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HDTV Bluetooth Wireless Headphone And Transmitter Kit

HDTV Bluetooth Wireless Headphone And Transmitter Kit

HDTV Bluetooth Wireless Headphone And Transmitter Kit
HDTV Bluetooth Wireless Headphone And Transmitter Kit
Your Price: $29.99
Compare at: $69.99  (57% off)

Make Your Old Speakers Bluetooth!

The all-in-one HDTV Bluetooth® Wireless Headphone And Transmitter Kit turns all of your favorite audio players into modern Bluetooth compatible devices. Listen to music, watch TV, play video games and more, all wirelessly and without disturbing anyone else in the room.

The kit comes with two different pieces; an easy to use Bluetooth audio transmitter and a set of hi-quality Bluetooth headphones.

Watch TV in Total Silence

Connect any audio device or TV to the transmitter via either the included RCA or 3.5mm cords. Audio streams wirelessly to the Bluetooth headphones from up to 33 feet away. Both the transmitter and headphones include internal rechargeable batteries, but the transmitter can also be powered with the included micro-USB cable and standard wall outlet adapter. Any powered USB port, like on your TV, will also work. Plus, a stick-on wall cradle lets you mount the transmitter anywhere you need.

Both kit items can also be used separately with other devices. The transmitter can pair to any Bluetooth completable headphones or speakers, while the headphone set can be used with both Bluetooth and wired devices. Simply plug in a 3.5mm cord and these headphones give you crystal clear sound without using any internal battery power. When using them in Bluetooth mode, the headphones can be used with your smartphone for hands-free calling and even control the music via the onboard media keys.

NOTE:To Pair: Turn transmitter on. Press middle button on headphones until blue and red lights flashing indicating pairing mode. Then short press the Bluetooth button on the transmitter. It will start blinking (top and bottom) indicating pairing. the headphones will then blink just blue showing they are paired and the transmitter will be fading in and out blue.


- Makes Any Audio Source Bluetooth Compatible
- Listen To Audio From The TV, Stereo, DVD Player, And More, All Wirelessly
- Two Hi-Quality Devices In The Kit; HD BT Headphones And BT Transmitter
- Long-Life Rechargeable Batteries Are Installed In Both Devices
- Transmitter Can Work With Any Compatible BT Headset Or Speaker
- Wall Outlet Power Adapter Included
- Stick-On Wall Mount Included With Transmitter
- Transmitter And Headphones Work Up To 33ft Away
- Headphones Can Be Used Wirelessly Or With 3.5mm Cord
- Ultra-Clear Audio With Deep Bass Crisp Trebble
- Large Ear Cups Are Comfortable And Lightweight
- Headband Is Fully Padded
- Special Design Keeps Audio From Leaking Out So You Won't Disturb Others
- Headphones Have Media Keys For Audio Control On Compatible Devices
- Built-In Mic And Call Answer Button For Hands-Free Talking
- Dimensions: Transmitter 2.25" X 2.25" X 1"
- Headphone Cups: 3.5" X 3"
- Headphone Adjustment Length: Each Side 1.5"
- RCA to 3.5mm Cord: 6"
- 3.5mm Cord: 19"

1 Stars  These headphones wont work with every TV 
After trying to connect these headphones several different ways, couldnt! We have a TCL roku series 5 tv. Contacted TCL and was told that we would need to purchase an additional piece of equipment that would cost in the vicinity of $70.00! Spoke with PulseTV CSR and told her that. Suggested they research and list non-compatible TVs so other customers wont run into this problem. Returned the unit.

3 Stars  Works, but dont leave your chair. 
Nice packaging, nice pads, nice controls on side of the earpiece. Just dont go to the fridge 10 feet away in the same room and expect to continue listing to your program. The range is very disapointing.

5 Stars  Love it 
I live in an apartment building where excess noise at night bothers others. After 10 PM I listen as late as I want to to music on Pandora and TV and it bothers no one. Hooked up easily to any TV or any device with RCA audio-out jack. I hooked the transmitter up to power so it is always ON and then just hit the center button on the headphones to start up and dim the volume on the TV speakers. The sound is great for music and TV and the headphones can be used for 9 or more hours on a charge. The headphones are a little too tight for my head but its a minor matter. LOVE IT! Bought 2

3 Stars  Fit 
Bought for my wife. She thinks they are a bit uncomfortable because cushion section is fixed angle from band..

