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LED Solar Pathway Lights - Set of 4

LED Solar Pathway Lights - Set of 4

LED Solar Pathway Lights - Set of 4
LED Solar Pathway Lights - Set of 4
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Line your driveway, garden, or yard with these bright LED Solar Pathway Lights for nighttime safety, security, or decoration.

Beautiful Solar Power Garden Pathway Lights for Summer Nights

Each 4 1/2" light has a beautiful stainless steel finish, and has four bright LEDs. Their stainless steel housing is water and weather resistant, making them suitable for any outdoor application.

These are solar powered so they fully charge during the day and light up automatically at dusk, for approximately 7 hours after fully charging.

No wiring or installation is needed. Simply push them flush into the ground with the included stakes.


- Set of four
- Each light has four LEDs
- Beautiful upgrade for your outdoor living space
- Stake them flush to ground
- Stainless Steel
- Energy efficient
- No maintenance needed
- Turns on at dusk and off at dawn
- No wires, plugs, or outlets
- Easy installation
- Weather resistant
- Water resistant
- 4 1/2" diameter
- Sliding switch to turn ON/OFF
- 100,000+ hour life
- Place anywhere that is exposed to direct sunlight
- Converts sunlight into energy
- 200 mAh rechargeable battery

5 Stars  Wonderful pathway lights 
I give 5 stars for these pathway lights. Great lighting, great value and great price! There were a couple that would not work but the ones that did are amazing

5 Stars  In ground Solar lights 
We love them They light our yard up where we go together to our fire pit. We never had a light on the edge before and these sure make a difference

5 Stars  Bright 
Very nice and lights up pathways

4 Stars  Solar path lights 
Very nice. Not as durable as I would like but they are working well so far

5 Stars  LED Solar Pathway Lights 
They have worked great since I first placed them along my sidewalk!

5 Stars  LED Solar Pathway Lights 
Exactly as advertised, easy to assemble and nice & bright with 4 LEDs each light!

4 Stars  Solar driveway lites 
Pretty good they stay lit for a long time

5 Stars  LED solar lights quality product at a great price 
I purchased two sets of LED lights for my home and I couldn t be happier. When I experienced a problem with a couple of the lights Pulse.com stepped up and immediately replaced them which has made me a very happy and a loyal customer!

5 Stars  Really bright and easy to install! 
Love these ground light - they are really bright and perfect for garden pathways! Highly recommend these for both beauty and safety!

2 Stars  Not as bright as they should be 
These really are not bright enough to light anything up above them, they are only bright enough to be seen as you are stepping over them. If that is what you want, then they will be fine, but if you were hoping to light a low bush, I wouldnt recommend them. They are also that bluish tinted light, not warm.

5 Stars  Pathway lights 
Work just they were advertised. Great idea.

5 Stars  Nice! 
They re very nice, they work very well so far. It s only been a couple weeks. Hopefully they will last for years. We have snow here in the winter, 100 weather now in the summer, we shall see. Longevity and quality matters. Check back with me a year from now. Thank you

5 Stars  Garden Solar lights 
It is amazing how much light it throws off great product

5 Stars  Solar lights 
Great product

5 Stars  Customers LOVE it! 
these things light up at dusk even if the day has been overcast! Ours are at least 6 months old and are still working good as new.

2 Stars  Love the lights but 
The stakes are made of fragile plastic and break easily. If they would fix this, I would buy more...

5 Stars  very nice lights 
These give a very good amount of light--great for outside at night--

5 Stars  Great Lights 
Great lights and great price

5 Stars  Pathway guide 
Really great to light the pathway in the dark

3 Stars  Brightness 
We received our light and found them to not light up anything they are dim at the best, they need more lumus to be brighter

5 Stars  Customers LOVE it! 
Just like our customers, we keep adding more and more to our back yard. They are amazing!


4 Stars  LED Solar Pathway Lights 
One of the lights arrived defective. This was replaced immediately. Overall, the lights works good for what I needed them for.

4 Stars  solar puck-sized lights 
Easy to install, and useful for lighting a walkway, as long as you dont need to run your lawn mower over them. Good price too.

5 Stars  Lots of light! 
These little lights are bright and well worth the money. I lined my walk around the house and they give off a very good amount of light for as small as they are.

5 Stars  great 
great looking shines nice

4 Stars  Pathway lights 
Looks good where installed in garden.

5 Stars  Great Solar Lights 
Bright, and easy to install. No wires to work with.

5 Stars  Brighter Pathways 
I love my solar lights, they really give my home a beautiful curb appeal. The lights alluminates my flower bed and front walkway allowing me ample light to see where Im going.

5 Stars  Sleek and beautiful 
I ordered 5 sets as I wanted to replace old and mismatched solar lights in the front and back yard. The appearance is sleek and it gives off an ambient light instead of a harsh light. It is exactly what I was looking for. Pulled them all out out of the box and charged them. Next day, every single one of them worked.

5 Stars  Best outdoor garden lighting EVER 
These little garden lights are perfect. I liked them so much I reordered 4 more sets. Unlike most solar lights Ive bought in the past every one of them work! They add just the right amount of lighting in and around my garden. Love them!?

4 Stars  work asadvertised 
These look nice and perform as advertised

I first ordered one set of these lights to see if they work and actually I liked them a lot I ordered another 2 sets and have them around the pool. They work great and just love them.

