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Lost TV Shows Collection - 20 Classic Episodes
Lost TV Shows Collection - 20 Classic Episodes
Lost TV Shows Collection - 20 Classic Episodes

Lost TV Shows Collection - 20 Classic Episodes

Lost TV Shows Collection - 20 Classic Episodes

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Sold Out
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The Lost TV Shows DVD Collection contains episodes of some of the greatest TV shows that were produced during the 1950's and 1960's. A great many of these episodes have not been shown on TV for as long as two to three decades.

This 20 episode collection contains episodes from such classic TV series as Lassie, The Life of Riley, You Bet Your Life, I Married Joan, Combat, Sea Hunt, Mannix, Burke's Law, Dragnet, Wagon Train, Mr. Ed and Adventures of Robin Hood.

Lassie - 2 Episodes (The Treehouse & The Trail)
The Life of Riley - 2 Episodes (Bab's School Reunion & Riley's Operation)
You Bet Your Life - 2 Episodes (May 12, 1955 & Feb. 18, 1954)
I Married Joan - 2 Episodes (Honeymoon & Bev's Boyfriend)
Combat - 1 Episode (Mail Call)
Sea Hunt - 1 Episode (Mark of the Octopus)
Mannix - 2 Episodes (The Name is Mannix & Skid Marks on a Dry Run)
Burke's Law - 1 Episode (Who Killed Jason Shaw)
Dragnet - 2 Episodes (The Big Truck & Big Betty)
Wagon Train - 1 Episode (Alias Bill Hawks)
Mr. Ed - 2 Episodes (Ed, the Beneficiary & Ed Get the Message)
Adventures of Robin Hood - 2 Episodes (Richard Lion Hearted & Children of Greenwood)

Features & Benefits:
- 20 Rarely Seen TV Episodes
- Format: DVD
- Language: English
- Region: Region 1
- Aspect Ratio: 1.33:1
- Number of discs: 2
- B&W and Color
- Not Rated
- Special Features: Facts & Trivia, Biographies, Photo Gallery and Film Info

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5 Stars  Memories 
Brings back great memories of a different time

5 Stars  memories 
Brought back old memories from years ago,

5 Stars  The Good Old Days 
Back when times were slower, gentler and kinder. Men opened or held the door for ladies and ladies respected the men who fought and died for freedom round the world. Everyone knew there was no staying even, you were either getting ahead or getting behind.

5 Stars  A return trip to my childhood 
I grew up watching all of these shows. Great to see them again. A real trip down memory lane!

5 Stars  Remarkable 
Great DVD brings back so many memories

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Video: Lost TV Shows Collection - 20 Classic Episodes

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