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ID Police Stamp Roller

ID Police Stamp Roller

ID Police Stamp Roller
ID Police Stamp Roller
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Roll It On and Your Information Is Gone

ID Police is the perfect way to protect your identity. ID Police is the safe and simple way to guard all your personal information. The roller uses a unique stamp pattern ideal for covering text on medicine bottles, cashed checks, bills, bank statements and more. Simply roll the stamp over your sensitive information to instantly conceal it.

The easiest way to protect yourself from Identity Theft

With identity theft constantly on the rise ID Police saves you time shredding, but still lets you protect your privacy. Hide addresses, social security numbers, account numbers or ID numbers on junk mail, bills, and other important documents. In addition, a pre-inked mount eliminates the use of a separate, messy ink pad. All you need to do is open the cover and start swiping!
Plus, stamped documents are recyclable, making ID Police your perfect eco-friendly alternative.


- Protect yourself from Identity Theft
- Easy-to-use
- Protects in seconds
- Works on most printed surfaces
- Use it on checks, bank statement and prescription bottles
- Roller is 1.25" wide
- Equipped with a screw cap to protect roller

5 Stars  Great product 
Quick and simple to cover over name and address information at a very good price

5 Stars  Great security tool 
Perfect for perscription bottles, personal notes, written down passwords that youre going to discard

5 Stars  HANDY TOOL 
The roller works great. Not sure how long it will last. When I get to the end of its life Ill have a better idea of its worth. Right now Im happy with it.

5 Stars  ID Police Stamp Roller Works Great! 
The above stamp roller works great! Wish it was refillable!

4 Stars  Works well 
Although this item works well, it does not last long enough for the cost. It also says not to refill.

5 Stars  Put away the shredder 
This is the most convenient way of hiding any information that could be used against you. I havent used my shredder since I found this little gadget. Now I just roll it over every document or unwanted mail that have my name and address on it. I would love for it to be refillable, but thats why I have already bought 4 of them. I never want to run out. Great price too.

5 Stars  Well worth the price...lasts and lasts and lasts. 
Not sure how long this is supposed to last, however I purchased one about 18 monthhs ago, and is is still going like new, I recently purchased another one for when the first does quit. I highly recommend this product. I also sent one to my niece, she loves it.

5 Stars  Great Purchase 
Purchased this item for my wife and she loves it! Blacks out personal info with one swipe. No shredder required.

5 Stars  It blocks all personal information on all items shipping materials. 
This is the second one I have purchased. It works very effectively.

5 Stars  Easy to use 
beats having to shred many many papers

5 Stars  ID Police Stamp Roller 
This product works very well. The coverage is great

4 Stars  Good product 
Works well with junk mail, checks, and especially prescription bottles. Must be used steadily with even pressure, or it wont work well. Great tool to have to block out important info. Would recommend.

5 Stars  Great item 
With all of the identity theft happening this is a great product to prevent it. I plan on buying several more for stocking stuffers.

5 Stars  Works Great ... Great Value 
Works great as advertised. Im now able to block out important information without exerting more effort to shred or tear the documents. Highly recommended!

5 Stars  ID Police Stamp Roller 
This works great. Now I dont have to wait to have everything shredded. Love it!!!

This thing is perfect! Totally obscures any information and you dont have to worry about shredding documents. Highly recommend it, simple, easy to use and most importantly, really works!

5 Stars  Love These For Security Reasons 
We love these rollers. In fact, we purchased about 10 for gifts to our grandkids school teachers.

5 Stars  Love these things 
These are great for security. You do not have to shred everything but can protect your info. I highly recommend.

5 Stars  Easy to use 
Bought this for my Mom so she didnt have to cut off her address from mail anymore. Works good and is easy to use.

5 Stars  Roll Away 
Great roller to hide your name and address on things before they go in the recycle bin. One quick roll and its covered. The best Ive used and I tried other types.

4 Stars  Works great! 
This covers well. Nice purchase.

5 Stars  stamp roller 
the stamp was great

5 Stars  Roller Stamp 
It does a great job. I ve purchased other stamps that didn t quite cover things up but this stamp works great!

5 Stars  ID Police Stamp Roller 
this stamp is fantastic, i cut down on shredding papers

5 Stars  ID Police Stamp Roller 
Great for obscuring name and address from junk mail!

Everyone should have this for more privacy with unwanted items with your name, address &/or other personal information. Its a great handy tool!

