have it waving in the yard on the first day I got it.

5 Stars  Great Buy 
Loved them. Bought the maximum amount and gave some of them to family members.

5 Stars  Great Value 
For the price, these American Flags are a great buy. I fly mine 24/7 and they hold up very well.

3 Stars  Quality 
Not bad, wears well.

5 Stars  FLY YOUR FLAG!!!!! 
Very nice flag - flutters nicely in the wind. Show your patriotism by flying this Grand old Flag.

5 Stars  American Flag 
Both of my sisters just love this flag. They fly them both with pride! Thank you for such an awesome product!

5 Stars  Worth the money 
Show your love of America by displaying a flag. Quality was better than expected for such a reasonable price. Well worth ordering

5 Stars  Beautiful 
Good quality, nice grommets, vibrant colors

5 Stars  American Flags 
We love the good quality and price of our American Flag!! Thank you for your prompt service too!!

4 Stars  Great Bargain 
We have a flag-pole in our yard and feel like its important to always have a crisp, new-looking flag up there for all to see. These flags allow us to do that exact thing without spending too much. We also give them to a business man neighbor who always has need of a new flag for his pole as well.

4 Stars  Great for the price 
Not the best flags available, but definitely not the worse. Great flag for the price. They are lighter weight than normal and more subjective to winds, but do a good job of displaying. They tend to fray quicker than more expensive flags, but I can purchase 5 or more of these for the same price as one better quality flag.

5 Stars  USA flag 
Very nice flags. I actually didnt need a 3x5 but assumed thats what i had before but after getting them I like the 3x5 also .

2 Stars  Very poor quality-more of a banner 
Very thin, no stitching, all print, maybe good for indoor use


5 Stars  GOOD VALUE 
As a patriotic American, I fly the flag everyday on a flagpole in my yard. The wind is hard on my flags, so I change them out every few weeks. The only negative I can point to is that they are made in China, and that bothers me, however, my desire to fly the flag, and keep a nice one out there, outweighs my distain for Chinese goods.

5 Stars  Nice Flags 
These flags are nice for the price. I ordered multiples for gifts. Do not order if you are in a hurry. Shipping time was very long.

3 Stars  FLAG 
It is not as sturdy a flag as I thought it would be, but a pretty good value at that price point.

5 Stars  New Flag 
Beautiful flag just as advertised well-made just replace my previous one yesterday and it looks gorgeous

5 Stars  great service and price 
good products, prices and service

4 Stars  Good Price 
I am cautiously optimistic. The flag looks good, but typically, our flags do not survive the wind for very long. I hope it does well. Thanks.

4 Stars  Good flag for the price 
I like to keep 4-5 flags on hand to replace my regularly displayed flag. OR, If I see a flag in poor condition. I just ask the owner if they would mind my replacing the worn flag and disposing of it properly..

5 Stars  Nice flag 
Very pleased with this flag. Good quality.

3 Stars  Nice for Free 
This flag is bit thin, but what can you say about the USA Flag, theyre all beautiful...

5 Stars  Great Cheap Flag 
Great Cheap Flag

4 Stars  Flag 
Good flag for the price

5 Stars  Good quality at a good price 
Generally happy with this item. I put it in front of my house and several neighbors have asked where I got it from. Good material and good price.


5 Stars  Top quality 
Great buy. Top quality flag looks beautiful unfurled on top of my flagpole.

5 Stars  Perfect for outdoors 
We fly a flag all year long. So many in the past have not held up long. This one does!

5 Stars  g o o d 
Such a good deal!!! I try to keep a flag up all the time. they have to be replaced often. Good flag at a good price.

2 Stars  Flimsy 
It is not a flag that will last a week on a windy day the fabric is less than paper thin...the colors are not vibrant. NEVER AGAIN

5 Stars  American Flag 
Good quality, lightweight, perfect size 3 X 5 to display off my balcony - and a great gift for my veteran daughter to display at her home.

4 Stars  american flag 
flags are made very well and hold up extremely well.

3 Stars  Good for the money for flying outside. 
Looks good from a distance. I will buy again.

4 Stars  Good Weather Resistant Flag 
This is a good quality flag. The colors are bright and vibrant. The polyester material stands up well to sun, wind and rain. My only concern is that the flag is very lightweight. Regardless of that concern I highly recommend this flag at its very reasonable price.

