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LED Flashing Dog Bone
LED Flashing Dog Bone
LED Flashing Dog Bone
LED Flashing Dog Bone
LED Flashing Dog Bone
LED Flashing Dog Bone

LED Flashing Dog Bone

LED Flashing Dog Bone

Compare at: $9.99  (70% off)
Sold Out
Sold Out
*PLEASE NOTE: While the video may say you get a price break when you purchase two or more of this item, you do not when it is on sale. The sale price is well below the normal 2 or more discount price.

Your furry best friend needs stimulation. So treat your dog to a bouncy, chewable, chasable, LED Flashing Dog Bone.

This durable, non-toxic chew toy has embedded LEDs that light up and flash on impact when the toy is thrown. That gives your dog an extra visual target to focus on and chase.

And chase he will. The Flashing Bone is just the right size for a dog's mouth, even the smaller breeds, and the tactile ridges and bumps on the toy's surface not only stimulate a dog's gums, making it fun to chew, they also help keep teeth clean.

So day or night, give your furry family member some fun and exercise with a Flashing Dog Bone. And who knows, you might enjoy it too!

This toy is not indestructible. All pets should be supervised when playing. Replace toy once worn.

- Lights up and flashes upon impact
- Great for play in low light conditions
- Made from top-grade, non-toxic materials
- Protrusions help massage gums and clean teeth
- Tactile design
- Size: 5-inches long

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5 Stars  Dogs Favorite Toy 
My dog has a basket full of toys and this has become his very favorite. He brings it to me daily just to show me. Highly recommend.

5 Stars  LED Flashing Dog Bone 
My Carly, Lovessssss It!

5 Stars  Great Gifts, Dogs Loved em 
I gave these flashing bones as Christmas stocking stuffers to our various extended family pets. The dogs went wild for them! They are sturdy, well made and very colorful! My son said its his Beagles new favorite toy!

5 Stars  dog bone 
Both my dog and cat love them

Ziggy, our chuhuahua that likes to think he is a Shepherd, absolutely loved it. The changing lights fascinate him and best of all... it is quiet

3 Stars  Not for my dog 
My daughter has a Siberian Husky for whom I purchased the bone. He wasnt interested in it at all.

5 Stars  love these led flashing dog bones 
my dogs love these flashing bones.they chase them allover the house

4 Stars  Bones or foxes 
Pup does love the led bone. It appears to be very durable and isnt torn to shreds within a couple of days. He still loves the fox better, but what a mess.

3 Stars  Dogs like it! 
Great while it lasted! I bought two and one of them didnt last very long at all but while it works the dogs loved it!

5 Stars  LED Flashing Dog Bone 
I have a 90 lbs. boxer and he absolutely loves this toy. It has been indestructible so far which is a plus because he destroys all of his toy within minutes of chewing on them! The lights flash when they drop the toy and he goes crazy with it throwing around and having a ball! The rubber is not really heard so it good for his gums at the same time. I recommend this for all dogs big and little. Enjoy!

5 Stars  fun toy! 
My dog loves this toy and the rubber makes it bounce in random, fun bounces. The texture is good for my dogs teeth and also to get it from him to throw again. flashing lights are a fun addition.

1 Stars  flashing dog bone 
My dog usually goes nuts when I use the red dot laser pointer, but the LED flashing bone dog didnt even get him to even pick it up. Tried several more times but hes just not interested. Ill be giving it to friend who has a dog to see if it works for them.

5 Stars  Led flashing dog bone 
My dog and my grandson love it.

4 Stars  My OFF Dog 
I really thought my little stinker would love his new toy...NOT....his previous toy was a knobby ball that flickered when played with...it finally blew up. Mahalo.

5 Stars  Bella LOVES it! 
Great dog toy for my 4 legged family member Bella she just loves her flashing bone. Shes a chewer, and this rubber led bone is rugged and has so far taken the abuse she has dished out. So glad I got this cause it throws good plus I love the flashing LEDs in the dark throwing it for her. Might get a second one.

5 Stars  Great toy. Heavy duty. Lights are great 
My dog loves to chew on this toy. All of the lights work and are beautiful. When I throw and she catches it activates the lights and her whole mouth lights up. Great toy.

5 Stars  Blinking Dog Toy 
I bought these for friends with dogs. My dog got one and he loves to play with it. He knows how to reactivate the light by turning it over. Keeps him busy until he falls out. Love this toy for all size dogs.

Review this item!