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Genuine Swarovski Circle with Heart Necklace

Genuine Swarovski Circle with Heart Necklace

Genuine Swarovski Circle with Heart Necklace
Genuine Swarovski Circle with Heart Necklace
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Genuine Swarovski® Crystals

Made with 100% Genuine Swarovski® Crystals this enchanting pendant necklace oozes elegance, originality and style!

This pendant features an adorable Silver Sparkling Heart while being held within the Silver Eternal Circle.

Encrusted with rows of Swarovski® Crystals the heart is nestled inside an engraved ring.

High quality versatile it is absolutely beautiful and will look good with even the dressiest of clothes or your favorite T-Shirt. It is sure to get noticed!


- Made with over 45 Genuine Swarovski® Crystals
- Chain Type: Round Snake Chain
- Chain is Silver Plated Zinc (Nickel Free)
- Perfect for every occasion and gifting
- Adjustable necklace 17" to 19"

What Makes Swarovski® Crystals Special?

Daniel Swarovski and his sons perfected the art of cutting the crystal and developed a polishing technique that gives their crystals a transparent and bright reflective quality to the finished product.

Waterford, Baccarat Orrefors, Murano Ravenscroft and Hoya are among the most recognized names in crystal. Fine crystal contains lead oxide; twenty four percent is the highest it can contain and still ensure the brilliance that has made them sought after all over the world. Swarovski® crystal has remained the creme de la creme of crystal. It is a recognized status symbol throughout the world.

2 Stars  Disappointed 
I actually bought two one for me and as a gift. I wore mine nonstop doing that the chain turned dark so doesnt match the beauty of the circle and heart. Of course, the chain cannot be switched out to a real sterling silver chain. Beware, cant wear it ALL THE TIME like I did!

5 Stars  Swarovski Heart Necklace 
I am VERY pleased with this necklace! Its beautiful and sparkles like diamonds in the sun. Id highly recommend the necklace for either personal use or a gift. The chain is nice and you can choose the length you want. Also, I had a problem with shipping and PulseTV went above and beyond to take care of it. They are a good source of nice products.

5 Stars  Eye-Catching Necklace 
I bought this necklace and wore it at work and received so many wonderful comments that I bought two more to give as gifts. Thank-you Swarovski and Pulse TV.com.

3 Stars  necklace 
My necklace is lovely but came with the chain only thru one hole. I have tried to fix it but the chain will not go thru the other whole due to size. I think I will have to cut the end off and correct the problem and hopefully put the chain back together. If not the heart will not go inside the ring.

5 Stars  Lovely Necklace 
Bought this necklace for myself. Loved it and ordered another for my sister. Looks expensive. Giving as a Christmas present.

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Made with 100% Genuine Swarovski Crystals this enchanting pendant necklace oozes elegance, originality and style!
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