5 Stars  American Flag 
A fine purchase - very pleased

5 Stars  Beautiful Flag 
The American Flag is extremely attractive, the price is great and the service outstanding.

5 Stars  Five Stars For American Flag 
Rapid shipping.. Good Value

5 Stars  Flying High 
Great flag for our pole.

5 Stars  Big and bright 
Great flag that is flying in my front yard now.

5 Stars  American Flad 
this is my 6th flag that i have ordered, and am very satisfied with it.

5 Stars  You have to get it! 
Very well made for indoor or out. I always buy 3 or more at a time! Excellent!!!

5 Stars  Great Flag Great Deal! 
Ive purchased at least 10 of these flags. They hold up very well. I have them indoors and outdoors!

5 Stars  Great flag 
The flag is well made and flies great in the wind

5 Stars  Very Pleased 
Bought this to replace an old flag that was becoming tattered. It is a great buy, the flag is great.

5 Stars  American Flag 
I love these flags! However, I dont like that they are Chinese made. Other than that, they work well and seem to last pretty good in the wind and sun of southern Arizona.

5 Stars  Perfect 
One of the flags is flying on our front porch. The other 2 will be kept as replacement. Your timing was perfect. The old flag had ripped apart. It is good to have a new one flying again.

3 Stars  flag from china 
visually fine but too light weight to keep spinning flag pole spinning which prevents flag pole wrap.

5 Stars  Beautiful flag 
Flag is absolutely beautiful, colors very vibrant

4 Stars  As advertised 
Product received was as advertised. It is flying over our boat dock, so will be subject to the weather, and yes its lit at night. Will have to see how it handles the weather.

5 Stars  great light weight flag 
These flags do not drag down the flag pole in the wind. they last as long as the $30 flags from Walmart. at this price you cant go wrong.

5 Stars  LOVE THEM 

5 Stars  Great gift 
For the price, great deal!!

5 Stars  American Flag 
I love these flags! They are lightweight, so they wave in the slightest breeze. I order several at a time so I always have a replacement when the one I am using starts looking old! And the price is great!

5 Stars  flimsey but worth the price 
the cost outways the flimsey flag. i have used expensive flags. they last longer but not much longer. i fly my flag 24/7 so i dont need a fancy flag.

5 Stars  happy 
very happy

5 Stars  Great American Value & Patriotism 
This a great way to show your support of our flag & military. I was in the army during the Korean War.

5 Stars  New flag 
Nice size, good quality and it got here for the 4th. I need to improve the attachments so it doesnt tangle so much. Good product.

5 Stars  ameriica flag 
Been buying these flags for years ,they wear very good as they fly in yard.

Just finished attaching the flag to our flag pole. The flag seems to be very well made and the price was right.

5 Stars  Patriotic 
We love our new flag! It fits perfect and is made of quality material! Our other flag was pretty tattered. This has been a good purchase for us and at a bargain price!

5 Stars  American flag for sale. 
I have the flag on my flag pole, it is bright and beautiful.

5 Stars  Great price for great product 
Awesome product

5 Stars  Looks great! 
The flag looks really good. Unfortunately, I couldnt use it because I need it to slide onto the pole, and it doesnt have the sleeve that I need to put it over the pole.

5 Stars  American Flags 
Always love shopping with Pulse TV. We get our flags from you and are always pleased.

5 Stars  American Flag 
Very high quality and durable. Survived a hail storm without damage.

5 Stars  3x5 American Flag 
I use these flags on an outdoor flag pole that gets subjected to some high, hot winds in the Arizona desert. They withstand the elements very well for about three months, then need to be replaced.

5 Stars  American Flag 
Flag was just as expected, no problems good product

4 Stars  Happy with 3 Flags 
Purchased 3 flags to give to our 3 children in honour of our 60th wedding anniversary. Very good price for American flags.

5 Stars  Great Flag 
Light weight, but great flag for the price

4 Stars  American Flags 
Great purchase @ great price

1 Stars  3x5 foot American flag 
PulseTV and the people there are great, the flags that I received, some kind of paper thin nylon, which I pretty much wasnt surprised as cheap as the cost was. But I was hoping they mightve been the same heavy cloth style that I have for my flag out front of my house, but that wasnt the case theyre super cheap and thin. So I was very disappointed in the product.

5 Stars  Buy several! 
As memorial day approached, the Pulse folks had this special offer of the American Flag for a ridiculous price. I purchased 5 and gave them to folks in the neighborhood and to friends who were having a cookout. They all appreciated the thought and hung the flag up immediately. They are sturdy and waterproof and worth every penny.

