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In A Time of War 50 DVD Collection

In A Time of War 50 DVD Collection

In A Time of War 50 DVD Collection
In A Time of War 50 DVD Collection
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- A Collectible Treasure Like You've NEVER Seen
- Collector's Edition Package
- 50 DVD Collection
- 189 Hours of Footage
- The Ultimate Gift for History buffs
- Stunning Shadow Box Packaging with Multi-Dimensional Imagery

The One DVD Collection Every History Buff Must Own...

Never before has there been one DVD Collection that covers all of America's remarkable journey through centuries of conflict.

Extensive and riveting, this 50 DVD collection leaves no battle behind. From the Great Indian Wars to the War in Iraq, from the sea to the sky and all trenches in-between. This definitive collection is a visual tour through our prominent U.S. history.

You get it all... authentic wartime footage, newsreels, photographs, interviews, re-enactments and more all in a Collector's Edition Box that features gorgeous Shadow Box Packaging with Multi-Dimensional Imagery of the raising of the flag at Iwo Jima. Simply Stunning to look at!

No ordinary programs and stories, this collection features award-winning programs on 50 DVDs with approximately 190 hours of footage.


  • A Collectible Treasure Like You've NEVER Seen
  • Stunning Shadow Box Packaging with Multi-Dimensional Imagery
  • Collector's Edition Package
  • 50 DVD Collection
  • 189 Hours of Footage
  • The Ultimate Gift for History buffs
  • 27 Compelling and Best Selling Series Covering EVERY American Conflict
  • Amazing Value - Only 26 cents/hour - $1 per DVD
  • Includes a comprehensive 4-color booklet detailing all 27 Documentary Series
  • Many programs are Award Winning

  • Highlights Include:
    The Ultimate Civil War Series - 150th Anniversary Edition (2 DVDs)

    This soon-to-be classic documentary mini-series traces the causes, courses as well as the major events and personalities of the American Civil War!

    Civil War: America Divided (3 DVDs)
    The American Civil War pitted brother against brother, and in the end, it created a nation. Discover the issues in the unprecedented election of 1860, an election that tore a young nation apart.

    The Civil War: Commemorative Documentary Collection (1 DVD)

    Lincoln: Trial by Fire (2 DVDs)
    Capture the journey of Lincoln's life and the struggle for equality in 5 fascinating documentaries and the feature film, Abraham Lincoln!

    Up from Slavery (2 DVDs)
    A powerful, compelling and haunting 7-part documentary series that examines the history of slavery in America, from the arrival of the first African slaves through Nat Turner's Rebellion to the Civil War and beyond.

    The American Soldier - The Complete History of U.S. Wars (1 DVD)
    Experience over 300 Years of War History!
    Oscar-winner George Kennedy hosts this expansive, ambitious four-volume documentary series which explores every major conflict in America's bloody history.

    WWI - The War to End All Wars - (3 DVDs)
    Here is a unique, 10-part, comprehensive look at the war that shaped the 20th Century. Through rare, actual battle footage and rare veteran interviews, The War to End All Wars takes you from the assassination of the Austrian Arch Duke in 1914, to the final desperate battles of 1918.

    War In Europe (2 DVDs)
    Offering a vivid depiction of America's World War II campaign in Europe, the series employs war footage taken from the U.S. Army, Navy and Coast Guard, the British War Office, the National Film Board of Canada and captured Nazi materials.

    Victory by Air (1 DVD)
    Take flight with an exploration of Aviation's fascinating and triumphant History!

    Korea: The Forgotten War (3 DVDs)
    This game-changing war still resonates today with the U.S. troop's presence in South Korea and the nascent nuclear threat from the North. This collection of documentary footage chronicles the roots of the conflict as it blossomed into a protracted war that took a heavy toll in American blood and treasure. The immediacy of combat and major conflicts is brought vividly to life capturing the impact of this war on a generation and an entire region.

    Vietnam War Stories (2 DVDs)
    A Unique Insight to the Vietnam experience! A 12-Part Documentary Series

    The Dawn of War - The Early Battles of WWII (2 DVDs)
    The Definitive Story of World War II! Head to the front lines of the European, the Pacific and the African theatres of the deadliest conflict in human history.

