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GE UltraPro Bar HD 400 - Amplified TV Antenna - REFURBISHED

GE UltraPro Bar HD 400 - Amplified TV Antenna - REFURBISHED

GE UltraPro Bar HD 400 - Amplified TV Antenna - REFURBISHED
GE UltraPro Bar HD 400 - Amplified TV Antenna - REFURBISHED
Your Price: $9.99
Compare at: $64.99  (84% off)
SPECIAL: 2 for $17.98 (86% off)
Save more when you buy two or more.
Get one for just $9.99
SAVE $2.00 more and get two for $17.98
SAVE $3.00 more and get three for $26.97
SAVE $4.00 more and get four for $35.96

The UltraPro Bar HD 400 by GE is the strongest and most reliable HD TV Antenna we've ever carried, delivering more channels and a stronger signal.

These retail for $64.99 in stores and online. Why pay that price when you can get a fully working, refurbished model for just $9.99 (or less)?

But hurry up, supplies are limited.

Most modern TVs don't have built-in antennas to enjoy over the air channels anymore; you need an external antenna like this one. And this is one of the best!

Simply plug the UltraPro into your TV's cable input and scan for local channels, including HD ones, to enjoy the selection free of any additinal charges. Depending on the signal strength, the picture comes in crisp and clear. This antenna is capable of Full HD 1080P and 4K resolution, so it will be even be ready in the near future when the new standard is 4K TV.

Mounting hardware is included to affix the UltraPro to the wall, but you can also use the included "kickstand" to set it up on a tabletop or entertainment center.

If you're tired of paying cable companies, cut that bill completely with this one time purchase and enjoy channels like FOX, ABC, NBC, PBS, CBS and whole lot more!

Features and Benefits:
- Refurbished and a fraction of the retail price
- Cut the Cable Bill
- Receive Basic Local Channels for Free
- Full HD 1080
- 4K Ultra HD Compatible
- Plugs Right into Your TV's Cable Input
- Works Within 60 Miles of the Broadcasting Source
- Manufacturer Lifetime Warranty
- Mounting Hardware Included
- Kickstand Indcluded for Setting Up on an Enertainment Center
- Generously Long 8ft Coaxial Cable
- 22 inches (fully extended) X .5 inches X 3 inches

IMPORTANT NOTE: You MUST follow the instruction that are provided exactly for this to work. Just plugging it in will not work. Several factors can limit reception range at your location; such as terrain, obstructions in the signal path, and metal construction materials. Position your antenna towards the broadcast towers for best performance.

5 Stars  Works great 
I bought this so when my Directv goes out because of a storm I can get local channels.

5 Stars  UltraPro Bar HD 400 antenna review. 
So far, I am thoroughly happy with my purchase.

5 Stars  TV Antenna 
It works. I had doubts from prior products that claimed to work but didnt. This one works well and is easy to install and set up. very good product.

5 Stars  Love this antenna 
I bought 3 for myself and several others for friends and family! Everyone loves them. Even people who have cable or satellite tv find they come in handy for picking up local channels and use them as a standby in the event of outages.

4 Stars  Good reception - Easy to install 
This is a very good antenna

5 Stars  Works great! 
Product arrived at the expected time. Simple installation and setup. Works as advertised.

5 Stars  Great antenna ! 
I receive over 50 channels & picture quality is as good or better than cable. I pay big money for cable and get lots of commercals ? and infomercals . spell check not working I get them on antenna too but they are free ! GOOD BYE CABLE !

5 Stars  Best antenna yet!! 
I have tried a number of antennas and this one is the best yet! I get more channels and a lot less interference in bad weather.

5 Stars  Highly recommend this company 
Tried 3 different tv antennas, this one gave me the channels I wanted, best picture, best price and speedy delivery.

4 Stars  Good antenna 
This antenna works good. It works better than other antennas I have tried. Maybe its where I live but I have to move it around for certain channels. Im happy with my purchase.

5 Stars  GE powered indoor antenna 
I have to say I was pleasantly surprised as this antenna pulled in the standard stations that my previous antennas could not. Good job, and glad I got mine.