5 Stars  us flags 
Great product that I have purchased before and will continue to do so as I have given them as gifts to others. Sal C

5 Stars  Great flag for the money 
The flag is the centerpiece for the many flags we have around our pool Looks great!

4 Stars  American Flag 
Looks Good and appears durable

5 Stars  great flag 
long lasting because of the quality of the material.

4 Stars  Flag 
All products I have gotten from Pulse always are above standard no matter what the item is.

5 Stars  Flag 
Excellent buy!

5 Stars  American Flag 
A beautiful flag I have one displayed all the time. A bit quick to fray, but to be fair, Im talking constant up time, and it takes a couple of monthe before I need to change out. Well worth the price!

5 Stars  american flag 
its lite and durable! perfect

4 Stars  US flag 
Appeared to be lighter weight then flags I have purchased elsewhere. Have not hung it out yet.

3 Stars  ... 
Quality of flag was disappointing..............

5 Stars  Old Glory 
Great flag, great product. Whats not to like about the symbol of democracy.

4 Stars  US flag 
This is a very good flag and I think it will last for some time

1 Stars  Not made in USA 
Made in China! Very bad form! You should be embarrassed to buy American flags not made in America.

4 Stars  American Flag 
Nice flag.Main thing I didnt like MADE in China and NOT AMERICA

2 Stars  Priced right 
The flag is nice, but worth only what I paid for it. It will not weather well

2 Stars  Made in China 
Sorry the flag I received was made in china

4 Stars  American Flag 
Would be better if it were weather proof

5 Stars  Victory At Sea. 
Exactly as I remember from original programs that I saw many years ago.

4 Stars  American flag 
Somewhat thin material... had a very two days of heavy winds... noticed that flag had a few freys from the heavy winds...

3 Stars  American flag made in China 
The flag itself is very thin nylon fabric, that will easily hang on the kind of flag pole one would mount to a house. It is not heavy weight and of course, its brightly colored when first purchased, but fades and becomes tattered after being outside in the weather for many months. It is priced appropriately for the materials used in it, but it is just so weird that this flag is made in China. I think the country of origin should be stated in the catalog. Of course if it was, maybe there wouldnt be as many sales. In the future, I would purchase an American-made flag if it says Made in America. Not sure I will buy another one if it is made in China.

2 Stars  POOR 
Disappointed flag made in china

4 Stars  Flying high 
Flags are rather thin and flmsy.

5 Stars  Great value 
Great quality for the money.

5 Stars  Great deal 
Nothing wrong with the flag good deal

5 Stars  Great 
Timing and product - great

5 Stars  American Flag 
Love the flag, like the quality.

5 Stars  Good quality product, just needed a little tweaking 
The price is right and the flag is of good quality, but the far edge needed reinforcement because it tends to shred from the wind and elements. Im proud to fly it every day.

5 Stars  Nice Size 
Im going to order another one of these! The price is Right and it is a Good size, not at all cheap made

1 Stars  Cheap 
The cost is cheap, and the flag is too. Good for inside decoration but hardly substantial enough to fly.

5 Stars  Great product for a great price! 
The flag is a great buy! Good quality. Very pleased!

5 Stars  U S Flag 
Got it very good quality and cant beat the price!!!!!

5 Stars  Quality product 
Good quality flags. Light weight which doesnt bend the flag pole during strong winds.

1 Stars  Why would you buy an American flag made in China? 
Why would you buy an American flag made in China?

5 Stars  Ol Glory 
Love my flag. Waves beautifully!

5 Stars  Service 

5 Stars  very happy! 
Was perfect length and weight

3 Stars  Made in China! Really? 
My headline says it all! I bought an American Flag because I wanted an American Flag.

5 Stars  On-Line Shopping Experience. 
High Quality, Great Price, and Fast Delivery. Cant ask for more. As usual for PulseTV.

2 Stars  Disappointed 
Disappointed in quality but for $5 what more could you expect.

5 Stars  good flag 
Flag has withstood high winds and whipping around better than others I have used.


5 Stars  If you can, get 3 or more. 
Very nicely made. Not too small,nice and large. I have one in the front of the house and 2 on opposite sides of my bedroom. Excellent and easy to store.

5 Stars  American Flag 
Glad I purchased more than one flag. It is high quality and made well. I highly recommend everyone, when purchasing this flag, purchase more than one. You wont be sorry!!

1 Stars  Garbage 
this was a horrible purchase, the flags are garbage, most likely cost $.25. Just a waste of money. Buy a quality flag somewhere else not this junk

5 Stars  American Flag 
I really like my American Flag. The colors are bright, and the fabric is a lightweight nylon which dries quickly. It mounted on my existing pole easily. Great price, too!

5 Stars  Flag 
This is a good flag. Its lightweight nylon with bright colors. It is perfect for our flagpole on the front porch because we always have a light breeze and this flag islight enough to fly well in a light wind. A very good buy.

