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Hurricane Broom Accessory Kit - MUST HAVE HURRICANE BROOM to use this
Hurricane Broom Accessory Kit - MUST HAVE HURRICANE BROOM to use this

Hurricane Broom Accessory Kit - MUST HAVE HURRICANE BROOM to use this

Hurricane Broom Accessory Kit - MUST HAVE HURRICANE BROOM to use this

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This Deluxe Attachment Kit works with the Hurrican Spin Broom.

If you have trouble seeing dirt and crumbs under tables or in corners, this kit is for you.

The add-on includes a super bright light that snaps in front of the spin broom and is powered by three AAA batteries (not included).

Also included are two extra spin brushes, two extra brush-head washers, and a screw driver.

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5 Stars  Hurricane Broom Accessory Kit 
great to replace when needed

5 Stars  Works GREAT!!! 
Got one for myself and one as a gift. I must say it works even better then I thought. The broom not only picks up cat and dog hair but everything else. Could not believe how well it picked up cat litter. Very happy with this product.

1 Stars  You get what you pay for 
I sent this back , it felt cheap and didnt pick up off the hardwood floor very well at all .. I swept up a pan of dirt AFTER .. i went over it with the broom WOULD NOT RECCOMEND IT

3 Stars  Trouble 
Good idea but my brushes do not work as they should Hit and Miss

5 Stars  Works well on kitchen floor 
I like it it works just as described and saves me a lot of broom sweeping. Good size, easy to use and picks up hair like no other. Very happy with my purchase!

4 Stars  Hurricane broom 
It would work better with stiffer bristles ..it gets stuck if you dont push down on the handle with just the right pressure

1 Stars  hurricane broom 
does not pick up even the smallest pieces. would not recommend

5 Stars  Love it 
It does a great job.


2 Stars  weak results 
It works, but you have to push on it in a specific way, and it doesnt do corners or hold much. Its more fun than a broom, but not as efficient. Im keeping mine to entertain myself

2 Stars  broom 
difficult to spin needs better gripping wheels

5 Stars  Works great 
Works as described. Picks up debris as you push and then just empty it in the garbage.

5 Stars  Great Tool 
This spin broom works very well. It picks up even small crumbs. Im happy with it.

4 Stars  The Broom to buy 
Very easy to use, beats a broom and dust pan by a mile. purchased two for extra gifts.

4 Stars  love that broom 
very useful to have

2 Stars  Ehhh 
2 stars for the ease of putting it together. It is really flimsy, only picks up going forward and you have to go over the area a couple of times or more to get everything.

5 Stars  Its great! 
Im happy with the spin broom,so easy to use and it picks up really well. Im so impressed with it that I ought one for my daughter as well. It also saves time not having to use the vacuum.

3 Stars  Hurricane Spin Broom 
Not a sturdy product. When putting it together the light would not stay on. The pick-up isnt the greatest. A little disappointed as many of the products I order from here are pretty good.

5 Stars  Hurricane Spin Broom 
As I am aware of the excellent job the Hurricane does, I gifted these two brooms to family.

4 Stars  ok 
only works one direction but it does pick up the dirt

4 Stars  Picks up dog hair better than expected 
I couldnt beat the $9.99 price tag for this, so thought Id try it. I have 4 dogs that shed constantly, year round. This works great for picking up the dog hair, without sending it flying into the air like a regular broom. The outer brushes stay pretty much hair free, while Ive had to clean the center brush twice now. It picks up far more debris that I thought it would too. The only drawback Ive found is that its too tall to get under my sofa and coffee table and doesnt do corners and small openings as well as a broom. But, it does along the walls perfectly and swivels easily. Yes, as in other reviews, it only picks up going in the forward direction, but just go back and forth with it and it gets the job done! It is also very easy to push, requiring no extra effort or downward force.

1 Stars  Dont Waste Your Money 
The broom and light requires batteries. I have to change the batteries every couple of days.

5 Stars  I love the hurricane. 
Easy to use and clean the mess the kids do .

3 Stars  Not great, but ok for the price 
It picks up small stuff, but it doesnt seem to be made very well, only picks up going forward cant vacuum back and forth, you have to push pretty hard for it to work and it doesnt access corners. Still, it does work and is good for spot cleaning. Thanks.

4 Stars  Hurricane Spin Broom 
Very convenient inexpensive lightweight sweeper for sand gravel and dust.

I bought 2 brooms tried one out and gave them both away. Not happy with product performance!