    The Fight for Freedom - The Major Battles of WWII (2 DVDs)
    Entrench yourself on the front lines of the European, the Pacific and the African theatres of the deadliest conflict in human history. .

    The War in the Pacific (2 DVDs)
    This amazing documentary chronicles the compelling events that led up to Japan's surprise bombing of the U.S. Naval base at Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941 and depicts the numerous air, land and sea battles that unfolded from 1942 until the fall of the Japanese empire in 1945.

    Hitler - The Untold Story (3 DVDs)
    A Shocking Portrait of the Tyrannical Leader... Over 12 Hours of Compelling Documentaries!

    The World at War: From Hitler to Hiroshima
    This 4-part series delivers World War II in a fresh, dramatic, captivating presentation of this epic struggle. From Hitler to Hiroshima documents Hitler's Germany, Tojo's Japan and Mussolini's Italy as they join forces to crush the free world. Featuring never-before-seen sequences and images the end of WWII

    WWII Remembered - A Complete History (2 DVDs)
    Rare and, in some cases, previously unseen war footage from archives all over the world have been assembled in this poignant and sometimes harrowing documentary which captures the heart and spirit of the 20th Century's greatest conflict.

    That Was 'Nam (2 DVDs)
    Told by the grunts who served their 365 days in hell. This is the complete story of the air war over the North and the battles for the valleys and Highlands of the South.

    Trial by Ordeal/Shadow Warriors (1 DVD)
    This series tells the stories of some of America's legendary groups of fighting men who persevered and triumphed in the worst of places and at the worst of times.

    Vietnam - America's Conflict (4 DVDs)
    Be an eyewitness to the conflict that divided our nation and changed the very fabric of society. This collection of harrowing and compelling footage traces the evolution of this conflict from a regional military engagement to an ever-expanding war that ultimately spanned three U.S. Presidents.

    Victory at Sea (2 DVDs)
    "this feature-length documentation of arms and the men in World War II is a vivid reminder well worth repeating." -New York Times

    This Emmy and Peabody award-winning TV series chronicled naval warfare during WWII. Originally aired on NBC and developed with full cooperation from the US Navy, this 26 episode program includes 13,000 hours of wartime footage and features the major battles such as the Battle of the North Atlantic, the attack on Pearl Harbor and the Battle of Midway. Audiences faithfully watched and admired this entertaining and relevant program.

    The Medal of Honor - The Stories of Our Nation's Most Celebrated Heroes (2 DVDs)
    This 6-part documentary chronicles the highest award given to military personnel for their extreme bravery, valor and harrowing sacrifices. Covering the Civil War through the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, learn about the most courageous acts performed by the people who fight for American freedom.

    The United States Military - A History of Heroes (2 DVDs)
    A Tradition of Honor, A Legacy of Valor! The United States Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps have for more than two centuries proven themselves to be proud and honored defenders of America's freedoms and liberties. Experience the long and proud tradition of the men and women who served our nation's interest and advance the national cause in this dynamic 7-Part Documentary series.

    The Great Indian Wars: 1540 - 1890 (1 DVD)
    Brought to you by the award-winning production company Centre Communications, this series is truly one of a kind and is sure to satisfy history buffs and documentary enthusiasts. This DVD set also includes bonus features containing biographies, timelines, rare photographs and maps!

5 Stars  Jim Wright 
Just started viewing, completed disc #1, so far, very interesting and comlete. Hope the rest of the series is as good.

5 Stars  US Wars 
As a life long student of history I find the DVDs give an excellent view of US history wars. These DVDs should be required viewing for high school students. The DVDs give the correct view of history, not what the edited incorrect PC version given in high school history books.

3 Stars  Good Service, prompt delivery 
Dont know about the CDs because they are a gift for a friend. Hope they are okay

5 Stars  50 DVD Box set And free Aviator Style watch 
The set has many hours, at this time I have only viewed a few of them. Like what I have seen. The watch is nicer than I expected.

5 Stars  time of war 
great movies

5 Stars  Exactly as described 
The DVD set seems great, of course we havent watcbed all of it yet. The watch that was included is better than expectef, our son loves it!

4 Stars  Overall good information 
A mustache watch for kids in school. They dont teach this in the classroom any longer.

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In A Time of War 50 DVD Collection

Never before has there been one DVD Collection that covers all of America's remarkable journey through centuries of conflict.

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