5 Stars  Amazing 
I absolutely love this roller works just like it says it would I m a little obsessed.. great product!!!

5 Stars  Handy dandy item 
With this gem there is no need for a shredder! Mine actually broke and I spotted this just in time before I spent more money on a new. This works great. Used it on paper and pill bottles so far. My grand kids love helping me secure my recycled papers now. But don t leave them alone with it or they will use it as a crayon!!!

5 Stars  ID Police Stamp Roller 
Works great


5 Stars  ID Police Stamp Roller 
Simply BETTER than advertised.

5 Stars  great for getting rid of ID on junk mail 
I love this--only have to shred if I want to now-or want to recycle for the garden??--yes I said garden---this works great--

5 Stars  Great product 
Works exactly as described, much easier than using a marker to mark through all the personal information! Priced right too!

5 Stars  Police Stamp Roller 
Its a great product!!!

5 Stars  Really effective 
I have a shredder so I shred most of my documents but not the envelopes with my name and address on them. This item is perfect for covering my name and address on envelopes and catalogues before putting them in the recycle bin.

5 Stars  Great for info blackout 
The ID Police Stamp Roller should save lots of shredding time! I got one for my office and one for at home.

5 Stars  keep safe info 
the police stamp roller does everything that it says and works great

5 Stars  It s very handy and very useful 
It s great and very good invention now I don t need to spend too much time to shreds.

5 Stars  Love this product 
This works great. Not sure how long the ink will last, but this has cut down on shredding paper!

5 Stars  Bye Bye Shredder 
Love this thing. So easy to use yet extremely effective. A few swipes and all your information is blacked out. No more accumulating bags of personal info to be taken to be shredded.

4 Stars  It works! 
Works just as advertised. Wish it was refillable

5 Stars  Works GREAT 
I got this for my 94 year old mom who never has put her mail in the trash because of her address. She LOVES it. Ok, shes from the old school but, hey, shes mom and NOW puts here spam mail in the trash every day. What a game changer for her. Thanks gang!

5 Stars  Inker 
Wonderful product. Easy tonuse.

5 Stars  Great Coverage 
This is the best cover up for sensitive information! I have two of them because I thought my ID POLICE was all dried out. When I read the instructions on the second one, I noticed that it said if it appeared dried out to set it upright for at least 12 hours. I had been storing it on its side. Sure enough after I stood it upright, it was just as inky as when I first used it.

5 Stars  Excellent item 
This is a must have for anyone concerned about identity theft. There are other brands on the market, but this is the best in my opinion. After buying this for myself, I bought for family members at Christmas.

5 Stars  great item 
it even works on empty RX bottles you toss out to block everything on the label before you trash them

5 Stars  Excellent!! 
Best thing to hit the market since a shredder! I absolutely love it! Even bought more for myself and my sister.

5 Stars  Great 
Been Looking For This... Was A Stocking Stuffer For My Mother... She Loves It.. She Went Around The House Marking Stuff...LOL.... Oh Yea It Works Great!!!!!!!!!!!!!

4 Stars  ID Stamp 
The stamp works well, easy to use, and does exactly as advertised. I have used it on my medication prescription bottles and documents. The only reason I did not rate the stamp 5 stars is the ink drying time takes too long and you cannot refill the ink once it is depleted. I would still recommend this product as its a valuable tool in protecting your identity.

5 Stars  Roll it 
This is simple and easy to use. It cuts down on all that shredding

3 Stars  Check to see if covered 
For most things this is ok. I used on an EOB and if I tilted the paper my info was clearly read. Not worth the hassle of verifying every time.

5 Stars  ID police stamp 
Worked as promised. It s easy to use and priced just right.

5 Stars  So Easy! 
This is an excellent way to protect your identity and so much more easier than using a pen or marker.! Would recommend to anyone with this worry. Going to order more for family members.!

5 Stars  Works Great 
I have tried other products but they did not work as well as this one.

4 Stars  ID stamp roller 
I really like it. I hope it will last along time.

5 Stars  ID Police Stamp Roller 
Works great. Save a lot of time shredding documents.

5 Stars  It Works and is economical 
Finally something that REALLY works! Im glad I bought several and shared them with others as stocking stuffers. Couldnt be more pleased.

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ID Police Stamp Roller

ID Police is the perfect way to protect your identity. ID Police is the safe and simple way to guard all your personal information. The roller uses a unique stamp pattern ideal for covering text on medicine bottles, cashed checks, bills, bank statements and more.