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Forever Fragrant Scent Refills (4pk)

Forever Fragrant Scent Refills (4pk)

Forever Fragrant Scent Refills (4pk)
Forever Fragrant Scent Refills (4pk)
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Compare at: $9.99  (90% off)

Freshen the air and eliminate odors around you with Joy Mangano's Forever Fragrant Scent Discs! These small discs can be placed anywhere you want to add a touch of pleasant fragrance like the living room, bedroom, kitchen, even a gym bag.

Freshen Any Room with 4 Forever Fragrant Odor-Eliminating Disc Refill Scents

These specially formulated scents were designed with all-natural essential oils to gently release a subtle smell for up to 2 years. Mix and match scents to create a totally unique fragrance, customized by you. Keep them in their carrier bag to preserve freshness. They have good

Each package contains a 4pk, and you have your choice of these best-selling scents: Relaxing Eucalyptus, Oceanside Breeze, Sultry Midnight Air, Fresh Linen, Tranquil Lavender Chamomile, Clean Air.

These discs are also designed to fit into Joy Mangano's AirFLO Air Purifiers and Humidifiers (sold separately) for dispersing fragrance throughout a room.

- Set of 4 Forever Fragrant Discs by Joy Mangano
- Awarded the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval
- Long-Lasting; Keep in Bag to Preserve Freshness
- Eliminates Odors
- Designed to Fit into AirFLO Purifiers/Humidifiers
- Portable: Put in Gym Bags, Closets, Glove Boxes, etc.
- Subtle, Unique Fragrances
- Mix and Match Your Scents
- Each Disc is 2.5in Diameter
- Choose the Best-Selling Scents: Relaxing Eucalyptus, Oceanside Breeze, Sultry Midnight Air, Fresh Linen, Tranquil Lavender Chamomile, Clean Air

4 Stars  look for these in other places the price was to high here low 
I bought these yrs ago and went to see if I could buy them again, forgot where I bought them, look all over to high price, then here wow nice price below the other,

5 Stars  Forever Fragrant Scent Refills 
Absolutely amazed. I will be purchasing more fragrances in the near future.

4 Stars  Scent 
I wish they lasted longer

2 Stars  It smells nice 
I loved it in my car for about a week but it didnt keep its promise of lasting for a year or more

5 Stars  Smells great 
I bought the Forever Fragrance air purifier on Ebay and checked the prices of the discs on HSN. They were 4 times more expensive than Pulse TV!! Thats why I stocked up. The scent is pretty intense when you first put them in but after a few days it mellows. When I think I need to replace them, I will keep one of the old ones in and use just one new one to see if that is alittle softer smell. I love them!!

1 Stars  Not much smell 
I thought they would be a good idea but, there is no smell unless you put it right under your nose and then just light smell.

1 Stars  Had no scent 
Do not recommend

5 Stars  beautiful scent 
these discs when used with the joy air cleaner, humidifier produce the most subtle lovely scent. I am very happy with them

5 Stars  Aromatic Air Cleaner Disks 
These are nice enough, just wish they were rechargeable. I love this Air purifier/humidifier. We now have three! The aroma disks are the icing on the cake. Thanks, Pusetv.com!

1 Stars  N.G. 
The fragrants which came with the air purifier/humidifier had no scent. I thought they may be too old and lost their potency. I ordered a different fragrance on sale, they had no scent either. The machine works great. I guess Ill have to go back to deordorant spray.

3 Stars  Not great 
Pulse kindly replaced my first set of eucalyptus because there was no aroma. The second set is not much better. Eucalyptus should be a grand odor, but once again there is barely any smell. And the other flavors are minimal, but better than the eucalyptus. Certainly not very fragrant by any means. The Machine is great, aromas not so good.

5 Stars  Forever Fragrant Sent 
I gave the Forever Fragrant Sent a 5 Star because I like the variety pack of 4 fragrant, which are pleasant and not too harsh to my nose. They are great because you have a variety of different sent to chose from.

5 Stars  Forever Fragrance Disca 
Placed 3 about a large common area. Works very well.

5 Stars  Humidifier/purifier 
This works great and the scents have a light fragrance to them so not over powering.

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