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Futzuki - The Pain Relieving Foot Massage Mat

Futzuki - The Pain Relieving Foot Massage Mat

Futzuki - The Pain Relieving Foot Massage Mat
Futzuki - The Pain Relieving Foot Massage Mat
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This popular As Seen On TV product will stimulate and invigorate your tired, aching feet! The Futzuki - The Pain Relieving Foot Massage Mat. is a wonderful and easy way to get optimal foot health... at a ridiculously low price!

Just a few minutes on the mat each day can relieve pain, help stimulate and improve blood circulation, reduce aches and pains, and help you relax.

The secret is in the over 2800 reflexology massaging points that massage the heels, arch, pad and toes of your feet sending pain relieving signals!

When you apply pressure by stepping on the mat they stretch and relax key muscles and tendons. This kind of foot massage therapy promotes stress relief by working out muscle knots in the arch and arch supporting muscles.

It's the same idea as acupressure. Your feet have many acupoints and nerve endings, and when your feet hurt it's hard to do anything else. The minute you step on this specially designed mat, you'll feel the difference in your heels, arches, balls of your feet and toes.

The Futzuki can be used sitting or standing, anywhere you can take your shoes off! And it is lightweight enough to easily travel between work and home. Don't make your feet suffer. Give them the therapy they deserve and start feeling better.

As with any accupressure mat, you may want to consult with your doctor if you have diabetes or other ailments before using the Futzuki.

- Over 2,800 reflexology points
- Helps temporarily relieve pain associated with plantar fasciitis, heels, arches and foot tingling
- Massages heels, arch, pad and toes
- Sends pain relieving signals to your brain while massaging
- Aims to relieve stress and stimulate energy flow
- Helps restore energy, promote blood circulation, reduce aches and pains
- Gives soothing massage to heels, arches, balls of your feet, and toes
- Dimensions: 14.75" x 14"

5 Stars  Happy MOM 
I dont know how i lived with out this, It quickly worked as i used it . I didnt want to get off, it felt good.

4 Stars  Good acupressure points for feet 
I keep it at my sofa and rub my bare feet on it while texting, TVing, reading, or just sitting. Feels very good and I know it is exercising the appropriate points in my feet.

2 Stars  hurt feet 
this was very hard to stand on. It was like standing on hard rocks

4 Stars  Futzuki 

4 Stars  massage mat 
at first it was not comfortable but then you got used to it. It feels good to just stand on it and wash dishes in the kitchen that sometimes I have to remember to move my feet to exercise.

1 Stars  Futzuki 
Much too painful to even step on. Had to throw it out

3 Stars  Foot massage 
To hard to use on feet

3 Stars  Just ok 
Not what I really thought it would be. With that in mind it does an ok job of some minor foot massaging.

4 Stars  Enjoy it, but doesnt actually massage 
You do the massage by standing on it and rolling the foot back and forth. Its pleasant, and makes the soles of the feet tingle. I very much doubt whether it has any therapeutic value, though.

4 Stars  Foot Relieving Massage Mat 
This takes a little getting used to! I use it with socks on and it really does feel good. But it requires some learning to make it effective.

3 Stars  Not as expected 
It hurts to stand on it so I havent used it. Disappointed.

4 Stars  Futzuki 
My niece I bought it for says it is marvelous.

5 Stars  Pain relieving massage mat 
I encourage everybody to get one of these!!! Theyre a little uncomfortable in the beginning but I tell you what once you start using it you can wear a pair of socks or but a pair of slippers you can actually feel your body healing itself its perfect right now especially with the coronavirus going on if you cant get a pedicure it stimulates your entire body

5 Stars  Foot Massage Mat is wonderful 
This foot massage mat is great. For only a few minutes a day I feel like both my feet and my back get a great massage, stimulating and making my feet come alive.

1 Stars  Absolutely awful 
So hard it would hurt yur feet, Threw it out in the garbage

1 Stars  painful hard cheap plastic 
these mats are made of the hardest cheap plastic. I purchased four of them and threw them into the trash..horribly painful..

5 Stars  Foot Massager 
I LOVE this mat. Ive got 1 in just about every room & on the floor next to my bed. It works great for tired feet.

2 Stars  Ouch 
Massage tips are too hard and sharp to stand on unless you wear thick socks

2 Stars  Ouch 
Way to hard

5 Stars  Futzuki - The Pain Relieving Foot Massage Mat Futzuki - The Pain Re 
Totally 100% Awesome.

5 Stars  Foot massage mat 
I really like it.It awakens my feet when I use it.

5 Stars  different 
They look funny, but they work.

4 Stars  Pressure points found 
Wow this item really hits those areas on the feet that scream for relief! When your on your feet all day this item feels a bit tough but once you work all the areas Thank You!! Amazing!

