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Instant Mesh Guard Magnetic Screen Door
Instant Mesh Guard Magnetic Screen Door
Instant Mesh Guard Magnetic Screen Door
Instant Mesh Guard Magnetic Screen Door
Instant Mesh Guard Magnetic Screen Door

Instant Mesh Guard Magnetic Screen Door

Instant Mesh Guard Magnetic Screen Door

Your Price: $7.99
Compare at: $19.99  (60% off)
SPECIAL: 2 for $11.98 (70% off)
Sold Out
Get one for $7.99
Save $4.00 and get two for $11.98
Save $6.00 and get three for $17.97
Save $8.00 and get four for $23.96

With the Instant Mesh Guard keep your doors open while keeping those annoying insects out. The Instant Screen Door opens easily and closes automatically using magnetic snap closure. This bug screen will also save you on costly air conditioning bills.

The Magic Screen Door installs easily in seconds with no tools required. Plus it folds up for easy storage when not in use. The bug screen fits single doors, sliding doors, RV's and more. Simply put, the Instant Mesh Guard is the best magnet screen in the market.

Here is a comparison of the top rated instant screen doors:

  Instant Mesh Guard Screen Door Magic Mesh® Hands-Free Screen Door Magic Magnet Instant Screen Door
Panels 2 2 2
Multiple Designs YES NO NO
Price $7.99 $19.95 $14.99

- Available in two colors: Black or Patriotic
- Mesh Screen is Easy to Install and Store
- Magnetic auto snap closure
- Bug Screen Keeps out Insects
- Magic Mesh Door is Perfect for Campers and Great for Pets
- Size: 40" x 82.5"
- Material: Polyester

Review this item!

2 Stars
(1) Mesh guard 
Product itself works. The problem is attaching with adhesive tape. The tape does not hold. The mesh tends to fall off. The screen comes loose and its a real headache to keep it in place. Im afraid until a better way is found to secure the mesh screen I could not recommend this product.

5 Stars
(2) It Works!! 
This is the first thing that I seen advertised that actually works as shown this is a great screen I installed it on my RV Trailer fit perfectly!!

4 Stars
(3) For the pooch 
Got this for my aging dog who’s always bugging me to let her out. I used to keep the door open but the bugs got to be too much. So, I decided to get this & now she’s free to come in & out as she pleases. A little too wide for my doorway but I was able to modify it to work.

5 Stars
(4) love it 
it has helped with keeping those stinking flies out of my home...great price too.

5 Stars
(5) Love it. 
Exactly what we needed. We use it for our shed because leaving the doors open the flies just invite themselves in. Now no more flies and its a pleasure to go in.

4 Stars
I have no A/C and MUST be able to have doors open. But I live in a rental and dont want to spend the $ for screen doors. THIS IS A FANTASTIC PRODUCT! Easy to install and works like a charm. Dogs can go in and out too, and it closes behind them on its own. No better product for the few bucks youll spend! Highly Recommended!

1 Stars
(7) Poorly made 
Surprisingly flimsy

1 Stars
(8) Screen 
Does not work. Large gaps in closure. Supposed to prevent insects from entering. Slows them up is all.

5 Stars
(9) Screendoor 
Very nice

5 Stars
(10) Magnetic screen door 
This is the third time I have purchased the screen door in the last 10 years and have six grandchildren that run back and forth through it. I love it because theres no screen door that will fit in the opening. I love having doors open and being able to get them to use mesh screen door. It is very durable. I have six very active grandchildren and once they found out how to close it they enjoyed using it. It was a win-win situation

5 Stars
(11) Really looks good protecting my home!! 
Excellent product. Easy to install without the need for tools with the hardware provided and it is eye-catching when installed. Our dog easily learned to use the screen and, IT KEEPS THE NASTIES OUT OF OUR HOME. We recommend this product.

2 Stars
(12) Mesh screen 
I bought it for my sons door that doesnt have a screen door. It has magnetic or velcro straps but doesnt close well enough to keep mosquitos or bugs out.

5 Stars
(13) Mesh Screens 
Theyre Great ??????

5 Stars
(14) rijackson@att.net 
Mesh Magnetic Screen Door is great. Practical and effective in letting the breeze in and keeping the insects out of the house. I love it.

5 Stars
(15) Terrific Value! Love it! 
Works good, looks good and easy to install!

5 Stars
(16) lets dogs out and keeps bugs out- good job 
This is a replacement for a worn out mesh guard.

4 Stars
(17) Decent product for the money 
I purchased this as a temporary measure, since I am waiting for new doors. It is fairly effective, however the adhesive on the velcro strip does not stick to the frame very well. It does the job.

5 Stars
(18) Love these 
I have purchased a few from here. They work great!

5 Stars
(19) magnetic screen door 
good investment, fast shipping

5 Stars
(20) The Mesh Magnetic Screen Door 
is absolutely fabulous. I highly recommend it to anyone to keep the insects out.

5 Stars
(21) screen door 
have used these magnetic screen doors for a few years they are usually good for one yr. then need replacing but allows open door freedom for my pets without the bugs...

4 Stars
(22) Great Invention 
These screens are awesome once you get them up in the place you need them to be. The Higher traffic doorway no longer needs to have a replacement wood door hung every two years.

5 Stars
(23) Say Can You See!! 
Great product, great theme, great price. Gotta love this country!!!

5 Stars
(24) Instant Mesh Guard Magnetic Screen Door 
Patriotic and works real good.I have ordered many items from Pulse and found them all to be good products!

5 Stars
(25) Good quality and good value for price 
I love this mesh door! My pups can come and go as they please and I can have fresh air going in and out of the house & don’t have to open/close doors wnen my hands are full! I’m buying another for my shed for when I’m working outside

1 Stars
(26) Instant Mesh Guard-Instant Screen Door 
What was I expecting for $8.99...anything better than this thing... I put it on my door and within 3 weeks it is shredded..torn and just coming apart...spend the extra money and buy a heavier one...this is pretty light...notebook paper is heavier than this... I say a big no to this one

4 Stars
(27) Good Value for the price 
While I agree that the magnets could be stronger if the curtains are hung properly they work fine. To hang them properly simply allow them to over lap about 1/4 They will still blow open with a good breeze but beyond that they are worth the price.

5 Stars
(28) love this product 
I love the design looks real nice plus give my furgirls freedom to go in and out plus keeps bugs out.

5 Stars
(29) Even the dog likes it. 
I have only put up one so far but they sure work well. They let go for walking through easily but still come together behind you to close quickly after you pass. Great for home or RV.

Review this item!
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