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Live Streaming/Picture Taking Ring Light Kit w/ Gooseneck Mount

Live Streaming/Picture Taking Ring Light Kit w/ Gooseneck Mount

Live Streaming/Picture Taking Ring Light Kit w/ Gooseneck Mount
Live Streaming/Picture Taking Ring Light Kit w/ Gooseneck Mount
Compare at: $29.99  (70% off)
*PLEASE NOTE: Price break info on video may not be accurate when item is on sale. The sale price is well below the normal 2 or more discount price.

Professional Video Lighting That's Affordable

Our phone and tablet cameras have gotten better and better but without proper lighting you're not getting the benefit.

With increased time on video conferencing and social media or presentations having the right lighting is important

Used to be you would have to spend hundreds even thousands of dollars on lights but now you can get similar lighting that professionals use for under $15 with this Live Streaming/Picture Taking Ring Light Kit.

Easy To Use Lighting Kit For All Your Needs

This has everything you need to turn your kitchen, home office, family room into a quasi studio!

Great for video zoom conference calls, telecommuting, streaming on social media, selfies and more.

You have two stury and multi-drirectional gooseneck arms. One holds the powerful and multi-mode light the other holds your cell phone. Both attach to a clip that easily clips onto a counter desk, shelf and more.

Power and lighting modes controlled with a simple and convenient remote control.

Even if you use your laptop to video conference, this handy light can brighten up your calls!

Top Selling Ring Light

This kit is one of the best-selling ones on the market because, unlike others, this has 48 LEDs that allow you to control the light from warm to white and anywhere in between.


- 3.5"Ring Light - 48 LEDs - 360 Degree Rotatable Phone Holder
- Fits Phones from 2.3" to 3.1" Wide
- 3 Light Modes (Warm, Neutral or White)
- 10 Different Levels of Brightness
- Wired Remote For Easy Operation
- Multi Directional 21" Gooseneck Light
- 14" Flexible Phone Holder
- Table Mount
- Buy More To Save More. Get One For Yourself and Another As A Gift

5 Stars  Adjustable fit & easy install 
This is the 2nd purchase of this item. Works great for keeping phone visible while traveling to a destination. The map app doesn t flip anymore so I needed something to keep it upright while charging. Make sure you have an unused cup holder.

5 Stars  I now look better than ever in my zoom meetings! 
Great, love it.

5 Stars  Awesomeness 
My fiance loved this item. I will be purchasding one for myself.

5 Stars  Something Every Digital Marketer Needs!!! 
I make a lot of videos and attend Zooms every day and I have always had two problems, lighting and a camera stand that would adjust to my position. The Gooseneck Mount has resolved both of those issues. The Gooseneck Mount is small, flexible, durable, does not require the constant up-and-down of a camera stand, and it holds my cellphone in the perfect position every time. The Lighting apparatus is adjustable for perfect coverage and no shadows. I love the Gooseneck Mount.

4 Stars  Teacher use 
This is one of the best things I have purchased. The light is great. I do wish the clamp was stronger for the phone, My iPhone 7 wide with the case is heavy and I need to counter weight it when over my head. Other than that love it.

5 Stars  Great product 
I have been using this product mostly at work with my laptop for zoom meetings, because you can position the light at any angle. And the lighting I have at home and in my office is not flattering.. Love that there are 3 light settings too. The clip is very strong and so it the cell phone mount. Best and most useful product Ive bought in a while. Im so glad I purchased it.

5 Stars  Love this light! 
I bought one of these from another seller about a year ago and spent about $10 more. It s fantastic. I use it daily. I love how you can dim the light or make it brighter depending on your needs, So you look your best on WebCam! I sometimes even face it the other way to bounce light off the wall without having to turn on another room light. And I like leaving the phone in the holder while I m on my computer so it is at eye level while I am working and can be charging it at the same time with a charging cable.

5 Stars  This was a great purchase 
I really like this light. It is close to my computer and I dont need other lighting. It is very bright and helpful. The iPhone attachment does not work successfully as I have a case on my phone and it prevents attaching correctly. Not a big thing however.

4 Stars  Great idea 
Loved it. Able to do zoom in the darkest room and also eliminates need to hold phone making discussion time much more comfortable.

5 Stars  Great Product For Going Live On Social Media 
This comes in so handy when I go live on social media. I love the different settings of brightness of the light and flexibility of the goose necks. The phone clip angles in many ways and holds my iPhone securely.

5 Stars  Works exactly as described 
Eminently useful light-weight, small-sized self-tape lighting kit.

5 Stars  Good 
Product is good

5 Stars  Great Light for Your Keyboard or Desktop! 
Just what I needed. Works perfectly. Brightness is adjustable. WOW! What a light!

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Live Streaming/Picture Taking Ring Light Kit w/ Gooseneck Mount

This has everything you need to turn your kitchen, home office, family room into a quasi studio!