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LED Antique Fireplace Lantern
LED Antique Fireplace Lantern
LED Antique Fireplace Lantern
LED Antique Fireplace Lantern
LED Antique Fireplace Lantern
LED Antique Fireplace Lantern
LED Antique Fireplace Lantern

LED Antique Fireplace Lantern

LED Antique Fireplace Lantern

Your Price: $7.99
Compare at: $18.99  (57% off)
SPECIAL: 2 for $14.98 (61% off)
Sold Out

Get one for $7.99
Save $1.00 and get two for $14.98
Save $1.50 and get three for $22.47
Save $2.00 and get four for $29.96

This antique-style fireplace lantern delivers a wonderful ambient glow showing off its realistic LED Flickering Flame Effect. This next-generation flickering technology gives off a stunning effect complete with glowing logs.

Put one on a table top, mantel, nightstand, or use the attached folding hanger to hang it up. You can use it outdoors as well - the casing and real glass panel is weather-resistant with a IP54 rating so you can hang it on a shepherd hook on the lawn, or place it on the front porch and patio. This rating means it will hold up to harsh sun rays and cold temperature, but you don't want it sitting in a pool of water.

There are no messy cords or outlets to worry about: it's completely electrician-free! Set up your battery-powered lighting anywhere, and it even comes with 3 AA batteries to use right out of the box.

With the slide of a power switch, let the gorgeous flames "burn" constantly until you're ready to turn them off or have the 6 hour timer turn your lantern off for you at the end of the night. Though it looks like a real fireplace, its stay-cool LED technology means it's safe to place anywhere without creating heat.

Impress guests and set up a cozy effect in any room. It makes a great night light to fall asleep to for kids and adults alike!

Features and Benefits:
- Realistic LED Wood Burning Flame Effect
- Mood Light for Indoor and Outdoor Use
- Folding Hanger for Easy Display
- Easy Slide Switch To Turn ON/OFF
- Optional 6 Hour Timer Mode
- Real Glass Panel
- Stay Cool LED Technology Safe To Put Anywhere
- Weather Resistant: IP54 Rated
- No Wire, Plugs, or Outlets Required
- Powered by 3 AA (Included)
- Dimensions: 4.75" x 4" x 9" Tall (With Hanging Loop Extended)

Review this item!

5 Stars
(1) LED Antique Fireplace Lantern 
There are absolutely beautiful!! Extremely true to an actual log burning fireplace. May order more!

5 Stars
(2) Antique led fire lantern 
I must say that this product is just perfect, because I’m not using the lantern in a normal way I’m using it in my costume. I’m a famous steampunk artist that creates unique never before seen works of art. I have installed this lantern in my back that looks fantastic for the fire effect. I have posted video on Facebook and others are going crazy on where did I get the lantern. I passed on the information to you guys and I want thank you for your help. Because of you my Steampunk Blacksmith will come to life. If you want to see the build of this costume check me out at https://www.facebook.com/lordmasonextraordinarydesigns/

5 Stars
(3) Love, Love 
I love these lanterns, I have four and use them with the timers so they are on four 6 hours every evening.

5 Stars
(4) So Realistic!! 
This lantern is exactly as described and is so nice! Bought two - one for a gift.

5 Stars
(5) Very cool! Or should I say hot? 
Realistic looking when on. Wife loves them.

5 Stars
(6) LED Antique Fireplace Lantern 
The lanterns are beautiful. They remind me of being at home with my parents. Sitting by the fireplace and watching the fire burn. Everyone that has seen them love them. In fact I turn it on at bedtime and watch the flame until I go to sleep. I am thinking about ordering for christmas gifts.

5 Stars
(7) Looks so real 
Its beautiful. Looks like a real fireplace ????.

4 Stars
(8) LED lantern 
Really cute. Ordered two and will give one to my son/DIL. The only thing to make it better would to be a little bigger but will certainly enjoy watching the flames.

5 Stars
(9) LED fireplace lantern 
Super nice for home and also great gifts. We bought 4.

5 Stars
(10) Lantern 
Good - this is my second one - my granddaughter pilfered my first one. We are both happy, es specially my granddaughter, who didn’t have to pay for hers !!

5 Stars
(11) Lantern 
Good - this is my second one - my granddaughter pilfered my first one. We are both happy, es specially my granddaughter, who didn’t have to pay for hers !!

4 Stars
(12) They are nice 
They are very nice. They do look like a fireplace as much as they can. They arent very bright. The company is right on the ball. The first one I received had a rattle in it. I dont know what was moving around. They sent me another one with a sticker on it that said checked. I didnt even ask them for another one. I was impressed with the company as usual.

