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IncrediEgg - Microwave Egg Cooker

IncrediEgg - Microwave Egg Cooker

IncrediEgg - Microwave Egg Cooker
IncrediEgg - Microwave Egg Cooker
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Microwave Delicious Eggs in Seconds!

Enjoy fast, delicious, fluffy eggs with the IncrediEgg!

Its specifically designed dome circulates to cook perfect fluffy eggs every time.

Crack open up to 4 eggs on the shell cracking prongs and add, with any desired ingredients, into the IncrediEgg bowl. Then put it in the microwave and cook for the proper time, which you'll find in the included Cooking Guide. Grab the stay-cool silicone handles, remove from the microwave, dish them out from its non-stick surface or conveniently eat them right out of IncrediEgg!

Use it to make scrambled eggs, eggs benedict, omelets & skillets, egg sandwiches, poached eggs, eggs over easy, medium, or hard, and more... an easy to follow recipe book is included!

This innovative cooking solution is perfect for an easy breakfast at the office, college dorms, compact kitchens, or it makes for an easier way to cook at home. No more dirty pans and stove tops! No more need for fatty oils and butter!

It's both Microwave and Dishwasher Safe, and made of BPA-Free Food-Safe Material.


  • Microwaves Perfect Eggs in Seconds!
  • Makes for a Quick and Easy Way to Cook at Home
  • Built-in Yolk Separator
  • Clean Break Shell Cracker
  • Stay-Cool Silicone Handles
  • Non-Stick Surface
  • Made of BPA-Free Food-Safe Material
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Includes Recipe Book/Cooking Guide
  • No Fatty Oils or Butters Needed
  • Scrambled Eggs, Eggs Benedict, Omelets & Skillets, Egg Sandwiches, Poached Eggs, and More
  • Perfect for Breakfast at the Office, Dorm Rooms, Compact Kitchens, and More

5 Stars  Im loving this! 
This is great and is so fast. I love having eggs in the morning and this makes it easy.

3 Stars  IncrediEgg 
The lid blows completly off while cooking eggs. Creating a mess in microwave. Poor design.

5 Stars  great product 
simple to use .no pans or grease

4 Stars  Lid 
Lid does not seem to lock in place.

5 Stars  Great item 
This is fantastic. I can now quickly make eggs in my microwave

5 Stars  egg 
WOW! Im glad I got this

4 Stars  Top does not tighten 
Top is not right but product still works well for me!

5 Stars  Great little time saving device 
I am really enjoying the Egg cooker. Extremely simple to use. Closure action is a little too loose but so far nothing has flown out of the bowl.

Admittedly, I ve only used it once, but my introduction to using it was trying to poach 2 eggs. I left it vented as instructed but it exploded and left my microwave a real mess.

5 Stars  Incrediegg is INCREDIBLE 
This is fantastic for a quick egg or omelet. I bought 2 of them 1 for a friend and she loves it and uses it almost every day......

5 Stars  Egg Cooker 
Easy and fun to use. Bought one for my daughter.

4 Stars  Quick and tastes good 
Really quick and efficient egg cooker and the taste is very good.

4 Stars  Works good 
Sticks to top

5 Stars  Works great 
I get perfect eggs every time I use it. I mix in my other ingredients, then 2 eggs , and cook for 145 minutes. Cleanup is just as easy.

4 Stars  Fast eggs the easy way 
It works and it is versatile in the styles of eggs it makes. Downside - scrambled eggs were a tad rubbery in texture but taste was good. Clean up was considered easier than cleaning a pan. Summary - a time saving and easy way to make eggs in a microwave.

4 Stars  IncrediEgg - Microwave Egg Cooker 
I really like how I can scramble eggs easily with this cooker. However, I was a bit disappointed with the top not having a better lip to sort of lock it in place when shaking it up. Other than that it works great for fluffy scrambled eggs.

3 Stars  egg cooker 
bought several and really not happy about the top not sealing very securely.

5 Stars  Great Egg Cooker 
We use this device nearly every day. Its great for scrambled or just fried eggs. So easy and even though you cant really get soft yolks, its still works great!

3 Stars  Nice little cooker 
Like the size, the egg cracker, yoke separator, and that it is microwave and dishwasher safe. The lid doesnt seem to fit right or tight enough, though if I am using it correctly.

5 Stars  IncrediEgg - Microwave Egg Cooker 
I love this product! I am a blind person and this makes cooking eggs so easy. The best part? The eggs dont come out tasting like rubber. Absolutely worth buying.

5 Stars  Great product - use every day! 
Ive bought every egg gadget thats out there. And I think this is the best yet, although, unlike in the video, I do have to use a non-stick spray, or it will stick. But, I always have that on hand anyway.

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IncrediEgg - Microwave Egg Cooker

Enjoy fast, delicious, fluffy eggs with the IncrediEgg! This innovative cooking solution is specifically designed to cook perfect fluffy eggs - in seconds! Cook up to 4 eggs and scrambled them, make omelets, skillets, sandwiches, and much more.