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Foldable Desk Lamp and Magnifier (Pocket Sized)
Foldable Desk Lamp and Magnifier (Pocket Sized)
Foldable Desk Lamp and Magnifier (Pocket Sized)
Foldable Desk Lamp and Magnifier (Pocket Sized)
Foldable Desk Lamp and Magnifier (Pocket Sized)
Foldable Desk Lamp and Magnifier (Pocket Sized)

Foldable Desk Lamp and Magnifier (Pocket Sized)

Foldable Desk Lamp and Magnifier (Pocket Sized)

Your Price: $5.99
Compare at: $24.99  (76% off)
SPECIAL: 2 for $9.98 (80% off)
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Here is a great little magnifier and desk lamp that you can use anywhere and everywhere!

Feature-rich we love this little dynamo and the reasons are many.
1. It's foldable and is small enough to fit in a pocket, purse, backpack and more.
2. The magnifier on top features 3x distortion-free magnification.
3. You can control the brightness! Use the super bright COB light or the standard 4 LEDs.
4. It uses 3 AAA batteries... YES they're included!

We mentioned the dual lighting above, what really blows us away is, for the price, you get the latest advancement in LED technology called COB (Chips On Board) and it's very bright. Similar lamps featuring this type of lighting can sell for 4 times our price.

Adults, elderly, students and kids will love its portability and the functionality. Use it day or night, indoors or outdoors. It is perfect for stamp and coin collectors, art aficionados, readers of maps, all kinds of crafts, watch repair and so much more.

- Lens Cover protects the magnifier
- Warm lights are easy on the eyes
- Adjustable height and lamp head gives you bright targeted light where you need it
- Kid Safe Break-Resistance Magnifying Glass
- Distortion-Free with high quality polished acrylic lens
- Useful for reading small prints, ingredients label, medicine instruction, or bed time reading

Review this item!

1 Stars
(1) not a good item 
this item turns out to be much smaller than I thought it would be. Also, it wont hold its position well. Overall, its worthless, A simple hand held magnifying glass is better.

5 Stars
(2) Quilt Guild Sensation 
These lights were a big hit with my wifes Quilt Guild and sewing friends. Senior eyes appreciate help seeing to thread the needle. These magnifier lights, set sideways, are a great help.

5 Stars
(3) Desk Lamp & Magnifier 
The lighted magnifying glass is super. It helps me read; it helps me look at obscure things in pictures. It has a ton of uses. The lamp is so convenient-- I can light up only my area without bothering anyone else.

5 Stars
(4) Threading a sewing machine? 
Wife borrowed mine to help thread her featherweight. Illuminated, tipped on its side and looking through the magnifier, this is a terrific aid to older eyes. She took it to her sewing guild and it was a big hit! I ordered 18 more and will probably reorder.

5 Stars
(5) Great price for a useful tool. 
I have been using it everyday, I have been organizing my currency collection, and it comes in handy for reading dates an mint marks. The light and the magnifier make a good combination. I recommend it.

5 Stars
(6) Great 
This is great for working on my jewelry. Extra light, magnification & hands free.

5 Stars
(7) Great product 
Great product... super bright!

5 Stars
(8) Does everything as advertised 
Small but effective package. Easy to keep handy when needed.

5 Stars
(9) Close up its great 
Well what can I say that hasnt been said before. Heres one by using the two lights singularly and in combination you can see all the different details of what you are looking at, and that makes it worth the very few pennies spent on it !

4 Stars
(10) Foldable light and magnifier 
Handy gadget to carry in my purse, particularly helpful in darkened restaurants, when failing sight is a problem.

4 Stars
(11) Great Light 
Being blind in one eye made reading difficult with my other eye which was not that good. The lamp and magnifier really helped me read the paper, magazines, and other items. The size makes it easy to carry in my purse.

5 Stars
(12) Foldable desk lamp 
Works very nicely.

5 Stars
(13) foldable desk lamp and magnifier 
handy little lites and magnifiers!

5 Stars
(14) See This 
Perfect for my needs since the print on everything is smaller now days.

5 Stars
(15) Hands free magnifier works great 
I use this tool to make CAT 6 Ethernet cables. It makes it much easier to see that all the small wires are in the right places. I do not have to hold a magnifying glass in one hand and a flashlight in the other.

5 Stars
(16) Bright light 
I was very surprised just how bright the lights on it was. Since my eyes arent as young as they used to be, I can think of a lot of uses this will come in handy for! Im going to keep it in my top desk drawer.

3 Stars
(17) The Little Magnifier 
I am nearly 74 years of age and when it comes to reading the print on packaging, just forget it. This little magnifier gives me the ability to see what a retailer provides as instructions for use as well as contents contents.

5 Stars
(18) My set of eyes 
I love this i use it every day. Read the paper,mail,you name it

4 Stars
Perfect for restaurant menus and items around the house for us post 75 folks

5 Stars
(20) Foldable Desk Lamp 
I really like this lamp. I use it as a night light for reading.

5 Stars
(21) awesome! 
Love this lamp!!

5 Stars
(22) ? 
I find this very useful as my eyes are growing older and harder to read fine lines! thanks

4 Stars
(23) Its Nifty! 
Used it a few times the first few days. Easy to adjust screws to tighten position. Have to be a bit clever to adjust position so it doesnt topple over. Wish I ordered 2, but shipping is kinda high to order again.

