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In A Time Of War: 50 DVD Box Set<br />Plus FREE - Aviator Watch
In A Time Of War: 50 DVD Box Set<br />Plus FREE - Aviator Watch
In A Time Of War: 50 DVD Box Set<br />Plus FREE - Aviator Watch
In A Time Of War: 50 DVD Box Set<br />Plus FREE - Aviator Watch
In A Time Of War: 50 DVD Box Set
Plus FREE - Aviator Watch

In A Time Of War: 50 DVD Box Set
Plus FREE - Aviator Watch

In A Time Of War: 50 DVD Box Set
Plus FREE - Aviator Watch

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In A Time of War DVD Box Set w/ FREE American Aviator Watch...Originally sold on TV for $229.99, grab this set for the unbelievable price of JUST $39.99!


America's remarkable journey through centuries of conflict, both at home and abroad, are comprehensively presented through 27 documentary series. Extensive and riveting, this 50 DVD collection leaves no battle behind. From the Great Indian Wars to the War in Iraq, from the sea to the sky and all trenches in-between. This definitive collection is a visual tour through our prominent U.S. history. Through a vast variety of authentic wartime footage, newsreels, photographs, interviews, re-enactments and more; this collection of award-winning programs is a declaration and tribute to the heroes that fought and still fight for freedom!

Featured in this 50 DVD Series are: The Great Indian Wars, The Revolutionary War, The Civil War, World War One, World War Two, The Korean War, The Vietnam War, The Gulf War, and The Iraq War.


During WWII, daring bombing raids relied on pinpoint accuracy and precise timing to ensure attacks were coordinated to the second. The military issued our "fly boys" watches that could keep precise time. This handsome vintage-style watch uses the same military grade mechanics but has some modern day improvements like a glow in the dark dial. Plus the large, easy-to-read face makes it great for both young and old! You may have seen this advertised on TV for $39.99 but our low everyday PulseTV price is a fraction of that. So much attention to detail has been made.... from the adjustable, breathable nylon band to the laser-etched flag on the back plate. Includes WWII booklet and Certificate of Authenticity.

Features: Water-Resistant; Stainless Steel Face; Quartz Movement; Green Dial Featuring Vintage American Aviator Logo; Army Green Nylon Strap Band; Laser-Etched American Flag Backing Design; Stainless Steel Buckle Clasp; Band Measurements 10" Length x 1 7/8" Width; Fits Wrist 7" to 8 3/4"; Certificate of Authenticity; Commemorative Insert and Box

Testimonials from those that bought this collectible treasure:

"Superior historical footage; interesting and informative. Black and white footage filmed in real-time during the conflict truly amazing." - T. Tomzak

"The subject matter and the wonderfully appropriate historical footage strike an emotional chord in me." - D. Vaughan

"A must see for anyone interested in an accurate depiction of major events of American Wars." -M. Corte

"Way more than I hoped it would be." - B. Zabo

"This is the finest American War series ever made." - D. Barker

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