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Handheld iPad and Tablet Holder

Handheld iPad and Tablet Holder

Handheld iPad and Tablet Holder
Handheld iPad and Tablet Holder
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Never Drop Your iPad Again!

With how expensive tablets are, you want to make sure you don't lose your grip. The Handheld iPad and Tablet Holder not only ensures you have a firm grip but also makes anything you do on a tablet much easier.

It simply attaches to the back of any tablet or iPad and provides a comfortable slot for your hand to fit. The best part is it works great for small and big hands.

If you are someone who uses a tablet on the go this is a must-have item.


- Keeps You From Dropping Your iPad Or Tablet
- Works With Big Or Small Hands
- Easy To Install And Use
- Comfortable To Hold
- Great For Anyone On The Go
- Makes Reading More Comfortable

3 Stars  Tablet Holder 

5 Stars  Handy helper 
Works great, fits my Amazon 10 incher

5 Stars  BIG HELP 
A little tight on hand but does loosen up. I ordered several because the clip broke on one side of the original one that I bought and I didntwant to be without one. .

4 Stars  comfy 
I wasnt sure about this at first. I thought it would hide the camera lens. But its easy to adjust and now my tablet doesnt slide down the side of the couch anymore.

5 Stars  Great ! 
Love this handle... Fits my tablet perfectly.. now i dont have to hold it on one side all i do is slip my hand or fingers in the back and it stay upright like an easel... thanks Pulse

5 Stars  Light Weight yet functional 
The device works as advertised. I can see that this would be ideal for someone using the iPad while standing up. It is a little less useful to me as I generally am reclining while using the iPad. Nonetheless, the device is well worth the price.

1 Stars  not usable with my device 
not handy, difficult to use. Will probably give it away

2 Stars  NOT for many tablets! 
May fit i-pad, but did not fit any of the multiple tablets I own.

3 Stars  TOO TIGHT 
It would be an excellent product if the rubber hand holder wasnt so tight. So tight it mkes it too uncomfortable to use. I wont be using it.

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