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Hitler's Last Secrets 2 DVD Set

Hitler's Last Secrets 2 DVD Set

Hitler's Last Secrets 2 DVD Set
Hitler's Last Secrets 2 DVD Set
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The most extensive historical research program ever undertaken about Adolf Hitler has produced amazing new discoveries which paint a very different picture of the Fuhrer. Now you'll go behind the myths and find the answers to some of the most enduring and mysterious questions that concern Hitler.

The Secret World of Adolf Hitler

Hitler's secretive personal world is unraveled via rare, unseen footage, and amazing, never-before-seen documents which have only recently come to light. The resulting answers to the mysteries surrounding Hitler are often shocking, and some of the revelations point to uncomfortable truths which challenge our beliefs about Adolf Hitler.

This 2-DVD set runs for over 5 hours and contains 6 different episodes:
1. Private Hitler's War 1914-1918
2. Hitler the Drifter
3. Hitler - The Beer Hall Putsch
4. Hitler and Wagner
5. Hitler, Himmler, and the Occult
6. Fatal Liaison - The Strange Affair of Adolf and Eva


- Learn the hidden truth of Adolf Hitler's secret life - Includes 6 different episodes
- Rarely seen footage
- Never-before-seen documents
- 2 DVDs
- Running time: 290 minutes
- Color and Black/White

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