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Hurricane Fur Wizard 2-pk
Hurricane Fur Wizard 2-pk
Hurricane Fur Wizard 2-pk
Hurricane Fur Wizard 2-pk
Hurricane Fur Wizard 2-pk

Hurricane Fur Wizard 2-pk

Hurricane Fur Wizard 2-pk

Your Price: $9.99
Compare at: $14.99  (33% off)
Sold Out

Owning a cat or dog comes with many perks, but the hair they shed is not one of them!

The Fur Wizard will help leave your home and car spotless and hair-free.

This combines the effectiveness of a standard lint brush with the convenience of a self-cleaning base.

Each brush features directional arrows that indicates which way to brush for hair removal. Once one side gets full, simply turn it over and use again! Easily lifts dust, hair, lint, and crumbs from everything from blankets to clothes.

The base consists of micro-bristles which cleans the brush for repeat uses, and features a removable base for easy disposal.

This unique special comes with 2 full size lifter, and 2 travel size!

Features & Benefits:
- Includes 2 full size and 2 travel size
- Removes hair, lint, and dust easily
- Multi-Directional
- Lightweight
- Easy grip handle
- Effective
- Self-cleaning base
- Use on couches, chairs, clothes, and car
- No refills
- Reusable
- Eco-friendly
- Size: Full size approx 13" in base
- Size : Travel size approx 5.5" in base

Review this item!

5 Stars
(1) Fur Wizard 
Absolutely the best product Ive ever purchased for pet hair removal. Does the job for which it is intended.

5 Stars
(2) Good product 
Cleans dog hair good

5 Stars
(3) Works great 
Love this for cleaning dog hair off sofa. Need this for a new grandchild on the way.

5 Stars
(4) Hurricane Fur Wizard 
Works GREAT getting our dogs hair off everything, as it should!

5 Stars
(5) Best one yet . 
Wife already had one & when we saw this offer we decided to get a couple more.

5 Stars
(6) Hurricane Fur Wizard 
Works great on furniture with cat hair.

5 Stars
(7) Hurricane Fur Wizard 
I use it to clean pet hairs from the couch and arm chair. It works very well and the hairs are removed from the wand when inserted into its holder. Im impressed. Good Buy!

5 Stars
(8) Fur Wizard 
works great especially cat hair.

3 Stars
(9) So-So 
I have this product but only find it effective on some materials....not all. I still use it but I’m not 100% thrilled with it. I also agree that the large one is very difficult to get out of the slider but assume that is what makes the cleaning part work best. Just OK.

4 Stars
(10) Good deal 
These work great. I have two large furry dogs and dog hair everywhere. These really do a good job getting it off furniture and everything.

5 Stars
(11) Awesome 
These work amazingly! Bought 2 sets and am so glad I did

5 Stars
(12) A brush that actually works 
It was so nice to purchase an item from the internet that actually did what it was advertised to do. I am very happy with my fur brush purchase it works really well.

5 Stars
(13) Hurrican Fur Wizzard 
Fantastic product! I have gone through so many different types of cat hair removal products that take forever to work, if at all, so it was wonderful to find something that did, fast and efficiently. The first time I used the Fur Wizard I was amazed to just to use wide sweeps all the way over the furniture once to get it clean and it took no time at all. Placed the brush in the container and it came out completely clean every time. This product really works!

5 Stars
(14) We have dogs. 
We had 5 dogs and 2 of them shed. We always have dog hair on us. Now before we go out, we use the wizard and all the hair comes off.

5 Stars
(15) Hurricane Fur Wizard 
This is a very good product. It cleans easily and get the animals fur off the furniture or carpeting. I would recommend this product.

5 Stars
(16) It works well 
The Fur Wizzard arrived as tracked, was well packaged and really works. I previously used a similar product that was now self cleaning and the Wizzard works as well and leaves the fur ready to be dumped. Great product so far. Seems well made nd should last.

5 Stars
(17) Hurricane fur wizard 
Works well. Good price. I would recommend this product.

4 Stars
(18) Very nice 
Very good works well it was a little hard to get out of the case

5 Stars
(19) Very convenient 
Effective and convenient! Great deal!!

3 Stars
The brush works good if you can get it out of the case.

5 Stars
(21) Hurricane Fur Wizard 
I work with paper and when I am cutting them down I get a lot of small trim that sticks to my clothes, especially in the winter months when I wear sweatshirts. A lot of the time I dont realize I have the trimmings sticking to me until I look in the mirror or my family or a customer mentions it. Now I just use the fur wizard and I dont have to worry about it any more. I actually bought 2, 1 for work and 1 for home.

5 Stars
(22) Fur Wizard 
Very handy and easy to clean. Neat and fast! I like it!!

3 Stars
(23) Good for the price 
Works good for the price and I’m enjoying it.

5 Stars
(24) BEST EVER! 
Ive got two big and hairy Bernese Mountain Dogs and this is the only product Ive ever use that actually works like it says it does! I plan on buying a few more to leave all over the house.

4 Stars
(25) Better than sticky sheet rolls 
While this doesn’t quite remove dog hair and fuzz as completely as the video shows, it DOES remove quite a bit and the fact that it’s self cleaning is a perk. I’ve used it on my bedspread and sofa and it does a more than adequate job. I’ve used the small one on my jackets I wear and it works equally as well. It works well enough that I’m getting 2 more as gifts...it will cut back on the amount of sticky sheet rolls I will buy in the future. All in all a handy item to have in the house.

