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Large Powder Free Vinyl Gloves (25 Pairs)

Large Powder Free Vinyl Gloves (25 Pairs)

Large Powder Free Vinyl Gloves (25 Pairs)
Large Powder Free Vinyl Gloves (25 Pairs)
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Germs, bacteria, viruses, mold, solvents, chemicals or cancer-causing agents are all around us. Using disposable gloves is a great way to inhibit the spread and exposure to these.

Not to mention wearing gloves when you are unsure if everyday surfaces you may be touching have been cleaned. Disposable gloves have been recommended to be used when pumping gas, using a supermarket cart, using escalators, elevators and more. You're not only protecting your health but the health of others close to you.

About These Gloves:
These are powder-free gloves that leave no residue on your hands. Powdered gloves often use cornstarch which can irritate those with allergies as well as leave unsightly marks on surfaces.

You'll love using vinyl gloves as opposed to polyethylene gloves. They are stronger and more durable, fit tighter and are more flexible which provides good sensitivity and dexterity. Their slightly loose fit allows the glove to breathe.

Vinyl gloves are most-often used in the food service industry (food preparation and busboy cleaning) while professionals in cosmetics and cleaning services use them as well. Around the home, vinyl gloves are ideal for meal preparation, messy tasks, light cleaning and disinfecting, personal care, pet care, painting, arts and crafts.

Gloves are clear-colored.

- Available in Large Only
- CDC Recommends Using Disposable Gloves
- 50 Gloves Per Box (25 pairs)
- Latex-Free for people with allergies or sensitive skin
- Strong, yet flexible (stretches) with good dexterity and sensitivity
- Ideal for food service, cosmetology and cleaning professionals and more
- Ambidextrous (fits right or left hand)
- Cost-effective alternative to latex and nitrile
- Powder-free

4 Stars  Great to have around. 
I bought a box on my last order. I had to get a spare.

5 Stars  Stay dry and comfortable 
Theyre very good and sturdy. Comfortable too!

5 Stars  Like them 
I like these gloves and they work well

5 Stars  Great price! 
Not only are gloves hard to find they are so expensive. These are great.

1 Stars  Large vinyl gloves. 
These gloves were not large by any means. I usually wear a medium glove and was not able to use these gloves as they are too small for my hands.