5 Stars  Look great 
Added just the right amount of light on my walkway

2 Stars  Solar pathway lights 
These are just as described. Great look. I put them next to some decorative lava rocks in my pathway, and they light them up a little. The light is not bright at all, and they do need full sun all day to perform at night. Would like more light these are not strong enough.

5 Stars  Great lights 
These are super! I have them at the base of my outside steps. In the dark, they show where to step. Love them

5 Stars  Easy Solar Lights 
These were extremely easy to put in the ground. They show up as 3 dots of light. Hopefully the snowblower will not disturb them as it does the upright solar lights.

3 Stars  LED Lights 
Not as much light as i expected. Just three small bright lights on each assembly

5 Stars  LED pathway lights 
Great product and great price. Works very well.

5 Stars  Solar Pathway Lights 
Its exactly what they say it is! They work very well. Im using them as accent up-lighting in my back yard. Works perfectly!

4 Stars  not as much light as expected 
could be brighter

3 Stars  Not as expected. 
The light work fine but the attachments which went in the ground are easily broken. One of mine even had 2 of the same sides,so had to use only one prong. Some of holes in lights were off set sn hard to get the prong attachments in.

I just love these LED Solar Pathway lights. They are very easy to put in and in my case ground was very hard and I just laid them on top without the stake and they work great. They shed a lot of light and the look wonderful. I would recommend them to anyone.

4 Stars  Great Item 
Good product for accenting my walkway paths. Had 1 defective light but contacted Pulse & new one is on the way at no charge

5 Stars  Great pathway lighting 
Work and look so good that Im ordering another set!

5 Stars  Great lights 
They look so good at night. Very cool!!!!

5 Stars  Solar pathlights 
I never had good luck with solar lights. Took a chance on these. Have them around my pool. Boy do they give off a nice light. They last all night long! Just a perfect solution!

5 Stars  Great Product 
These lights are wonderful and light up nice and bright on my walkway!

5 Stars  Great product 
This was a gift to our son.2 sets Very well liked.

4 Stars  Pathway lights 
Lights work well and stand up to rain, the prongs to insert into the ground are kinda flimsy and cheap, and wont go in unless the ground is very soft. I just lay the lights down on their own, that way I can move around as I like.

5 Stars  Re-Editing Review 
Customer service is great here at Pulse..i originally placed a review on these lights and gave them a 4.. because one of them flashed all the time... i will now give it 5 stars because of Angie replacing the flashing one.. Customer service here is amazing ..they will do whatever it takes to make sure you are completely satisfied.. thanks Angie... the tester work as great as the other ones.. thanks again

5 Stars  Great lights! 
These lights are perfect for what I wanted which was to light our walkway. I bought 2 sets & they are working great.

5 Stars  solar path light 
I am so glad that I purchased them... makes for a neater sleek look, in my yard

4 Stars  Bright Lights 
Lighting is great. The part that goes into the ground is a bit fragile

5 Stars  Work well 
Received these and they light up our pathway really well. Am very pleased with them.

4 Stars  lights 
wasnt quite as bright as I thought

2 Stars  ?? 
They are not that rugged One didnt work I place then on my lawn and pushed them into the ground After 1st mowing they call broke from the stakes Need metal or stronger material so that they withstand normal lawman maintenance I liked the concept but it needs improvements

5 Stars  Solar Disk Lites 
Was very happy with my order, especially when two were defective and PulseTV stepped up to the plate and made it right with the replacements, that was awesome and so are the lights. Thank you.

5 Stars  Great 
Love these lights, put them on my long outside steps. Will purchase more now for my back steps.

5 Stars  Lights On! 
These solar lights are perfect when traveling in our RV. I set them around our outside grill sitting area and they look great every evening. I ordered 2 packs which include 8 lights. I dont stake them down but simply place them around our space. Good for safety when we lock up for the night and they work almost all night long at the campsite.

5 Stars  Love them 
Works great 1 hint they are lights in a line so keep all them facing the same way

5 Stars  pathway lights 
Do not spread a lot of light but they do help along our sidewalk..

3 Stars  LED Solar Pathway Lights 
I am pleased with the shapes and the light they project at night. I am disappointed in the material because the part that goes into the ground to secure the light is made of thin plastic. They have already broken when you take them out of the ground and then try to put them back in. I ordered a set of 2.

5 Stars  Bright lights 
These are very bright at night, they get brighter as it gets darker. Different from all the neighbors lights...I like that. Easy to assemble and put in the ground.

5 Stars  Just Love It! 
I have put these lights around a flower bed in front of my house and it looks beautiful. I just love it!

5 Stars  I am very pleased with this product. 
These lights do a good job of providing ample light for safety and another good factor they are flat and do not interfere with grass cutting.

5 Stars  Works like a charm 
I love the look of these lights. They shine bright. I bought two sets and put them around my palm trees. Great visual on a dark street. East to assemble and install

5 Stars  Solar Pathway Lights 
Thanks, this really made our walkways Safe, we are Retired and spend a lot of time outdoors.

5 Stars  Bright Lights 
Works great, as expected...

5 Stars  flat light 
so far they work very well

5 Stars  Review Update from 11/30 
Light is working fine. Going to order another set. Will put those around our brick mailbox enclosure in front.

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LED Solar Pathway Lights - Set of 4

Line your driveway, garden, or yard with these bright LED Solar Pathway Lights for nighttime safety, security, or decoration.