4 Stars  Hurricane Spin Broom 
Works well for hardwood floors, but a bit challenging to navigate around area rugs because of the shape of broom. Imagine best uses would be for floors without obstacles like area rugs. So far seems to pick up dog hair and some dirt pretty well.

4 Stars  Hurricane Spin Broom 
Works good. Takes a little practice to use.

4 Stars  Hurricane Spin Broom 
I gave this article to my daughter, who has 5 large Boxers. She has stated it has really helped her in getting the dog hair up fast. .

4 Stars  Works well 
Works very well - however the light attachment is flimsy - switch falls off easily and the light falls off.

5 Stars  Very bright, very dependable. 
Hurricane Spin Broom is a great tool for home, office and garage.

2 Stars  Spin Broom 
Picks up good BUT Gets hung up on the seams/grout lines of tile floors, not smooth pushing

2 Stars  Not really Impressed 
It really doesnt pick up the paper or too many things as stated, Had I not used it already, I would of probably sent it back

5 Stars  Pet hair must have 
My pets drag in pieces of the yard, plus lots of hair shedding. This thing eats all of it up

5 Stars  broom 
100 a +

5 Stars  Great for quick pick ups... 
I love this item, it is great for quick pick ups and I dont have to bend over for a dust pan.

4 Stars  Great Sweeper 
This Hurricane Spin Broom works great. Picks up anything you move over. There was only one downside to the broom. At times the door to empty the trash storage compartment would not open.

3 Stars  Spin broom 
I never give a bad rating but this does not pick up as described. Half the time it does not spin so nothing is getting picked up. Put it out for thrift store.

5 Stars  Great Product 
Easy to use and picks up hair and small items well!!

4 Stars  Good Product 
Very useful product for keeping the kitchen and dining rooms floors tidy

3 Stars  Spin Broom 
Didnt work on my floors. Tile was too textured, plus have a dog that sheds a lot and all the broom did was wrap hair around the brushes. Sorry! Already returned and refunded.

2 Stars  Disappointing 
Condsiderable downward pressure while pushing the device forward is required to make the brushes spin. The brushes are turned by feet walking through brush spokes. Each foot has only a very small contact area with the floor, thus the requirement for pressure.

3 Stars  Hurricane Spin Broom 
Doesnt work as well on tile as it does on laminate.

3 Stars  Ok but doesnt work as well as the video showed 
I was really excited about the broom but was disappointed as it does not work as well as the video showed. It does pick up debris fairly well but I found that in certain places in my house it doesnt work at all, like on the tile floors in my bathroom where I really need to pick up hair. Works fine on the hardwood floors. And you will need a regular broom to use along the edges. It must be emptied after just a few swipes, even though it doesnt have much in the pan. They are great for quick pick ups, not much else, it is not a replacement broom

2 Stars  A nice toy 
Does not operate as an effecient cleaning device and is virtually useless unless the surface is smooth

3 Stars  Good Product 
Not as hyped up as advertised. It skips sometimes, and does not fold flat enough o go under all furniture.

1 Stars  Didnt work for me wouldnt turn 
I didnt like it at all the wheels didnt work so I donated it. Was very disappointed in this item.

5 Stars  Love it 
I love the light... I love the fact that I can sweep without turning on the house light, and not worry about missing something...

5 Stars  Love it 
I love it, I dont have to keep bending down to pick up the garbage, easy to use, and great for kids also...

4 Stars  good product 
it is a good product but sensitive. brushes do not always spin. I use it and like it but have to put up with that defect

3 Stars  okay 
its okay not as good as I thought it would be but okay. the trash sometimes comes back out when you pul back but for the price its okay

5 Stars  Hurricane spin broom delivers 
This broom picks up the dirt and hair from four dogs. It is pretty easy to empty and clean the rollers.

1 Stars  SPIN BROOM 
doesnt work! Says on instructions not for carpet! Didnt work on linoleum also!It just hangs up and tips over! Tried on very short nap carpet. linoleum, and redwood deck- same result! Worthless junk, save your money!Deserves zero stars!

3 Stars  Its Just OK 
Its pretty cheaply made and for some reason I did expect more. You can only go forward with it, not back. If I had known, I wouldnt have bothered to order it.

Review this item!
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Video: Hurricane Broom Accessory Kit - MUST HAVE HURRICANE BROOM to use this

This Deluxe Attachment Kit works with the Hurrican Spin Broom.
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