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Handheld Corn Peeler
Handheld Corn Peeler
Handheld Corn Peeler
Handheld Corn Peeler
Handheld Corn Peeler

Handheld Corn Peeler

Handheld Corn Peeler

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Separate all the kernels of corn from a cob in the matter of seconds with the Handheld Corn Peeler. This handy little peeler makes it easy to put together a corn salsa, stew or just a corn side dish for children and adults with dentures who can't eat it directly off the cob.

It couldn't be any easier to use. Just slide the 'teeth' down the cob. When the cache is full, dump the corn out from the back opening.

The Handheld Corn Peeler is ergonomic, so it's comfortable to hold, cutting down it slipping out of your hand.

Features and Benefits:
- Peel Corn Cobs in Seconds
- Easy to Use
- Ergonomic with Non-Slip Grips for Better Handling
- Large Corn Cache Can Be Emptied from the Back Opening
- Sharp Peeling Teeth Effortlessly Remove the Kernels
- Portable for Parties, BBQs, Picnics and Storage
- Make Dishes like Creamed Corn, Corn Salsa or Stew
- Great for Those with Dentures
- 4.5" X 2.5" X 2.5"

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