5 Stars  Awesome Foot Massage 
It does take a little getting used to but even with socks on its delightful

4 Stars  Pay Relieving Foot Massage Mat 
you need to break into this easily or it will hurt, go easy works great!

5 Stars  The fine line between pain and pleasure 
I work long hours on my feet and as a result, have had problems when I stand up first thing in the morning. For the first couple of minutes of the day, my feet ache when I put my weight on them. I thought Id try the foot massage mat to see if it helped. The first moment on the pad was a little shocking. Not exactly painful, but definitely not comfortable. After using it for a few days right after I get home from work, my feet no longer hurt when I get up in the morning. My daughter & son-in-law both have the same issues and requested I order one for them after trying mine. Im really surprised at how well is has helped all of us.

1 Stars  For me -Bad choice 
Foot massage? More like foot torture.Could not use at all. My bad.

5 Stars  Worth every dollar 
A wonderful product. I enjoy the sensation so much that I duct taped my feet to it and stand on it all day. True, I must take shorter steps, but the enjoyment out weighs that inconvenience!!!

4 Stars  Foot Massage Mat 
Have lots of foot and leg problems. The massage mat helps to relieve some of the foot pain in a short while.

2 Stars  Very hard on your feet 
This product does not relieve stress on your feet. It hurts when you stand on this product.

3 Stars  Not for me 
I have diabetes and my feet hurt so bad... I thought this would be like a jell pad but it is real hard and hurts my feet to bad so this is just not right for me... but my husband likes it on his tired feet..

3 Stars  Too hard 
Almost painful to step on. I have to admit, though, that after I stood on it a moment my feet DID feel better.

4 Stars  Foot Massager 
Material is harder than thought might be, but it does what it says it does on massaging the feet

5 Stars  Wonderful Product 
Great product. works well for relaxation and tired feet.

1 Stars  Painful 
This is not what I expected it to be. This mat was very stiff, hard and I was unable to use it. I use it for a scratching pad for my feet. It works great for that. If you have an itch then just slide your feet back and forth. I studied acupuncture, acupressure, reflexology, etc. and this is not a suitable device.

5 Stars  Gets my blood flowing! 
I dont know anything about Japanese medicine but I do know that just spending a couple of minutes on the Futzuki makes me feel invigorated.

1 Stars  Foot mat 
The blue mat is not what I thought it would be. Its very hard and painful when standing on it. I was hoping the raised areas would be much softer on the feet.

5 Stars  Very nice! 
Since Im single, I dont have anyone around to massage my feet, and this does the job well <3

1 Stars  not very good 
hard to use barefooted uncomfortable and doesnt do much with socks on

4 Stars  hurts 
your right if you wear socks its better

2 Stars  Torture mat 
Not sure what this is supposed to do to improve your feet. I find it excruciatingly painful to stand on and personally I see no benefit.

5 Stars  pain relief 
Works very good on sore feet... bit prickly when u put feet on but then as u adjust it starts to feel good. With each use, it gets better...

5 Stars  Feels Great On The Feet!! 
I LOVE this product!! It made my feet not hurt anywhere near as bad as they have over the years. I would recommend this product to ANYONE having foot problems.

4 Stars  Feels good 
Normally do it with light socks but sometimes bare feet. I leave it near a door and just stand for a couple minutes when I go by. I was having pain in arch of foot and havent lately - dont know if it is the Futzuki or not tho

5 Stars  futzuki 
Super!!!makes feet and legs feel revitalized!!

5 Stars  Futzuki - Pain relieving foot massage mat 
Per your info it was kind of hard to get used to, but after that, wonderful!

5 Stars  Great product 
I use this mat every day. I have it next to my bed so its the first and last thing I step on. It takes a little getting used to but for the price and convenience its well worth it.

1 Stars  ???? 
Have used it 20-30 times and do not know that it is doing any thing good for my feet. Very uncomfortable and not getting any better!

5 Stars  Really helps 
I bought 4, 2 for two of my brothers and the other 2 for me. I keep one in the shower and 1 in the room. We love them, it works great.

4 Stars  feet feel good 
My wife loves the Futzuki

5 Stars  Feels wonderful 
My feet hurt a lit. But I stand on this a few minutes and it really helps.

2 Stars  Just too rigid 
Not for old feet as it doesnt flex even a tad.

5 Stars  Outstanding 
Very good

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Futzuki - The Pain Relieving Foot Massage Mat

Stimulate and invigorate your tired, aching feet with the Futzuki - The Pain Relieving Foot Massage Mat. Just a few minutes on the mat each day can relieve pain, help stimulate and improve blood circulation, reduce aches and pains, and help you relax.