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Flexi-Temp Family 4-Pack LCD Digital Thermometer
Flexi-Temp Family 4-Pack LCD Digital Thermometer
Flexi-Temp Family 4-Pack LCD Digital Thermometer
Flexi-Temp Family 4-Pack LCD Digital Thermometer
Flexi-Temp Family 4-Pack LCD Digital Thermometer
Flexi-Temp Family 4-Pack LCD Digital Thermometer

Flexi-Temp Family 4-Pack LCD Digital Thermometer

Flexi-Temp Family 4-Pack LCD Digital Thermometer

Your Price: $39.99
Compare at: $69.99  (42% off)

Sold Out
- Quick and Accurate Measurement
- Meets Accuracy Standards For Clinical Thermometers
- Plastic Storage Case Included
- FDA Compliant and Approved

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There has never been a more critical time to have thermometers in your medicine cabinet than right now.

One of the first signs of the Coronavirus is a fever and we know how important early detection is to minimize COVID-19 effects.

If you have tried ones that measure your temperature without touching, you know how wildly inaccurate they are. Nothing beats sticking a thermometer under your tongue for accuracy.

We have a 4-Pack of these high quality thermometers so each in your family can have their own for safety purposes. These are fast, reliable and have an easy-to-read display.

Each thermometer comes in its own plastic storage case so you can label for each family member. Plus, you can take this with you wherever you go!

These also meet FDA certifications for accuracy. Isnít your health and those around you worth being prepared?

Hurry, these will sell out FAST - - Order yours today while supplies last.

- Family 4-Pack Digital Thermometer Set
- FDA Compliant and Approved - Mercury Free
- Professional Accuracy Fast Read Thermometer
- Easy To Read LCD (Digital) Screen Display
- Flexible Silicone Tip For Comfort
- Memory Recall Displays Last Temp Taken
- Conveniently Displays In degrees F
- For Oral or Underarm Use
- Plastic Storage Case Included

Review this item!

5 Stars  Digital Thermometer 
Thermometer works great it is quick & very accurate...& especially with ongoing pandemic we all should have a accurate reading thermometer handy. Thanks PulseTv.com

3 Stars  Good but not great 
Thermometer does its job. Could be better. On/Off switch is not easy to operate. Alarm signal does not always go off and is hard to hear when it does.

4 Stars  Temp thermometer 
Accurate. Nice case to keep it in.

5 Stars  Professional Grade 
Shipped on time. Priced right. Professional Grade.

4 Stars  Works great! 
I would have given it a 5 star rating if the LCD readout on the first one I received had not failed after a few weeks. Pulse TV sent me a replacement free of charge and it has been working great so far! It is very easy to use and seems to be very accurate!

3 Stars  Not very accurate. Consistently reads 1to2 deg low. 
Usable if you account for some inaccuracy.

5 Stars  Purchase of thermometer 
Very good and at a very good price!

4 Stars  Only for 1 person since it cant be sterilized 
Gives temp well, audible signal is difficult to detect, and cant be sterilized, so pretty much only good for 1 person

5 Stars  Works great! 
My new Flexi-TempCheck Digital thermometer is exactly quick and accurate and really easy to use, especially compared to the old type thermometers! I LOVE IT!

5 Stars  Great thermometer 
This little thermometer works great and is convenient to use.

5 Stars  Digital Therometer 
Works really well. Glad I was not able to find one locally and was able to get this one at Pulse.

5 Stars  It just works 
I have the one that takes the temperature in the ear, and the other one that is for your forehead and while they work, they are rather fussy. This one just works. I clean it off with an alcohol swab before and after use and I get a reading.

5 Stars  Asset in these times 
Accurate and easy to use.

5 Stars  Dependable 
Im super pleased about my thermometer, because its inexpensive and very accurate. And its flexible

5 Stars  Works good! 
Im pleased with the thermometer. It works and based on readings from the doctors office, it reads correctly. Ive been told by several in the medical community that an alcohol wipe is sufficient for cleaning after use.

5 Stars  Thermometer 
Works really well

5 Stars  Flexi-TempCheck Digital Thermometer 
Works great. Love the way its stays in your mouth with ease with its design with the rubber part that goes in the mouth part. Best one yet.

5 Stars  Very helpful! 
Love this item. So handy!

5 Stars  Great thermometer 
I am very happy with this thermometer. So far, it is reliable and quick to give a reading.

4 Stars  Economical and easy to use. 
The price was good and this easy to use thermometer is no problem to store in a cabinet or drawer.

5 Stars  Thermometer 
Theyre great! I like them, especially the flexi-TempCheck.

5 Stars  Digital Thermometer 
Quick and Accurate. Works well. Great price

5 Stars  thermometer 
It works great! Thanks!

3 Stars  Works, kinda 
The button on the thermometer doesnt really click, so its tough to know if you pushed it. How accurate is it? Seems to show our body temps are low. May be but on other devices I show 98.6F

1 Stars  Very poor product 
This is a very cheaply made item. It does not work well at all. I have put it on a shelf to forget about it. Dont buy it.

5 Stars  Accurate 
Accurate and easy to use. Portable enough to take with me when I go out.

4 Stars  had trouble finding 
works well. with todays problems something everyone needs

5 Stars  Face masks 
I will be ordering some more real soon.Thank you.

Review this item!
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Video: Flexi-Temp Family 4-Pack LCD Digital Thermometer

Ever feel like you may be getting the flu and did not have a thermometer handy? During this critical time, it has never been more important to pay attention to fever symptoms. This easy-to-use Flexi-TempCheck Thermometer ensures you can stay informed about your health.
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