5 Stars  United States of America flag 
This is a awesome deal!! Very good quality for the price!! I would recommend it to everyone!! God bless the USA!!

4 Stars  American Flag 
This flag is a nice size although my husband was not pleased w/the material. I think he was looking for a heavier weight one. But EVERYONE should be flying one in their yard none the less! God bless America!

1 Stars  USA flag 
Very cheap flag. Very disappointed

5 Stars  A OKAY 

5 Stars  Good value 
Good value! Fairly durable, will start to shred after a couple of months in the weather, sun, strong wind, but for the price very well worth it!

5 Stars  Great value for a big flag 
It really is a nice flag and I cant believe it was just 5 dollars

4 Stars  Satisfied 
First order came in with torn flag. Rachel replaced it immediately no charge. Very pleased thank you

5 Stars  Flag 
Great and affordable product

5 Stars  Great American Flag 
Good quality. I bought one for my sons home & one for ours!

5 Stars  Really Big 
this is a beautiful Flag, easy to put on my pole. the price was great am well pleased.

5 Stars  Great deal for an attractive flag 
This is a nicely constructed flag the fabric allows for a beautiful flow even in the slightest breeze! Rich colors and displays proudly!!!

5 Stars  flag 
excellent, prompt delivery

2 Stars  Flag 
Well made good size flag but the material is almost transparent its so cheap. Also the AMERICAN flag was made in CHINA. Im not Donald Trump I dont buy cheap steel oops, I meant stuff from China.

3 Stars  Good deal for the money! I guess 
I guess I was expecting a better quality flag and Made in America. Very thin

4 Stars  Large and well made 
Came in appropriate envelope. Large, colorful and grommets in right places.

5 Stars  God bless the usa 
Super deal. Nice product. Great Christmas gifts!

3 Stars  Somewhat Disappointed 
While I like the flags I received I was extremely disappointed to see they were made in China. That was a huge let down for me. They are AMERICAN FLAGS......

5 Stars  ????? 
The Flag appears very well put together and is very impressive to look at. The eyes to attach to a flag holder may be weak if flown in high wind areas.

5 Stars  USA flag 
Came promptly, reasonably priced and now hangs proudly in our front yard!

5 Stars  American Flags 
These flags appear to be well made and will allow me to keep the colors flying for the next several months.

5 Stars  just what I need 
this flag is the right size for my flagpole and at at price I can afford, shipping was right on time

5 Stars  Very nice 
Well worth the money!

5 Stars  Flag dat 
Great flags. Colorfast for about a year. Tough wearing on a 22 pole in all seasons. Well worth the annual investment

5 Stars  3x5 America flag 
a nice flag. here, in Florida, our sun depletes colors in ANYTHING very fast. I will buy this item again.

4 Stars  Flags 
Flags came quick, they are fine for the price I paid for them, I will use them on PGR missions so they should last for awhile, yes made in China, but hell what isnt these days...butch aka poppa smurf

5 Stars  Great! 
Weve always bought more expensive flags $40. These are more colorful, lighter in weight so they blow more, instead of just hanging in a wad.

5 Stars  American Flag 
It was perfect! It is flying proudly now.

5 Stars  The Stars and Stripes 
I bought two of the 3x5 foot USA FLAGS. They are beautiful. There awesome. They were waaaay more quality then I was looking for at the price.

5 Stars  American flag 
America #1

5 Stars  Patriotism 
We are very happy with the flags we ordered and you so promptly delivered. We fly our flags all the time to show our patriotism and love of country.

5 Stars  Nice Flags 
I purchased 8 of these flags for my business. What I paid for 8 was what I have been buying two flags for here locally. They have the same texture as the ones here locally. The only problem is that they are not made in this country. But, neither are the ones that I am buyig here.

5 Stars  Perfect 
I am very happy. The flag is everything I expected and it looks great on our flag pole.

4 Stars  Flag 
Good buy for the price. Stitching a little off but not enough to matter.

5 Stars  Great 
Very nice quality, sturdy material and strong grommets.

4 Stars  American Flag 
This flag appears very good. For a $20 value l expected embroidered stars,not printed,however it may be excellent. Im putting a third grommet in and testing it in the wind. Dont know yet how it will hold up.

5 Stars  3X5 American Flag 
I purchased these flags because the flag that came with my 20ft flagpole kit is to heavy. It would take a lot of wind for it to move. When it did move it would bend the pole. These flags are perfect and they look good too. If they last one season thats great. For 5 bucks a flag you cant go wrong.

5 Stars  My flag flies proudly 
These are beautiful flags, what else can I say. What a bargain. I like having back up flags on hand due to high winds we experience almost daily.

