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Grilling Skillet Plus 2 Chopping Mats Combo Kit

Grilling Skillet Plus 2 Chopping Mats Combo Kit

Grilling Skillet Plus 2 Chopping Mats Combo Kit
Grilling Skillet Plus 2 Chopping Mats Combo Kit
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The Best Grilling Accessories to Become the Ultimate Grillmaster

The Grilling Skillet Combo Kit comes with everything you need to grill fruits, veggies, shrimp, fish, and more without worrying about your food falling through the grate. Best of all, you'll get 2 FREE flexible cutting boards which won't dull your knives.

The 12 inch grilling skillet features a perforated surface that promotes even cooking and allows for that sought after smokey flavor to infuse with your food. Rest assured, you'll still get an authentic grilled food experience with peace of mind knowing your food is safe within the skillet.

And the coolest feature is the removable handle! This allows you to close the hood of your grill to let the food cook without the handle getting too hot to hold. Simply remove the handle, close the grill, and set it to the side. It even makes it easy to store!

But before you use the skillet, you need to cut and prepare your food! What's better to help you along the way than the included flexible cutting boards?

2 FREE Chopping Mats With Every Order

The mats are 12 inches by 15 inches and are FDA approved, so they're 100% safe to use around food. Most importantly, they won't dull your knives, so you can use these for years to come without worrying about damage to your equipment.

When you're all done chopping your fruits, veggies, and meats, use them as a funnel to pour into the skillet. Simply wash them by hand or throw them in the dishwasher.

So be the grillmaster this summer and make a delicious summertime feast to impress your friends, family, and most importantly, yourself with the Grilling Combo Kit!


  • Includes Grilling Skillet and Two Flexible Chopping Mats
  • Perforated Surface Promotes Even Cooking
  • Allows for That Desirable Smokey Grilled Flavor
  • Protects Food From Falling Through the Grates
  • 12 Inches in Diameter
  • Removable Handle for Easy Storage and No Burning of Hands
  • Ideal for Grilling Meats, Poultry, and Veggies
  • Handle is Made of Thermoplastic Rubber
  • Easy to Clean
  • Cutting Mat is FDA-Approved and Won't Dull Your Knives
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Can Be Used as a Funnel
  • Cutting Board Dimensions: 12 in. x 15 in.

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Grilling Skillet Plus 2 Chopping Mats Combo Kit

A must for barbecue season for easy-to-clean, nonstick grilling. Plus this new and improved model features a removable handle so you can leave the food inside the grill without burning the handle or your hands! FREE set of chopping mats with every Skillet!