3 Stars  Good headset for the Price 
I was expecting the quality to be a little better. As a senior, my hearing is not as good as it used to be. I thought using the headsets might help me understand the dialog on TV and not have to use close caption. But the quality of sound did not improve my hearing. However, using the headsets while mowing the lawn muffled out the loud sound of the mower, so I am happy with the purchase, and the price.

4 Stars  Good Purchase 
Works as advertised.

5 Stars  Best headphones for a great price!! 
These headphones are fabulous! Easy setup, terrific sound quality, very comfortable to wear. All for a great price. I have had a few sets and these are by far the very best considering I didnt have to pay hundreds of dollars. So glad I found them!

My wife likes the Headphones more than me, and I am the one wearing them. My wife reads a lot of books. She would sit with me and read her book while I was watching sports on the TV. Now, with these GREAT headphones, she can sit and read without being disturbed by the volume of the TV.

4 Stars  HDTV Bluetooth headphone transmitter kit 
This system works great. I purchased one from amazon for over twice the price

5 Stars  Great headphones 
I bought this for my daughter. She told me they worked great.

3 Stars  The head phones sound is very good, but the pressure put on th ears to 
The head phones sound is very good, but the pressure from the hard plastic centers put on the ears is too much. After and hour of listening to music my ears were mashed flat against the head. I suggest hat the product has extra padding to the edges of the head phones.

5 Stars  I love it 
The battery lasts long. I move from computer to phone to tablet to TV throughout the day. I mowed the lawn to music! I can watch TV at night without bothering my lovely wife. It feels comfortable, and the sound is great I am fussy!. The price was very good too.

4 Stars  Handy item 
alot of trouble getting connected to the tv, but once that was done everything worked great!

4 Stars  Bluetooth headphones 
these are great, but if something is in front of the receiver it tends to blink out a lot. Other than that they are great.

5 Stars  Headphones/Transmitter 
Terrific, works well, easy setup, great value!

5 Stars  Very good products. 
These items worked perfectly. Relatively simple to set up as long as you follow directions.

4 Stars  hdtv bluetooth headphone kit 
I needed help setting it up! NEVER MIND MY AGE!! But Ive used it the last several nights!!! BTW...Since I use a cpap...I wear it under my chin !!! Who says old timers are dumb??!! It does seem a tad fragile, though!

5 Stars  Excelente Producto 
I am very happy with the headphone it works so well, thanks

3 Stars  Short battery life 
I bought this Bluetooth headphone to watch TV with a volume I liked, but the battery in the headphones barely lasts as long as a whole movie. And, it is too small. Very tight on my massive skull, so maybe the short battery life was a blessing?

4 Stars  Will use as Christmas gifts 
Intent is to use these for Christmas gift. We tested them to make sure work and they are nifty enough to pass our Christmas gift test. This is a good thing as not all pass this test. I did not give them a fifth star due to not using them extensively myself. That level of use will come next year after Christmas.

5 Stars  Easy and works well 
Works well with tv cell or computer

5 Stars  HDTV Bluetooth wireless headphone 
Great value and works great. I would recommend this product

4 Stars  Instructions 
Confusing for non-techy person. But once it is on it works great

3 Stars  Works OK, However 
The headphones work just fine. However the fit is a bit tight ,I wear 7 1/8 size hat, medium. The area in the headphone that accommodates my ears is a bit small compared to others I have tried ,my ears are average. I gave 3 stars because of the discomfort. As far as the blue tooth feature, it works just fine.

4 Stars  great product 
Instructions for use not so great,but Ive finally figured them out. One suggestion for improvement would be longer head set battery life. its not bad but longer would be better.

5 Stars  Another Excellent Pulse Product 
This is another well priced, quality product offered by Pulse TV

5 Stars  good deal 
set it up to my smart tv works great I would love a set like this with noise cancelling.

3 Stars  Bluetooth Wireless Headphone and Transmitter Kit 
Easy to use but sound quality is poor.

5 Stars  works great 
i always have to have the tv volume high to hear the sound and it drives my wife crazy. now i can lower the sound on the tv and raise the sound on the headphones as loud s needed..saved my marriage.

5 Stars  HDTV Bluetooth Wireless Headphone And Transmitter Kit 
Works Great. Better than expected!

4 Stars  HDTV Bluetooth Wireless Headphone 
The headphone was given as a gift and I was told that they worked well.

5 Stars  Very good product 
I bought this to use with my tv so I wouldnt disturb other people. It works great and has excellent sound. My son listened to it and asked that I buy one for him too.