5 Stars  Nice Flags !! 
Flags are in clear bright colors. I would recommend these to others.

3 Stars  Flag 
Very thin. Doubt it will last 1 year

3 Stars  Not made in USA 
The flags are of reasonable quality and price...would not stand in strong storms. But they are made in China. Im a retired military man and I was surprised and dismayed when I read it on the package. Not good. Not nice. Not right!

4 Stars  3X5 American Flag - Good but not perfect 
This American Flag is very brightly colored and looks good! the only problem is that, where I live, we get lots of wind and this light weight flag tends to beat itself to death flapping in the wind so it doesnt last too long. Fortunately, the flag is inexpensive so I can afford to replace it now and then. Overall, a good deal.

5 Stars  flag 
good quality. Fast delivery

5 Stars  top flags 
Good quality flags, well made.

5 Stars  New outdoor 3x5 US Flag 
This flag looks good and is very durable.

5 Stars  American Flag 
I bought 3 flags at a great value. Quick Delivery as always. For the price the flag has withstood some strong winds thus far and no visible wear.

5 Stars  Very high quality merchandise 
Very pleased with this purchase. Excellent quality merchandise, great attention to detail, prompt shipping. Glad to do business again anytime!

5 Stars  3 x 5 American Flag 
Excellent product! Packaged is individual packets and should last for several months exposed to the elements.

5 Stars  AMERICAN FLAG - 3 X 5 

5 Stars  American flag 
Its just the right size for my porch

5 Stars  american flag 
Very satisfied

5 Stars  American flag 
The flag is not stiff and really flows with the wind. It has a silky feeling to it and is easy to handle.

5 Stars  Pride 
I am so happy to be able obtain a large U.S.flag at such an affordable price. It folds to a very compact size for safe storage when not in use. I will be proud to display this flag in front of my home.

5 Stars  Great flag for the money 
Love it. Hung it up for Memorial weekend.

5 Stars  American Flag 3 X 5 
Excellent Price, fast delivery, havent opened them yet, but they are as I expected. No complaints here, happy with PulseTVs products prices and response time.

5 Stars  My Flag 
The price was very good and the quality was excellent.

5 Stars  Mr 
Nice flag. Good quality. Nice size.

1 Stars  American Flag 
I opened the packaging on one flag and the eyelett fell out of it and extremely light quality material that just will not stand up in the wind we have here in Iowa.

5 Stars  Flags 
Received early. Exactly as ordered.

5 Stars  American Flag 
Pleased as usual with the American Flag which I have purchased before.

4 Stars  American flag 
Good quality, exactly as described. Arrived on time.

5 Stars  Very Nice Flag 
This flag is just as described and is well constructed. Got it just in time for Memorial Day. Thank you.

4 Stars  american flag 
great flag for price but only drawback ...no hardware to attach the flag,...had to make something myself to attach it to the flagploe

5 Stars  Great 
They were what I wanted

5 Stars  I need to show my flag! 
This flag appears to be of high quality material and looks very appropriate on my lighted flagpole where it is visible all day and all night. When I come home from work, it is like a warm welcome as I enter my driveway. The colors are vivid and bright and really represent the symbology of the flag extremely well. Thank you.

5 Stars  Proud to display this flag 
Wonderful quality for the money. Makes displaying the American flag both a symbol of pride and economical. Thank you so much.

5 Stars  Great item!! 
We live in the desert Southwest and these flags are great for intense sun exposure. I have bought more expensive flags that fade at the same rate, if not quicker!

5 Stars  AMERICAN 3x5 FLAG 
One of the best flags I have purchased. The weather resistant, polyester material that prevents mildew and prevents fading. The well made gold grommets and the flag itself - always looks like new when it flies.

5 Stars  flag 
a solid well made flag, i ordered it for my grandaughter,

4 Stars  Very nice flag for a small garden or small porch. 
The size is fine, having grommets on it is a good idea, and all the stars and stripes are in the right places. The only thing I was surprized about is that the material was much thinner than I had expected. Otherwise it is a good deal for the price you pay...

5 Stars  Flags 
I love these flags, and keep a supply of them on hand. The Arizona sun and wind are hard on them, and I like to keep a new one waving!

4 Stars  Flags Made in the USA 
Tammy from Customer Service here. We do sell a Flag made in the USA. look at number 1184P. However price of this Flag reflects American Quality and Wages. Firm believers do have an option.

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Video: Lot of 25 American Flags (3 x 5 - Standard Size)

Lot of 25 American Flags (3 x 5 - Standard Size)
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