5 Stars
(13) ambiance lantern 
Too,too CUTE!

5 Stars
(14) Light the night 
Really a clever idea. I have it hanging on the hand of the 3 foot jockey on our patio. I can turn it on after dark and all can enjoy it. Looks like a real fireplace a glow.

5 Stars
(15) Lanterns 
Puts out soothing flickering lights

5 Stars
(16) Love this cozy pseudo campfire! 
I bought four of these little lanterns and I just adore them! I have one in my RV, one in my bedroom, and I’ve given two as gifts. I will probably order more if they go on sale again because they are just the cutest.

5 Stars

5 Stars
(18) LED Antique Fireplace Lantern 
A great value with most realistic flame effect. You can almost feel the heat radiating from the lantern. Very realistic.

5 Stars
(19) A Glowing Flame 
I wanted this to set on my bookcase in the Living Room for an eclectic look and it serves the purpose giving a subtle glow. Mission accomplished, no disappointment.

3 Stars
(20) Looks great ` 
And includes 8 hour on daily at time turned on first time option. Only negative is viewable from only one side.

1 Stars
(21) poor quality 
very poor quality very loud when running was not happy at all would not recommend to a friend

5 Stars
(22) Adorable Lanterns 
Absolutely love these lanterns! They give you a homey atmosphere and are very realistic! Love that they came with batteries, too!

5 Stars
(23) I love it 
This is everything I expected, it has a warm glow and will be perfect for evenings on a patio where you don’t want a bunch of bright lights while you indulge with your brown whiskey and pungent cigar.

5 Stars
(24) Awesome little fireplace! 
Awesome little fireplace! This is the cutest indoor outdoor lantern. It has a timer and lights up at night. It flickers and looks like logs on fire. As with most of the bargains that I get on Pulse TV, the price was more than reasonable.

5 Stars
(25) Nice touch! 
These are just so soothing to look at when the room is dark. Probably need to buy a few more as I wish they were a bit brighter, but they are a nice touch to the room.

4 Stars
(26) Fireplace 
I really like it. The only thing that would make it great would be to be able to see the flame on more than one side of the box.

5 Stars
(27) Amazingly Realistic! 
Perfect! This lantern is very beautiful and amazingly realistic. It’s so soothing to stare at it. I bought one for home and one for the office. Very much worth the money!

5 Stars
(28) Nice looking flame effect 
We got 2 of these to give a little firelight mood during the months its too warm to have the actual fireplace lit. They look very nice!

5 Stars
(29) LED Lanterns 
Excellent product, pricing , and customer service!

5 Stars
(30) Great accent pieces 
I get lots of positive responses about these lanterns. They add a great touch to the evenings..

5 Stars
(31) LED Antique Fireplace Lantern 
awesome to look at....:

5 Stars
(32) great fire place 
really great and looks real. with a great price

4 Stars
(33) The Coolest 
The first shipment came Damaged however an email to Pulsetv and they shipped out an immediate replacement that wasnt abused by the shipper and both worked fantastically, I love the Timer as it pops back on everyday at the same time, really makes me Think Im warmer.

3 Stars
(34) Cute but disappointing 
This was a cute novelty but it is very small and the switch is very difficult to tell if you turn it on full time or to the timed setting. It is not a bad purchase but I would watch for something better before I’d buy it again.

5 Stars
(35) Fireplace Lantern 
So real looking I could hardly believe it was artificial fire.I purchased two of them and placed them on both side of my large fireplace.Great conversation peace and awesome aesthetic appeal.

5 Stars
(36) Antique Fire Latern 
These work very well

5 Stars
(37) Fireplace on top of fireplace 
I purchased two, and they look and work great. Well worth the money.

5 Stars
(38) When showing others my purchase they were shocked. 
A very quaint attention getter at a very low price.. A true look of old fashion living with ambiance..

4 Stars
(39) An interesting item 
Not particularly attractive when turned off, but transformed when turned on. Amazingly real looking. How do they create the illusion of smoke? Only 4 stars because I ordered 2, and the on-off switch does not work on one, so I have to remove a battery to turn off.
Hi Kenneth! Let's get you are replacement for the one with the bad switch. :)
3/8/2019 - Paula

5 Stars
(40) Love them! 
These lanterns are absolutely beautiful! The flames looks so real and they can be placed in any room and look lovely!

3 Stars
(41) Nice but small and battery operated. 
The lanterns are very nice, especially at night, but they are a little on the small side and they run on batteries. Even running them on the timer, which is also a nice feature, they only lasted 3 nights. All in all, I am happy with my purchase.

4 Stars
(42) Antique lantern 
Charming to look at. Timer worked good .

5 Stars
(43) Cutest Little Fireplaces Ever 
Ive never seen anything like it! They really look like little fireplaces with logs burning. They are just adorable and its tempting to put one on every table in my house but Im afraid that might be going a little too far!

