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KeySmart Quick Retract Keychain 2-Pack

KeySmart Quick Retract Keychain 2-Pack

KeySmart Quick Retract Keychain 2-Pack
KeySmart Quick Retract Keychain 2-Pack
Your Price: $1.99
Compare at: $12.99  (84% off)

No More Digging Through Your Pockets or Purse for Your Keys!

Keep your keys conveniently and swiftly accessible with a 2-Pack of the KeySmart Quick Retract Keychains.

Simply attach it to your belt or jacket, via Carabiner Clip or Belt Clip, and with just a pull of a cord, the KeySmart Quick Retract Keychain gives you fast and easy access to your keys.

The "Quick Retract" keychain is equipped with a strong nylon pull cord that measures 30 inches in length.

This handy pair of keychains will eliminate the need for digging through your pockets or purse.

Made with steel housing and a durable chrome finish.


  • Includes 2 Retractable Cord Keychains
  • No More Digging Through Pockets or Purse for Keys
  • Keeps Keys Conveniently Accessible
  • Uses Heavy Duty Retractable Reel
  • Equipped with Strong Nylon Pull Cord Measuring 30 Inches
  • Attach to Belt, Purse, and More
  • Uses Carabiner Clip or Belt Clip
  • Heavy Duty Steel Housing and Durable Chrome Finish
  • Compatible with Other KeySmart Products
  • Color: Black
  • Dimensions: Approx. 2.5" x 0.65"

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