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Long Handle Easy Wipe - 3 PK

Long Handle Easy Wipe - 3 PK

Long Handle Easy Wipe - 3 PK
Long Handle Easy Wipe - 3 PK
Your Price: $7.99
Compare at: $27.99  (71% off)
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5 Stars - Great for getting into tight places in your car and house.
Price was also awesome. I bought three- GREG F., IA.

Clean your car windshield in a fraction of the time it used to take. The Long Handle Windshield Wiper uses an angled handle to reach every inch of your window without straining and stretching your body.

The cleaning head is covered with a microfiber cloth that uses plain tap water for sparkling results. No glass cleaner needed.

Have some fog or moisture on your windows?

This is perfect for moisture removal. Not just for vehicles, great for the home & office too.

Is this Windshield Cleaner Easy To Use?

It sure is! The ergonomic angled and the pivoting cleaning head makes cleaning windshields fast and super easy. Now you can reach all those hard to reach spots effortlessly. It's even great to use around your home on windows and mirrors.


- You Get THREE
- Includes Machine Washable Microfiber Pad
- Makes cleaning windshields fast and easy.
- Cleans and shines with just plain water.
- Ergonomically designed Long handle (13")for all size cars, trucks, SUV's and even RV's.

4 Stars  They are decent 
I found they clean well when you use windex or a glass cleaner. I use one with the cleaner and then one to dry. This way it works pretty well.

5 Stars  Windshield cleaner 
I love this product! It makes cleaning my windshield and back windows very easy.

5 Stars  Very useful 
Good product

4 Stars  Very Handy and Helpful! 
very handy and helpful!

5 Stars  great tool 
this will be great for reaching the inside of the windshield in the car and the top of the bathroom mirror!

5 Stars  Easy To Use 
Helps reach those hard to reach places.

5 Stars  Review 
This works GREAT!!

4 Stars  delivery speed and product quality. 
Great products and fast delivery. Prices were ok too.

5 Stars  Glass cleaner 
Very nice. Does the job

2 Stars  Reaches, but dries with streaks 
The Windshield cleaner does reach well to areas of the windshield, but even with distilled water it dries with streaks. It really needs a non-streaking cleaner to be used, which is contrary to the advertisement and instruction.

5 Stars  Works good and easy to store 
This is a very simple design, but it worked very well to clean the inside of my windshield.

4 Stars  Long handled cleaner 
It seems to do the job.

5 Stars  Great for getting Into tight places in your car and house. 
Great for getting Into tight places in your car and house.Price was also awesome. I bought three

5 Stars  Cleaner 
WOW!! It really works!!...thought it would not do the job, but WOW was i surprised. Worked just fine!

2 Stars  It works, but could be better !!!!!! 
Handle not long enough and needs to be flexable. Could clean better, you have to go over area several times . Cleaning cloth area needs to be larger and tapered, thinner at ends. However, good for the price and better and easier than using a cloth.

5 Stars  Windshield cleaner 
Very easy to use and easy to clean

4 Stars  Handy thingy 
Really like this glass cleaner. I would have given it a 5 instead of 4, but would like the handle a little longer. Otherwise, really a good tool for the car.

5 Stars  Easy reach 
Totally what I needed. Works well.

5 Stars  Handy 
Cleaning the extension cleans the inside of my car better than I can. The handle is just what I needed to get the inside of my windshield clean. I bought two!

2 Stars  Cheaper 
Only $1.00 @ Dollar tree store. Same item. Works better as a back scrubber.

5 Stars  Long Handle Easy Wipe 
This is a miracle inside windshield washer. The long handle swivels to stay in contact with glass making it so easy to use. The soft washable cloth really picks up the smoke and road scum that accumulates on the inside of the windshield. At this price buy several and keep them in every vehicle as well as in the house.

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Long Handle Easy Wipe - 3 PK

Clean your car windshield in a fraction of the time it used to take. The Long Handle Windshield Wiper uses an angled handle to reach every inch of your window without straining and stretching your body. Get your 3-Pack