3 Stars
(26) Not real effective 
Didnt remove dog hair the way I expected. Not the best product on the market.

5 Stars
(27) Hurricane Fur Wizard 
We have a 14 yr. old West Highland Terrier. As she ages, she sheds more than when she was young. The Hurricane works very well! Thank you!

5 Stars
(28) Hurricane Fur Wizzard 
We have a dog and 2 cats and this tool works amazingly well. Have used it on clothes, furniture and even our basement steps. It picks up well and once you get the knack of cleaning it, its fantastic. Will order more for gifts.

5 Stars
(29) Hurricane Fur Wizard 
The wands work exactly as described. They take off most of the cat hair, dog hair, and lint. The cleaner works very well.

5 Stars
(30) Must have for shedding pets 
Works really great for cat hair. Love to use it. Its fun to see how much hair is really on the couch, carpeted steps, bed, its great to have! Im going to order another soon.

5 Stars
(31) These are awesome! 
My son has two dogs and a cat, hair everywhere. I bought these to them and tried them. Amazing!!! Totally cleaned all the hair off the couches!

5 Stars
(32) This really picks up the fur! 
I was surprised how much fur the Hurricane Fur Wizard picks up. The a swipe or two in the sleeve and its ready to go again. Very handy for those of us with pets.

5 Stars
(33) It works! 
Great product that really works!

5 Stars
(34) Hurricane Fur Wizard 
Wonderful product! I will never be without this item to clean up cat hair. I use it everywhere and the hair is gone so fast. I have 2 liong haired cats and am no longer stressed by all of the hair they leave. The Fur Wizard cleans without a lot of hard work. Love it !

3 Stars
(35) doesnt seem to work 
I do what the directions said but it doesnt seem to pick up the dog hair on the car seats or clothing

5 Stars
(36) Fur be Gone! 
Excellent product, would never know I had a pup with the Fur Wizard, Fur be Gone!

5 Stars
(37) Best lint and fur brush 
I already have one that I use every week. These were purchased as gifts for friends with pets. The big test for me was the back seat of my car - it was covered with fur and the Fur Wizard eliminated it all in a few minutes!! Ive had various lint rollers through the years, but this is the best product ever!!

5 Stars
(38) Great tool for brushing away pet hair and lint! 
I was confident that this brush would work, and it really does! I have a cat and shes shedding right now, so this brush has been really great! The bottom of the holder does open so it can be cleaned out easily.

5 Stars
(39) fur wizard 
Great product...Great price. I bought two and gave one to a friend who has cats as I do.

4 Stars
(40) What a Wizard 
I have a persian cat which says a lot. The first usage was a struggle to remove the wand from the case. After that it works great and really takes care of the fur.

5 Stars
(41) Works exactly as promised 
With two cats, we have a lot of fur to remove and this gizmo really does the trick! I’m amazed at how much fur it collected and how efficient the cleaning mechanism worked

5 Stars
(42) Love the Hurricane Fur Wizard 
Love this lint/fur collecting wonder.

5 Stars
(43) Great Product 
I have a white peke that sheds constantly. It has become a joke about having Bella hair all over us. This has really helped keep the hair off of our clothes.

5 Stars
(44) Great lint and fur remover 
I have 2 large dogs and both shed more hair than I can handle. The Fur Wizzard does a great job of keeping the couch and my dark clothes fur-free. Ive tried different products, but this is the one I prefer for results and ease of use.

5 Stars
(45) It really does work!! 
We have 3 cats and our furniture is constantly covered with fur. Not anymore! The Fur Wizard makes clean up so easy! Best purchase ever!

5 Stars
(46) great tool 
no more cat hair on my clothes and chairs.

1 Stars
I wouldnt give it even one star. Money wasted. Huge, heavy, impossible to use. It takes an extremely strong person just to remove the brush from its plastic cover or move it back and forth inside it to clean the brush. My husband did it once with a great difficulty, and I couldnt at all. I wonder who designed this monstrosity.

5 Stars
(48) Fur be gone 
Make your life easier and buy this product . If you have animals it makes gathering up fur so easy .. Throw away all the paper lint roller‘s that you may have this is the product you need .

5 Stars
(49) Hurricane Fur Wizard works great! 
Its really nice and I love the travel one too! It really takes the dog hair of my clothes!

5 Stars
(50) brushes 
I like that it picks up so much hair, and its easy to clean.

5 Stars
(51) Pet brush 
It works get if you use it right. My dad got one for Christmas. I asked him how did he like it. He said it didn’t work. I ask why, “well I brushed the cat and it removed nothing”. I laughed ”no it’s for furniture, clothes and things”.

5 Stars
(52) Hurricane Fur Wizzard 
It is the most effective reusable brush for dealing with pet hair or other kind of lint that clings to any kind of clothing. I purchased a similar brush 50 years ago and it is still going strong. I chose to buy this one because it is slightly bigger and one can never have enough of these brushes if you wish to look neat when pets are a part of your life. I have a white Himalayan cat, which means there is no way of getting out of the house without a good deal of cat fur on anything I am wearing.

5 Stars
(53) Hurricane Fur Wizard 
Yes, they really do work and very well.

Review this item!
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