5 Stars  Works great! 
Best antenna Ive purchased, and also the least expensive! Pulls in more stations and the picture is high quality. Very happy with this purchase.

5 Stars  Works like a charm 
Bought an antenna from a big box store and returned because it didnt work. Ordered one of these from pulse at1/4 the price and liked it so much that I ordered a 2nd one. They both work like a charm. Im very happy with this purchase.

5 Stars  Couldnt be more pleased. 
About a year ago, I cut the cable company and bought fairly expensive antennas from an electronics store. They worked well, but had funny looking rabbit ears and unsightly cords showing in order to get the maximum channels. I purchased these bar antennas 1 for each tv and when they arrived, I didnt have much hope for them, but decided to give them a try. Im not tech savvy, but hooked these up easily. You do have to have to pull out the ends and play around a bit to position the antenna as high as you can and as near to the window as possible. Then using your tv remote, scan or auto program the channels. Takes just a couple of minutes. I do live in the Denver metro area so thats a plus. I get 67 channels. Thats more channels than I received with the more expensive antennas. I was pleasantly surprised. I couldnt be happier and best of all no more funny looking rabbit ears or unsightly cords.

5 Stars  Cheaper than cable 
This dose work better than the flat 12x12 tv antenna. But yes good for 60 miles

2 Stars  save your money 
Im 10 miles from major city, only picks up a few stations

5 Stars  Works great 
Ordered this antenna for my wife to watch her show the other antenna we had would lose signal if a leaf blew by this one was easy to install and works great thanks

5 Stars  Excellent antenna 
I had a lot of problems picking up a good signal before I purchased this antenna. Now my reception is really good!

1 Stars  GE UltraPro Bar. HD400 Amplified TV Antenna 
This may be ok but I got 1 station with it. I live about 35 miles from a city with TV stations. It would not work for me. Wasted money.

5 Stars  HD Antenna - Works 
The antenna arrived quickly, set up easily and works exactly as advertised. it is directional, which means you may have to face it in a particular direction to pick up the stations you want. No different than most HD antennas.

5 Stars  It really does work 
Mom was having poor TV reception till I got her the Refurbished GE UltraPro Bar HD 400 - Amplified TV Antenna. She can watch TV anytime and is not having to constantly move her old antenna around.

5 Stars  Amplified TV Antenna 
Works great for channels that are broadcast nearby.

3 Stars  Seems to be less effective in hilly terrain.... 
The landscape around our community seems to have signals bouncing all over, some days we turn the antenna to get a better picture, other days we turn back to where it was. Eastern Tennessee makes using this antenna a challenge...

5 Stars  Free Over the Air TV 
I was able to receive 40 channels of over the air digital TV. I live in Canton, Ohio. Taped the antenna to a north facing window. We were able to receive all the Cleveland stations except for Fox channel 8. Antenna did not work as well when facing East towards Youngstown or south towards Weirton and Steubenville.

4 Stars  Works as advertised 
Gets 35 channels most of the time,well worth the price

5 Stars  Wow, it works well! 
I have tried many antennas and I was hesitant to purchase this one also. I figured for 10 bucks what the heck. I live in a suburb of a major city and low and behold, it worked, I get 38 over the air stations. I think I will order another antenna.

5 Stars  Wow a great do 
I was skeptical that this would really work. I live approximately 60 miles from New York City and Philadelphia. What a surprise I picked up over 40 stations and 90% were beautiful pictures. Would highly recommend. It sure beats paying those high cable bills

5 Stars  Good antenna 
This antenna was easy to set up. It brought in more channels than I thought it would. It doesnt compare to cable, but if you can wean yourself off all the channels, this is a great alternative. And it doesnt cost you lots of money every month. It even gets some channels that my cable company has dropped!

4 Stars  GE UltraPro Bar HD 400 - Amplified TV Antenna - REFURBISHED 
Product was as described and worked as promised, which was surprising, as the packaging was very beat up, and I was worried about damage to the product.

