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Home and Office 4-Piece Scissor Set
4 piece scissor set
4 piece scissor set
4 piece scissor set
4 piece scissor set
4 piece scissor set
Home and Office 4-Piece Scissor Set

Home and Office 4-Piece Scissor Set

Home and Office 4-Piece Scissor Set

Your Price: $6.99
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Get one for $6.99
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Best Scissors for Your Home and Office

It's time to throw out all your dull old scissors, and get ones that work great every time. This 4-piece scissor set is the perfect solution for your home or office. With scissors in all different sizes, youíll be able to tackle any project ahead of you.

Whatís Offered with Home Solutionís Scissor Set

Home Solutionís scissor set comes with a 5 1/2", 6 1/2", 7 1/2", and 8 1/2" high quality scissors. The large finger and thumb loop provides a natural comfortable grip for adults, as well as kids'. Each scissor is made of high quality stainless steel blades that offer lasting sharp edges for the best cutting performance. Blades wash easily with warm water.

Home Solutions made sure that all 4 pieces of the scissor set accommodate both left and right handed users. Check out some of features offered by Home Solutionís scissors below:


- 4 piece scissor set
- Sizes: 5 1/2", 6 1/2", 7 1/2", 8 1/2"
- Stainless steel
- High quality
- Sharp and durable
- Large finger & thumb loop
- Accomodates left & right handed users
- Perfect for arts, crafts, scrapbooking, tailoring or office needs

You Wonít Find a Better Scissor Set

Many people donít think much about the scissors they buy but you should. Home Solutionís 4-piece scissor set is made with quality, accessibility and usability in mind. Once you try them, youíll never use a different pair of scissors again. Combine that with Pulse TVís great prices and thereís no reason why you shouldnít get this 4-piece scissor set.

Review this item!

2 Stars  set of 4 scissors 
The scissors serve the purpose. I like having various sizes handy for different projects.

4 Stars  Good Value 
I have purchased a set like this from you before, and I found this set not to be as sharp as the last one.

5 Stars  Great set of scissors 
I bought 2 sets... gave one to my daughter ... now I have a set of scissors all over the house!!!

4 Stars  Mostly good 
I have used all of the set and most are sharp and great to use. But one of two sometimes dont cut all the way to the tip of the blade. But the others are so sharp and great that I can ignore the not so good ones and just use them to cut paper.

5 Stars  Great scissors 
Seems I always need a pair of scissors and dont have any where I need them so decided to get these and have a pair in every room. They are very high quality and I love them!

5 Stars  Home and office 4 piece scissor set 
They are essentially in every home, comfort and sharp, good for any projects that youre involved thats why, I recommended

4 Stars  nice scissors the price 
THE scissor set is very nice and works just fine! THANKS

5 Stars  Scissors 
Scissors are sharp and as promised. For the money it is a good deal.

5 Stars  perfect 
I absolutely LOVE them... I am left handed.. They are perfect for me.!!!.

5 Stars  Great 
Great and use often. Thank you so much high quality and very low prices. God Bless, Patty & Taki ??????????????????

5 Stars  Great Scissors 
All of the Scissors work great

5 Stars  Sharp scissors 
These are very good scissors. Extremely good for the price.

5 Stars  Scissors 
I like the different sizes. Sometimes you dont always need a large pair.

5 Stars  Scissors 
They are easy to handle and sharp. They are nice looking.

5 Stars  Needed these! 
Came quickly, and they are light and very sharp. Perfect for my home usage.

5 Stars  Super sharp 
Really sharp & reasonably priced. I keep a pair in the bathroom to trim my bangs.

5 Stars  Great set of scissors low price 
This is a great set of scissors for a great low price.

5 Stars  Very good set 
They are sharp and work well.

5 Stars  Worth the price? HELL YES 
My wife is an avid sewer of purses, quilts, baby bibs and if she likes you, other thread and fabric things. She loves the handles, they dont hurt her fingers. She must have 20 pairs and the fact that she uses them, warranted her answer to my silly question HELL YES!

5 Stars  Love This Product 
I love good scissors. This new set allows me to have them in reach in every room. Thanks.

5 Stars  Good scissors 
Good sizes for big and small jobs. Very sharp and comfortable to use.

3 Stars  Now I can ditch my old scissors 
Love them! Cool and inexpensive too. Like Amazon, PulseTV never disappoints me. Kudos to Anisa and the Gang!

4 Stars  Scissor Set 
I got two & gave one to my daughter. Very practical, should last a lifetime.

4 Stars  Very good scissors 
The scissors are of good quality and work fine . I would buy them again.

5 Stars  Great Product, Great Price 
good quality scissors for the price.

5 Stars  Handy assortment 
Nice and sharp. enough to keep at all my important hang outs in my home.

5 Stars  Must Haves!!! 
These scissors are excellent! I keep a large and smallest in the bathroom trimming nose hairs and the others in the kitchen. On the 1st day, I needed them. Excellent!!! The price is unbeatable!!!

5 Stars  scissors 
The scissors or very sharp...easy to handle...and with the green handles easy to find

5 Stars  These really are the best! 
I have hundreds of jigsaw puzzles so I have to cut the picture off of the box top and put it and the pieces into gallon zip lock baggies. My hand used to get so sore from trying to cut through the cardboard, but with theses scissors it is a breeze. They havent dulled yet. I am thinking of getting a second set just to have on hand in case something happens to the first. Highly recommend!

5 Stars  NICE SET! 

5 Stars  Works good 
best cutting scissor that I have ever owned.....

5 Stars  Scissors 
Just what I needed, great product. Will use again and again

5 Stars  great deal 
great price, good quality for what I need them for

5 Stars  every size 
These all work well. I keep them in my drawer so when I need any size, I have them. Great price for all of them.

5 Stars  Scissors 
Scissors work well. I like having so many as I can put them in every drawer that way if someone forgets to put them back I know quickly how to find another pair.

Review this item!
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Video: Home and Office 4-Piece Scissor Set

This 4 piece collection by Home Solutions comes with a 5 1/2", 6 1/2", 7 1/2", and 8 1/2" high quality scissors. The large finger and thumb loop provides a natural comfortable grip for adults, as well as kids'.
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