5 Stars
(24) great deal 
There are so many things that have the instructions in micro size printing that this can be used for

5 Stars
(25) LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS !!!!!!! 
I have dry eye so my vision is a lot of the time blurry .... also I cannot read small print .... I got TWO of these, so I can carry one in my purse .... I have used it a LOT since so many things are in small print !!!!!! and the light makes it perfect no matter where I am, so I dont have to angle it to the room light or sunlight !!!!!!!!!

5 Stars
(26) wonderful 
I bought several for me and friends who are of the age of not seeing well and we all love these. Having the light and magnifier all in one makes it so much easier. Thanks Pulse Tv

5 Stars
(27) Great item! 
This lamp is very handy. Great for repairing eyeglasses, inspecting jewelry and so much more! So glad I have it

5 Stars
(28) portable lamp 
Lamp and magnifier work well when lighting is low at a restaurant

5 Stars
(29) Perfect for those pesky job site splinters 
Perfect for those pesky job site splinters. Just tuck it away in your toolbox and it’s easy to see and remove those stubborn job site splinters. A must for any handyman

5 Stars
(30) love it 
Gave it a 5, just love it, bought 2 of them, use it for diamond painting and works great

4 Stars
(31) Handy little light 
This little light is so very handy for instant close examination of just about anything. and I like the fact that it folds down small enough to be completely portable. Drawbacks: the base isnt heavy enough to keep it stable in some positions, and the magnifier isnt uniform across its entire surface. But for the price its a good deal.

5 Stars
(32) great tool 
this item is sent from heaven, it makes reading tiny print on packages and my pill bottles super easy with no straining. the two different lights on the magnafier makes it even easier.

5 Stars
(33) Magnifying glass with lights 
Best magnifier Ive had yet. Needless to say, no holding it. Having the lights on it really helps as well.

5 Stars
(34) Imagine! A foldaway lamp I can carry in my pocket! 
Perfect lamp for reading. And so easy to store too. A bargain price really makes this a sweetheart of a lamp.

5 Stars
(35) foldable lamp 
I love that its compact, the light is pretty bright. And fits in small places...

5 Stars
(36) VALUE 

5 Stars
(37) great for the car 
Its compactability makes it great to keep in the car for reading and other uses instead of a flashlight

5 Stars
(38) The Best Ever Magnifier!! 
I am so very happy I ordered this wonderful tool to see all the fine print on labels. I am excited about being able to see little hang nails. Just the greatest!!

5 Stars
(39) I can read my Rx bottles now! 
I am very happy with this purchase and it has made a positive difference in my life. I can now read that tiny little print that I was not able to see with even my readers! This is compact and the light is bright! Once you get the hang of using it, youd be surprised at the what you grab it to use!!!! Extremely happy and I bought 4 more for other family members!!!

4 Stars
(40) It does what it is supposed to do 
I think it is very good, in fact I had a wood splint in my finger that I could not pull out but with the lamps help I pulled out in no time, Its great to use it for many other things, reading miniature writing etc.

5 Stars
(41) Magnifying glass with lights 
This light up magnifier is very useful. Keeps your hands free to hold what you look at and is great! Its so compact, you can take it anywhere.

5 Stars
(42) Good product 
Very handy item to have

5 Stars
(43) Great to have item 
I make native American crafts and this comes in so handy for anything from threading needles to the bead work. I also work on mini helicopters that have screws as small as ones on eyeglasses. This magnifier with 2 lights comes in so handy for many things. I bought one for myself and one for a friend and Im going to get another. Great item. Thanks.

5 Stars
(44) Foldable Desk Lamp 
I use it on a music stand for my scripts and manuscripts for the voice work I do. It works very well.

5 Stars
(45) I Like it 
It is perfect for getting a splinter out. Can foresee a number of uses and looking forward to doing so.

4 Stars
(46) Great little magnifier 
This is a great little item. The only reason I gave it four stars is because. I would like it to be just a little bigger. But as is it works great. I keep it handy to get out if for some reason. I run into something I cant read. Its got a pretty good magnifier in it. And the two diffrent strengths of light makes it even easier to see. What you are trying to read I got two of them one incase of power outage. And one for everyday. And it sure has come in handy.

5 Stars
(47) Easy to use, hands free 
I really like this item as it is hands free, leaving my hands to either add a magnifying glass to up the magnification or work with the item to find the information I need.

4 Stars
(48) Quite Handy 
It can be used with or without turning on the light. The 3 AAA batteries are easy to replace. I need it for reading the teeny print directions and info on practically everything I buy nowadays, from food packages to appliance and electronics. My friend uses the one I gave him to see small computer parts. He used to use his oven light, lol not the best solution.

5 Stars
(49) Exactly as advertised 
Bought two of these one for my husbands jewelry making area and on for myself. They were exactly as advertised and as expected. I love all of Pulse TV products that I have bought so far.

Review this item!