5 Stars
(44) LOVE THEM! 
You can have them on, off, and on an auto timer. They really work and look great in our mountain bedroom and bath!

3 Stars
(45) Batteries 
Get rechargeable batteries if you choose to use this product often as they use batteries quickly. They look good in use.

4 Stars
(46) Awesome 
I could not resist that offer. I bought two of the lanterns and have no regrets. They are so cosy both indoors and outdoors, especially here in the dark winter time.

5 Stars
(47) Lantern 
Adds a classic cozy touch to your room. Luv it.

5 Stars
(48) COZY Fireplace Lantern 
I love these little cozy fireplace lanterns! I bought one and loved it so much I ordered 4 more. I have them setting in different places in my home. It is so pleasing to walk into a room and have this little fireplace glowing. Very comforting! They work on a timer also!! So they they just turn on every night at the same time. Very nice!

4 Stars
(49) Very cute 
Four star instead of five because they are plastic.But for the money they are very cute.

4 Stars
(50) Look good. 
I really like the appearance. The timer function works as I wanted it to. I had to replace the batteries in one because the originals were leaking. Overall, Im pretty satisfied.

5 Stars
(51) LED Fireplace Lantern 
bought 4 lanterns. very interesting conversation and cozy atmosphere piece. Gave Two to my neighbors who say they are really cool gifts. One of the lanterns I kept has a defect in the movement and ticks as it jerks on each revolution. I don’t think it will last very long. I’d like to get it replaced. still, I like them very much. Other friends have seen them and think they are very “cool”.

5 Stars
(52) Cool 
It is a cool novelty item

5 Stars

4 Stars
(54) Fireplace lantern 
I gave it four stars because it should’ve than where you could plug it in to electricity and not spend a fortune on batteries Looks nice a little small.

3 Stars
(55) Fireplace lantern 
I like it but through it would of been a little bit larger.

5 Stars
(56) So cute! 
A great idea! Very realistic and stinking cute. Too bad it doesnt emit heat.

2 Stars
(57) Worked Once 
Cute idea...worked for a very short time...will change batteries and try again.

5 Stars
(58) Great ambiance! 
The LED lanterns I have recently ordered are just great! They have that look of actual burning coals. I was surprised at how real they look. They add a warm ambiance to the room.

1 Stars
(59) Noisy 
I usually love all products I buy from Pulse. But I was disappointed with this wood burning lantern. It looks wonderful, but it emits a noisy sound when on.

4 Stars
(60) Cute lamp 
These are oh so cute but wish they had an automatic timer, to turn on and off. If they had that feature would buy more.
Hi Mary! The Fireplace Lantern does have a 6 hour timer. When this setting is selected it will turn off in 6 hours. Thank you for shopping with PulseTV. :)
1/31/2019 - Paula

5 Stars
(61) Lanterns 
Nicer then even expected. Bought two and have already gotten compliments just putting them on the table!

5 Stars
(62) as advertized!! 
creates wonderful atmosphere!

5 Stars
(63) super lightweight 
This adds a glow to a small room cool flame

5 Stars
(64) Great 
love them,looks great by the tv an will come in handy if I lose electric

5 Stars
(65) Fireplace Lanterns a Hit at Holiday Party 
We got these for good friends and family. Our good friends hold a holiday party in early January every year. These lanterns looked great, providing mood lighting at their outdoor tables. Everyone admired them.

5 Stars
(66) Love these! 
These were Christmas gifts. They loved them.

5 Stars
(67) Awesome little gadget! 
This is a great little gadget! Sets the tone in rooms without a fireplace. Small, cute, battery operated so you can put anywhere. And the price is right!!!

5 Stars
(68) Lantern 
Awesome,I like it alot

5 Stars
(69) Bright Idea 
Nice touch to my plain old electric heater in my motorhome

5 Stars
(70) Nice looking little light 
Really looks nice but dont expect it to put out much light. A grear little light for the price.

5 Stars
(71) My little fireplace 
For the price, we really like them. Gave some as gifts and everyone was pleased. Very pretty.

1 Stars
(72) not recomend 
Wore out the battery by the third days programed

5 Stars
(73) Very outstanding fireplace. 
Got six for Christmas presents, they were a big hit.Really nice lantern.

3 Stars
(74) Tiny little fireplace 
This is a kinda cute little fireplace with simulated fire crackling, no heat of course, and you can set it for 6 hours, and it will go off. As a novelty item is sort of cute. Dont know how long the two double a batteries will last, but looks like for a while.

5 Stars
(75) Lovely lamp 
Place this lamp anywhere and enjoy the flickering safe flame. Makes you feel warm just looking at it.

5 Stars
(76) Great Little Lantern 
Just arrived. Was amazed on the flickering flame affect. Friends love it to. Wish I bought more.

Review this item!