5 Stars  Works great! 
Purchased these TV antennas as a backup when the cable goes out. They perform well!

3 Stars  Dont Buy 
My old, rabbit ears antenna pulls in more channels over the air than this one.

5 Stars  tv antenna 
works great and no more cable bills

5 Stars  Antenna works as stated 
Antenna works very well, picked up over 40 channels with them all coming in very clear.

1 Stars  No good 
Get less channels when connected, with or without amplifier plugged in.

5 Stars  Dont let the $10.00 bucks scare you 
I bought this for a friend, who only had rabbit ears. hoping it would work I tried it out when it arrived. With no directions I just hooked it up and ran the channel scan. I had 27 channels some I had never heard of even with my cable package. Then I searched the internet for instructions and gave it to my friend. He got 38 channels and when he pulled out the 2 ends he when up to almost a solid 50 channels. If you buy one gust remember to extend the 2 ends out, youll be happy you did.

1 Stars  GE UltraPro Bar HD 400 - Amplified TV Antenna - REFURBISHED 
I was not impressed with the antenna. It did not work as good as the discount 5 dollar ones I had purchased from you before. I would have returned it but Im sure I would have to pay the shipping and would not be worth it.

5 Stars  Works great 
This devise lets us get local channels on the tv in our guest room. We were very pleased with how easy it was to install, just followed the instructions for connecting it and on came the screen with the super bowl!

1 Stars  Disapointed 
Item did not work at all!!! I tried to in two separate locations and nothing.

1 Stars  Disappointed 
The product did not work at all for me. It made no difference which TV I hooked it up to, it simply did nothing.

5 Stars  GE Antenna works for me 
Im very satisfied. While it wont bring in a few stations 25 miles away because of high hills, it is bringing in a couple other ones that are at least 70 miles away.

It worked to find the station I was looking for, but not for two friends living elsewhere. However, it did find multiple channels for them, as well as for me. Reception is good on HD channels

2 Stars  Useless for me. 
Got very few channels very disappointing. For me it is useless.

5 Stars  Bought 1 then 3 more!! 
This is a great buy. I couldnt be happier with this purchase, bought one for each TV in our household, then one for a friend and one for my son! All work great, we pull in about 35 channels and the picture is crystal clear!

1 Stars  Not for me 
The antenna works. It did not give me the TV reception I was hoping to get - probably because I l live too far from the broadcasters.

4 Stars  Antenna 
I guess the antenna worked ok for what I paid but not as great as Id hoped. I live in a block home so reception is lousy. Was hoping this would do the trick but not what I needed.

2 Stars  distance 
It Almost got one channel @ 30 miles.

5 Stars  Works great 
This antenna works great and I can more chanels then my previous antenna.

2 Stars  Not Really that good 
This antenna is not all its cracked up to be. Pulled in only 2 local stations. $9.99 not bad though, compared to other higher priced one. Wouldnt recommend

This antenna was purchased for our kitchen TV. We have an outdoor antenna thirty feet in the air for our TV in the living room. This antenna receives the same stations as our out door antenna that I paid $100.00 for. Great antenna. Recommend it highly. Regards, Dan Shaw

1 Stars  GE Ultra Antenna 
This antenna did not work at all for me.i was not able to pick up any channels. I am less than 5 miles from the studios. I followed the instructions. The price was great. I have to pay freight to send it back. I paid 10 bucks and it will cost me 7 bucks to send back. I will probably just throw away.

4 Stars  Does better than most 
Product does well. Pleased with it it,like all powered electric things it needs reset after power outage or unpluged

5 Stars  Antenna 
It works great pulling in all the local channels

We purchased several for ourselves and members of our family. Everyone is extremely pleased with the results and some have suggested purchasing more for friends of theirs. Very pleased!!

4 Stars  It really Works! 
I am pretty much out in the sticks and I still get over 20 channels which is good, real good. The 4 star rating is only because I do live far off and I had to fix it in the window, which is better anyway. I am still amazed that I got anything at all. Well worth the discount.