5 Stars  Love these headphones! 
These headphones were so easy to set up, very lightweight, and have wonderful sound output. I love them and would love to get another pair!

4 Stars  bluetooth headphones 
vol/dwn buttons need to be separated more. Also charge on battery is shortlived. Have to charge more frequently. Ears are comfortable & sound is good. Connected by using the bluetooth from the tv system. No need for the xmitter to be utilized. Prefer to to spend more money for a better set of headphones. Good for the price.

5 Stars  excellent unit 
Although the directions that came with the headset were poor, with the help of your staff, I was finally able to operate the headset. Without your help, I would have had to send the unit back. I especially like being able to mute the sound on the TV and hear the sound through the headset when my wife is viewing something else on her tablet. A good buy overall.

5 Stars  What a great surprise! 
This kit is great since it allows you to listen to programming without bothering my wife or the rest of the family. Also, you can walk around the entire house without losing the signal. I can watch a late game in bed without bothering anyone else. Really a good value.

5 Stars  works as expected 
I have used this 3 times now when my gf falls asleep and I still want to watch tv in bed. Works great, fits comfortably. Draw back is volume/offon buttons on side of headphone small and dark like headphones. Hard to feel and see. Also, when connecting the transmitter to the tv, I notice when using both cables provided, if you insert the one into the other fully, reception is mono and static, but if you insert it half way, it is clear and stereophonic.

4 Stars  Incredible Value 
Really good product at an AMAZING price! Youll spend $30 on a pair of Bluetooth headphones alone. The headphones arent the best quality. But they certainly arent the worst and theyre worth the price. I only have 2 complaints the headphones dont have any kind of low battery indicator. You know youre getting low when they start dropping out a lot. Second, the advertisement shows mounting the transmitter on the back of the TV...dont. Put it somewhere visible thats within reach of the AUX cord. I didnt wanna deal with charging the transmitter so I leave it plugged in all the time. I didnt have an outlet within reach of the supplied charging cable. So I had to buy a longer one. You may not have this problem. This is an INCREDIBLE VALUE.

5 Stars  great 
The wireless headphone is very clear and understandable. A very reasonable price. Much better than others I have owned.

5 Stars  works great 
works great but the shipping was slow.

4 Stars  Good Product for Private Listening 
This kit worked well for listening privately to my TV. The headphones are comfortable, and paired up with the transmitter easily. The sound is OK for the price. The only drawback I found was that other Bluetooth headphones did not work as well with the transmitter as the headphones that came with the set--I experienced drop-outs with all the other headphones I tried.

4 Stars  Wireless Headphone And Transmitter Kit 
Great sound for the price. Paring headphone to Transmitter can be a bit finicky at times. Needs charged more often than I thought it would.

5 Stars  Great Deal 
So far, So Good. You guys and ladies are doing a great job. Im satisfied. Thanks.

3 Stars  OK for price 
This kit is OK for the price. I installed behind TV and with transmitter powered by usb. The drawbacks that I found 1.had to move transmitter to be visible, when behind TV sound would fade in and out. 2. After turning off just the headphones and being off for a number of hours had to have access to transmitter to either turn it back on or to re-pair with headphones, making it visible also then makes it easier to restart. 3. Headphones provide a great sound but, ear cups a bit small and a tight fit to the head... you know when its a long movie! In all does the job, but could be better

5 Stars  I love it 
5 stars

3 Stars  HDTV Headphones 
OK for the price. Does not come with the extra charging cord is you want to keep headphones charging while using the transmitter. Additionally, the controls are not touch friendly. Lastly, directions for set-up are not as clear as they should be.

5 Stars  Easy to install and work great 
These Bluetooth headlines were a replacement for a much more expensive pair that died on me after two months. This kit took about five minutes to install after charging the headphones and transmitter and it took about 15 seconds for the devices to connect. Sound quality is good not great but more than adequate for listening to the TV late at night without disturbing the rest of the household. Good purchase and very reasonably priced.

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HDTV Bluetooth Wireless Headphone And Transmitter Kit

The all-in-one HDTV Bluetooth Wireless Headphone And Transmitter Kit turns all of your favorite audio players into modern Bluetooth compatible devices. Listen to music, watch TV, play video games and more.