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Garden Genie Gardening Gloves
Garden Genie Gardening Gloves
Garden Genie Gardening Gloves
Garden Genie Gardening Gloves
Garden Genie Gardening Gloves
Garden Genie Gardening Gloves

Garden Genie Gardening Gloves

Garden Genie Gardening Gloves

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Sold Out
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Making yardwork easy, fun, and fast!

The Garden Genie Gardening Gloves are specially designed to allow you to perform basic gardening tasks without tools!

The unique design has "claws" on the Right Handed Glove that allows you to dig and rake without using a garden tool.

The fingers and palms of the gloves are also waterproof, which a surprising number of garden gloves are not, thus allowing you to work with moist soil without getting your hands soaked.

Durable enough to protect your hands, yet delicate enough to pick cherry tomatoes. No more broken fingernails or sore finger tips! The puncture resistant design protects against sharp, thorny greenery.

The top-notch quality make these the last pair of garden gloves you may ever need to buy!

- High density plastic claws instantly replace hand tools
- 4 claws on the Right Hand Glove
- Makes digging, planting, and raking fast and easy
- Puncture resistant
- Prevents cuts and blisters
- Flexible, ergonomic design for handling small objects
- One Size Fits Most

PLEASE NOTE: The claw feature is only on the right handed glove.

Review this item!

5 Stars  Works as advertised. 
These work best if youre right-handed. Ive used them for digging out small rocks, which probably is hard on them. It will be interesting to see how long the plastic tips last. Theyre most likely intended to dig through soft dirt. It is a clever idea, that is more flexible than using a digging tool.

5 Stars  Quick planting 
These gloves work great for planting small plants. Glad that the plastic fingertips are on just one glove which makes it easier to work with the plant.

5 Stars  Great 
Just what I needed, ordered one for friend and she cant stop using it.

5 Stars  Cool gloves 
Unique product that works! I have small hands and they werent too big, so probably sized medium. Hard tips are great for digging as well as planting seeds. Well worth the small price.

5 Stars  Gloves 
works well-ordered again -more family members wanted them

5 Stars  Handy 
Love my gloves!!! Will buy more.

2 Stars  Plastic fingers very thin 
Great idea, however, the plastic fingers are thin and good for digging only in soil that is tilled. Plastic finger chipped in semi soft soil on first use.

4 Stars  Nice gloves 
Got these gloves and like them. Dont love them, because im left handed and the digging fingers are on the right hand glove. Im used to it as its a right handed world.

5 Stars  garden genie gloves 
Wonderful when working in my flower bed. Makes things easy when planting flowers.

5 Stars  Genie Gardening Glfoves 
I love the gloves. I used to go through one pair of good gloves in two weeks. My right hand would always go through the tips of my middle finger. Now I can dig in and dont have to worry.

5 Stars  Great for cleaning weed out of ditches. 
They were gifts to a family in Wyoming. Except in one case, the gloves fit beautifully and were sturdy enough to stand up to clearing weeds out of a Wyoming drainage ditch.

2 Stars  ehhh 
Did not find these very useful or comfortable. Easier to wear regular gloves and use a tool

5 Stars  Garden Gloves 
What a great idea! enforced finger tips in garden gloves.

5 Stars  Throw away the hand tools 
So easy to use and works great!

4 Stars  Garden Genie Gardening gloves 
I see good potential in these gloves. I have very small hands and it might feel more secure of a fit for larger hands. I have not used them extensively. Not sure how vigorously I could rake with them yet. My initial use was positive.

5 Stars  Garden Genie Gardening Gloves 
Purchased as a gift for a friend, but she loves using them and wish she would have had them years ago with all the gardening she does.

5 Stars  Garden Genie Garden Gloves 
Top notch! If you need to plant items, you cannot go wrong using these gloves to handle your work load.Excellent for potting. Going to use them today for weeding.

5 Stars  Easy to use and good for gardening 
They are weird but work well

5 Stars  Mr 
Thought they were great and the wife loved her pair and i love my pair as a back scratcher which beat anything i have ever use on my back.

5 Stars  Garden Glove 
These are great They also make great dog scratchers!

5 Stars  GREAT Gloves but I am left handed  
I mis-spoke when I said I didnt see where it said right handed CLAW my fault I watched the video and bought them. They are a little difficult to move harder dirt, I used a screw driver to get it loose and then the claw.

3 Stars  GREAT product but I am left handed 
I love the idea and they are good quality I think Pulse needs to inform people that the CLAW is for right handed people. I would have given 5 stars if it werent for that and I bought 2 pair. I even tried to pull the CLAW off so I could glue it on my left hand but no cigar!

5 Stars  Garden Genie Gardening Gloves 
Great !!!

5 Stars  Great Helper 
These gloves definitely make gardening a breeze. They were great for weeding and digging. Cant wait to see how my niece likes them as I bought her a pair also for weeding and her veggie garden. I would definitely recommend these to famiy and friends.

4 Stars  Great Gloves 
These are a bit small for me, but she likes them, and that works for me. Steve

5 Stars  gloves 
my wife loves them

5 Stars  gloves 
well made for the price

4 Stars  john gonzalez 
gloves work real good

4 Stars  garden genie gloves 
Have only used them once, but worked fine. Arrived very quickly - so far happy with them.

5 Stars  Clean hands 
I love these because I work with roses and no longer get stabbed by thorns. Also I was one of those people who had to get into the dirt barehanded to get things done. These are thin enough for me to feel what I am doing. As a result I no longer have dirt under my fingernails. The claws are great for clearing debris from under small bushes. I am happy with them.

5 Stars  Bill 
A very clever idea. Love how the claws make it easier to move soil and the texture of the gloves let me get a better hold of weeds to pull them out of the ground.

5 Stars  Thank you! I needed these 
Works great!

5 Stars  gardening gloves 
nice product, wife and granddaughter really like them

4 Stars  gardeb genie 
Good for digging but with the glove on you can not pick up items , or use tools.

5 Stars  Save my nails! 
I tried out my Garden Genie Gloves and was very happy to find they are tough enough to dig around in the dirt making it easy to remove weeds.

5 Stars  good for gardening 
used for planting-worked well

5 Stars  Great gloves 
Used these gloves to dig around my palm tree, and they worked great. Little hard to pull weeds with the digging hand.

5 Stars  Handy 
Great gloves. Really do the job!!

1 Stars  Garden Ginie Gardening Gloves 
What a waste of money. The ground must be super soft for these to work. Terrible.

5 Stars  Best gardening gloves! 
The hard plastic claws at the tips of the right- hand glove are a perfect extension of your own hand. They perform well for digging and weeding using the intuitive action of your hand. Now, there is no dirt under the fingernails or damage to your skin - or manicure if you have one. Take them off and your hands are clean and able to perform delicate tasks such as transplanting tiny seedlings. I love these gloves!

3 Stars  Garden Genie Gloves 
They worked OK, but less than what my expectations were. They did scratch up the surface fairly well, but they didnt provide enough leverage to dig in the dirt like a cultivator would. Ill still use them, but they will be for occasional use rather than an every time kind of use.

5 Stars  Works 
These have been really great in helping me with my planting this year.

4 Stars  Its Ok, But... 
the but is...these are a little bit awkard to use especially if you try to hold something or try to grip things with your right hand. Now if they came where you could take the claws off and on and use the claws when necessary would be good idea..they a little tight on your hands but one could live with that i guess...other than..i would recommend them...

5 Stars  Ms 
They were everything I hoped for

4 Stars  Great idea 
Gardening gloves with bear claws to dig with!Great idea

5 Stars  garden gloves 
Fast. No troubles, just like always.

Review this item!
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