5 Stars  Great Product!! 
Very pleased with the strength of the Digital TV Antenna. We ordered three 3 and it worked well on all televisions. Antenna is quite powerful. Very pleased with performance.

5 Stars  Much better reception 
Previously with my other antenna,I could not receive channel 2. I now do and actually the sound seems better now.

5 Stars  Great product 
Received on time and in great condition. I am well pleased with the service and the product, especially the price!

5 Stars  Great 
I will be ordering another one

4 Stars  Not bad 
It works really well on the new TVs, but it did not work on the older ones. I have got a couple of older HDTVs and the antenna did not work on them at all on them. Good deal for the price as long as your TV is not too old.

5 Stars  Great antenna 
The delivery was fast and the antenna is simple to install with 1 coax cable and power cord. I moved the antenna around for best reception and get 26 channels including networks in super crisp HD. Would buy again.

2 Stars  Disappointed 
I expected to get more channels and did not.

3 Stars  Ok 
Product is not better than my broken ariel antenna. About the same. That is ok. I got it hoping, at least, it should not scramble the signal when the winds kick up here. This is frequent. I am not sure yet if it is an option that works better during the Santa Ana winds. But works as good as my broken antenna.

5 Stars  Got Channels I never knew existed! 
Im loving this. I bought a few for Christmas and even got one for myself and Im shocked that there are local stations I never knew existed. My Comcast doesnt broadcast them. Im having a ball with this and now find myself watching TV in my bedroom more than the family room to get some of these stations.

5 Stars  Works great... Im getting more channels 
Ive tried your other antennas but this one works the best. I am getting over 20 channels where with others I would get about half that. I am thrilled to be saving $30 a month in extra cable box fees! THANK YOU!

5 Stars  Got exactly what I wanted 
The antenna is working well without any problems. I got some 60 channels in Oakland, all in good quality. Thinking about its price and that you dont have to pay anymore for TV, makes this a big deal.

1 Stars  GE PRO BAR 
We could only pick up about 5 or 6 stations, very disapointed.

1 Stars  poor quality 
It does not worth the money!It is losing the signal frequently ! Very unstable.

3 Stars  Like all HD antennas will not pick up VHS stations 
I purchased HD antennas offered previously and learned that in my area and probably many other areas some HDTV stations still are using the VHS frequencies to broadcast and you need a VHS antenna to pick them up. example ABC in Philadelphia. I wish that every time an HDTV antenna is offered that fact would be prominently mentioned so customers would check their local stations before buying. If you can find a cable splitter, some 300 ohm twin lead and twin lead to coax adapter you can make a VHS antenna by cutting a length of 30 inches and aplicing the twin lead to the TV antenna input to the middle of the length like a T formation. The splitter will allow the signals from the HD antenna and the VHS antenna to comtine into the TV.

4 Stars  gets many channels 
well built and easy to hook up

5 Stars  TV Antenna 
Purchased for use during storm season, if needed. I hooked up with one of our TVs and it works very well.

5 Stars   
This works exceptionally well.

5 Stars  hd 400 antenna 
This is the best one of all I tried that I very seldom have to adjust. I would recommend this for others to use.

2 Stars  Digital antenna disappoints 
Digital antenna supposed to have a range of 60 miles. I live in the middle of a small town in southeast Alabama. We have ABC, NBC, CBS, CW, Fox, and PBS channels well within that range. I can receive all of them, but not very well. They constantly break up and lose signal. Volume is also very low. Have to turn up the volume to nearly 100 % to hear the audio. Antenna has been tried in several locations, inside and outside of my home. Not worth the money to return it.

5 Stars  works as expected 
easy to install. no issues

5 Stars  LIFE SAVER 
After a recent noreaster, tree took down my verizon wire. Once power was restored, I hooked up the antenna and was able to watch some of the shows I usually enjoy while I waited a couple of days to have wiring to be done. Reception was very clear and sharp. Very glad I made this purchase. Actually amazed at how many channels I was able to receive.

