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Frost Cold Weather Kit
Frost Cold Weather Kit
Frost Cold Weather Kit
Frost Cold Weather Kit
Frost Cold Weather Kit
Frost Cold Weather Kit

Frost Cold Weather Kit

Frost Cold Weather Kit

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Sold Out
*PLEASE NOTE: While the video may say you get a price break when you purchase two or more of this item, you do not when it is on sale. The sale price is well below the normal 2 or more discount price.

The Frost Cold Weather Kit is designed to keep you safe and warm in the harshest cold weather situations.

You get life-saving essentials like a large 8-foot by 5-foot emergency tent, plus an emergency blanket by Heatsheets®. This blanket is made with a special reflective material that is much stronger and quieter than traditional mylar blankets. It will stretch, not rip. These two items will keep you protected for a night stuck outdoors, but there's much more in there to keep you comfortable.

This kit also includes a set of hand and toe warmers for instant heat that lasts up to 8 hours, a medium-sized microfiber towel, and a winter-style beanie hat. The hat also features a placement square for patches. And in case you don't have one, you get a "Frost" patch included with your kit.

If you're thirsty, take advantage of the hot/cold thermos. At 10.5" tall it holds plenty of fluid and will keep your coffee piping hot or your water ice-cold for hours.

One of the coolest items in the kit is the 15" X 10.5" roll-out waterproof bag. You can easily fit all of your electronics and personal essentials like phones, cameras, and your wallet to keep them safe and dry from the elements. Plus you can also use the bag to store water in an emergency. It takes up almost no room when rolled up and even has a clip and two clasps. This allows you to wear it like a wristband or clip it to your gear bag.

Everything is conveniently packed in an 11" X 9" cardboard box for easy storage. Put one in your car's trunk, the camping bag, or add it to your current home emergency kit.

- Frost Thermal Bottle ( 10.5" tall)
- Emergency Bivvy Blanket (6ft 8" X 2ft 10")
- Microfiber Towel (23" X 15")
- Emergency Tent (8ft X 5ft)
- One Set Of Hand Warmers (lasts 8 hours)
- One Set Of Foot Warmers (lasts 8 hours)
- Winter Beanie Hat
- Frost Patch For Beanie Hat
- Waterproof Dry Bag (14" X 10.5")
- Frost Cardboard Storage Box
- Frost Cold Weather Tip And Comic Magazine

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5 Stars  Perfect for MN 
This is the perfect kit for MN winters!

5 Stars  Great for emergencies 
This item is great to have if you break down on a rural road in the winter. Has all you need to stay warm on a cold night.

5 Stars  Good Deal Will Make Great Gift 
This was a great deal for all you get. I bought one for myself just for the water bottle, but then ordered three more for gifts. These boxes are great to stash in your car trunk for emergencies, especially if you have to travel during the winter

5 Stars  Its a wonderful kit. 
This thing has such a beautiful abundance of features.


4 Stars  Great gift for outdoorman 
I really enjoyed the packaging, contents and quality.

5 Stars  Great Winter Addition 
I have bought 10 of these and everyone I have given one too has loved them. I have one my wives car and mine. My kids and two grandkids have them. The items will come in handy in a winter emergency. Thank you. PS worth the money.

4 Stars  Cold weather kit 
Great kit for the cold weather. I gave it to my son who travels for his work. He keeps it in his truck just in case of an emergency.

5 Stars  Complete with everything needed 
Could not believe what all was in such a small package. My grandson lives on a very high mountain. With this box he could be safe in an accident in cold snowy weather.

5 Stars  Great gift 
The kits were given as gifts to my brothers and sisters in cold Missouri. They love them.

4 Stars  Great Buy! 
Really liked the kit. Brought several more for the family. Just needs a small flashlight and waterproof matches to complete the kit.

Review this item!
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Video: Frost Cold Weather Kit

The 10pc Frost Cold Weather Kit is designed to keep you safe and warm in the harshest cold weather situations.
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