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Ice Traction Cleats - No-Slip Snow and Ice Grippers for All Shoes

Ice Traction Cleats - No-Slip Snow and Ice Grippers for All Shoes

Ice Traction Cleats - No-Slip Snow and Ice Grippers for All Shoes
Ice Traction Cleats - No-Slip Snow and Ice Grippers for All Shoes
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Slip-On Ice Cleats Add Traction to Any Shoe

These Instant Ice Cleats will give your footwear the extra traction you need to walk safely and confidently on ice and snow. Made of durable silicone that allows you to stretch them to fit over most types of men's and ladies footwear, making them perfect for boots and regular shoes.

Don't be afraid of slick, slippery, icy conditions this winter! These cleats easily slip on when going outside and are easy to take off when coming back indoors.

The textured bottoms boast five metal cleats that dig into ice and snow, helping you to stay sure-footed in slippery conditions. They barely take up space in a bag for traveling, and are great for hiking trips with varying terrain.

Excellent for shoveling, your walk to the bus or train station, walking to school and even to keep in the car for emergencies. They fit over any flat-soled shoe, boot, or trainer. Any time you are out in the cold and snow, these additions to your shoes can really help you to stay on your feet.


  • Instant Traction for Any Shoe Prevents Slips and Falls
  • One Size Fits Most (up to size 14 in Mens)
  • For Both Men and Women
  • Stretchy Silicone Works Great on Shoes and Boots
  • Excellent Traction on Ice and Snow
  • Packable/Travel-Friendly for Hiking
  • Easy to Slip On Outside, Take Off Inside
  • Five Metal Spikes for Extra Traction
  • Dimensions: 4"W x 7"L x 1"H

5 Stars  Lifesavers! 
I use these cleats and love them. They grip well on icy surfaces and last. I have given them as gifts and they are very much appreciated!

5 Stars  ice traction cleats 
I have yet to utilize as yet as the ice finally melted. I have confidence they will be perfect next winter.

5 Stars  Works well 
I was worried that the cleats would make it awkward to walk on non-ice surfaces, but no problem. Grips on ice but hardly noticeable even indoors.

5 Stars  Nice new alternative for snow/ice walking. 
I have a couple pair of Yak Tracks that I ve had for years but, decided to give these a try. I m VERY happy with them. They re easier for me to put on my boots and stay in place. They seem to handle ice and snow very well. Walking on floors and carpets with them are less problematic too. I like them a lot and they were less expensive than Yak Tracks.

5 Stars  Work great 
Used in our recent snow and ice storm. Parking lots were ice but the cleats slipped on easily to shoes or boots and gave great traction. With a bad back, I cant afford to fall so its a great item to have at home and in the car.

5 Stars  Works great 
I have used them twice cleaning off the driveway and they work great.

4 Stars  traction on ice 
These work good, The only problem is the one size fits all. I have to put them on the boot prior to pitting my boots on.

5 Stars  Works Better Than I Thought 
Really helped me to walk and grip the ice.

5 Stars  Ice Traction Cleats 
worked as expected

5 Stars  Stop Slipping Madness 
I bought these specifically for my brother, who lives in Ironwood, MI in the Upper Peninsula. He is getting older and cannot afford to slip and fall on the ice in the winter time and these Ice Traction Cleats are EXACTLY what he needs! With over a foot of snow forecast for this week alone, they are worth every penny. If you need something like these, I can tell you, they will give you peace of mind and great traction on snow and ice. Check them out!

5 Stars  Just in time for snow today 
I tried these on my boots and they will be great. I would recommend you put these on in your garage or front porch to not scratch your floors, carpet or otherwise. I finally found a pair to fit a womans foot.

4 Stars  Really help 
A little tendency to slip off. Great help though

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