5 Stars  GE Digital antenna 
improvement over last antenna

1 Stars  No Difference with power hookup 
I dont see any improvement with this powered antenna over a previous flat panel antenna w/o power amplification I purchased from Pulse TV at half the price. I get the same reception with the unit plugged in, or unplugged and/or powered off. I question whether or not the refurbished product was even tested both ways.

4 Stars  Works great if pampered 
This antenna worked sort of great for me. I now receive an additional 12 channels from about a 50-mile radius. However it seems to get completely discombobulated with some reception interruptions, and must be unplugged and replugged to work. Even with that quirk, I am considering buying another.

2 Stars  GE UltraPro Bar HAD 400 
When it works it is great... perfect picture and great reception.. unfortunately, if its cloudy or rainy or not perfectly clear I dont get more than two stations.....if it were consistent I would be happy..maybe because it was refurbished??

5 Stars  ge ultrepro bar hd 400 
works great lets me get channels for free

2 Stars  Doesnt pick up all major stations, 
I specifically want CBS plus others but doesnt do as well as an antenna one my friend loaned me. Disappointed

5 Stars  TV ANTENNA 

1 Stars  Indoor antennas 
Compared to other antenna got less chanels with a shorter range of 35 miles.

3 Stars  Not that great 
We bought 2 for 2 televisions. They work on some channels but pixelate to much to watch others. We like them because we can get our local channels mostly with out interference. We give a 3 because we can get some channels we didnt get before and they do look nice.

3 Stars  TV Antenna 
I ordered 5 of these and the first one I opened didnt have instructions. When I did hook it up and ran the channel scan I could receive 16 channels. One local and the rest were channels that played shows from years ago, PBS channels and shopping networks. Have not bothered to hook up the other antennas yet.

2 Stars  Antennas 
The antennas work fine. They keep losing the channels so I have to power on/off amplifier button 2 to 4 times in a week. As long as I dont have to do that they work great. I guess the issue is because they are refurbish. Therefore would definitely not purchase refurb again or refer someone else to do so. I will purchase new the ones I ordered play out.

3 Stars  Lacks Continuous Display 
I bought this for grandchildrens play room. I was pleased with the number of channels that we were able to find but when the grandchildren tried to watch a show the station kept going on and off. When it is working, it provides good pictures but the interruptions are too frequent.

1 Stars  Does not work 
You state that this should pick-up stations from a 60 mile radius. Im not able to pick up 1 station from Green Bay which is 50 miles away or Milwaukee which is 40 miles away

1 Stars  Not for me 
I think the product works. But not for me in my location. I am in a little valley that has poor reception.

2 Stars  ANTENNA 

4 Stars  Best Ive seen 
Works better then others I have seen and had and is best value for my dollar

5 Stars  So Happy 
I cut the cord a long time ago but I find it hard to get sports that stream well. I picked this up and now I have all my local stations FOR FREE and can watch my Dodgers and oh they are going to win it all this year!

5 Stars  Works pretty good 
I get a strong signal and have gotten rid of one cable box in the spare bedroom

5 Stars  Amplified TV Antenna 
I have used other types for over 15 years. This is the very best one on the market. You have to try placement a few times. Mine is placed at the top of the window facing SW. Im 100% happy.

2 Stars  didnt work 
I only got the local ABC station. I live in a city. Dont try it.

Went to USPS this morning to RETURN both of the amplified GE UltraPro Bar HD 400 --NONrefurbished!!!-- antennas I bought! Only got four channels & one of those not English. Same broadcaster has THREE stations. Where are any other local stations?!? Moved unit to many locations, even ON windows... I was required to pay postage back=$14.00 for the slowest shipping. Guess Ill use my net $ to buy a cup of coffee. I returned both antennas because I am too ASHAMED to give them to someone. It would only frustrate someone else. Im NOT about to do that to someone who knows me. Perhaps thats why one of the boxes still had a Best Buy store sticker on it... Maybe they are too ashamed to have this product for sale. Wish I could get back the hours I spent on this fruitless project!

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