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Long Distance WiFi Tower Antenna (Windows and Mac Compatible)

Long Distance WiFi Tower Antenna (Windows and Mac Compatible)

Long Distance WiFi Tower Antenna (Windows and Mac Compatible)
Long Distance WiFi Tower Antenna (Windows and Mac Compatible)
Compare at: $99.99  (72% off)
*PLEASE NOTE: Price break info on video may not be accurate when item is on sale. The sale price is well below the normal 2 or more discount price.

Don't you just hate when you're in a certain area of your house and you can't get access to your WiFi? Or even worse, you don't have WiFi and can't connect your computer to the internet.

First plugging this into your computer will allow you to reach your existing WiFi and for up to 1/2 mile. Yes this is perfect for students and apartments if you want to share WiFi expenses... even a neighbor!

Second, if you live within a 1/2 mile of some free WiFi (McDonalds or Starbucks have this) then you can tap into that. I know Kris in our office is close by the local library and she was able to pick up their signal and now she uses that!

The other thing you'll love about this is just how easy it is to install. You don't have to be a tech genius to do it. Easy to follow instructions are included!

Great For: RV's, Mobile Homes, Apartments, Dorm Rooms, Large Homes, Highly Populated Areas and more... Also great for a desktop computer that doesn't have wifi capabilities.

- Extend and strengthen your wi-fi signal up to 1/2 mile
- Connects to Hot Spots up to 1/2 Mile Away
- Easy To Use
- Easy To Setup
- Waterproof for Indoor/Outdoor
- Great for WiFi When Traveling
- Powered by USB
- USB 2.0 and higher
- 10 foot cable included
- Compatible with Mac (not OS 10.10) and Windows
- Size: 12.5" High

- Deluxe and Sleek Antenna
- Removable Stand
- 10 foot USB cable
- Quickly and easily attaches to any window with powerful suction cups.
- Easy Install CD and Instruction Manual

PLEASE NOTE: This device needs to hook directly to a laptop or computer via a USB connection. It will not work with an iPad, iPhone, Smartphone.. it is only for Computers.

5 Stars  Great WiFi Enhancer 
This product actually works like they advertise. It pulls in and enhances our WiFi from our house 100 ft out to our garage. Would highly recommend. I only wish it would hook up to my Kindle and Ipad.

4 Stars  Wi Fi was better 
At first I did not see a difference - but then I did - my IPO is not always reliable

5 Stars  Works as advertised 
I had a situation where the needed WiFi could not even be seen on my computer so I decided to give this product a try. Now I can locate and lock on to the signal - clearly a great improvement. It was easy to install and use. I love this product!

5 Stars  WiFi Extender 
An a word outstanding! Thanks

5 Stars  WiFi tower 
Is a great gift purchase for weak WiFi signal

1 Stars  Doesnt work 
I thought this new antenna would work in our mobile home park to connect to the wifi in the clubhouse. It did not work.just a few steps away from our space too. Disappointed.

4 Stars  easy setup 
Works as stated. Im using it in an all metal building. As long as I have my walk in door open it will pick up my wi fi signal from the house.

3 Stars  Wireless Antenna to extend your range from your router 
The unit works fine once you get it connected. The biggest problem is that I have to re-install and re-setup the unit every time I re-boot the computer. The settings do not carry over and the unit does NOT re-connect properly. If they could provide a fix or work around for this issue, it would be a five-star product.

1 Stars  Mr. 
Saw no change.

5 Stars  Great Antenna 
I live in a small town of 700, and this antenna picks up virtually every WiFi in town. Easy to install and setup.

5 Stars  WiFi Tower Antenna 
This was a gift to someone who cannot afford the high price of internet connection. He is very pleased with his internet reception.

3 Stars  wifi tower 
We couldnt get it to work. We live in the country and have a hard time getting cable tv and cell phone signals. Hoping this would help our problem but it didnt.

1 Stars  does nothing 
No increased signal strength, no additional hotspots. A waste of $11 or $12 in shipping and return postage

1 Stars  Dont help 
This sure dont work for me! I have to be inside the business offering the WiFi to get anything at all!

5 Stars  Long Distance WiFi Tower Antenna 
This is a wonderful WiFi antenna to have on hand especially when you find the wifi is very week and the five bars gos down to 1. this is will worth the money! ! !

3 Stars  wi fi tower 
having trouble getting it to work= directions confusing

4 Stars  Long Distance WiFi Tower Antenna Windows and Mac Compatible 
Works great. really helps when working on the deck. Only drawback is that it must be connected to the computer. Very good product.

3 Stars  needed wireless 
Needed wireless so I could use with several items

5 Stars  WiFi Antenna 
Absolutely fabulous - could not work better! A MUST HAVE if you are traveling and staying in hotels - the reason I have it - or - if you do not have good WiFi reception in your home.

5 Stars  WiFi tower 
This works great. Had a bad connection with 1 of our computers but this solved the connection problem very well. Worth the cost. I got 1 to see how it worked. Bought 3 more to give as gifts for those that had bad, slow or no internet connections.

5 Stars  Just like the video. Awesome! 
I set up a desktop in the basement, and the wifi reception was terrible. Just like on the video, I did a wifi scan, got three, and the best was my router with two or three bars. I installed the antenna and detected 15 sources, and my router was five bars! Awesome! Super easy install with disc. Thanks so much Pulse!

5 Stars  Great product! 
I have a dead zone in my condo that has never allowed me to use my wireless devices. I took a chance in trying this and Im so glad I did! I get a consistently strong signal! It rocks!

Q: What if I don't have a CD drive for my computer?
A: If you have a newer laptop or desktop, you may not have a CD drive to install the included software. Download PC Software or Download Mac Software

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Long Distance WiFi Tower Antenna (Windows and Mac Compatible)