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Fleece Ear Muffs

Fleece Ear Muffs

Fleece Ear Muffs
Fleece Ear Muffs
Your Price: $2.99
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Keep Your Ears Warm All Winter Long

For keeping your ears warm and toasty in cold weather without the inevitable 'hat head' that comes from wearing a stocking cap, you can't beat the comfort and style of Fleece Ear Muffs.

These soft and springy muffs are designed to wrap around the back of your head to keep your ears warm while still looking smart and sporty. Light weight and comfortable, these are a great winter accessory for skiing, riding, hiking or any cold weather activity.

Available in: Gray, Black, Brown, and Navy. SORRY NO COLOR CHOICE


- Stylish Cold Weather Apparel
- Warm and Toasty
- Wrap Behind The Head
- Light Weight and Comfortable
- No More 'Hat Head'
- Unisex
- 100% Polyester


5 Stars  A Must Have For Cold Weather 
Does an excellent job of keeping your ears warm in cold weather. I especially like that it fits behind your head and not on top. This makes wearing a hat very easy.

5 Stars  VERY GOOD 

3 Stars  Not as big as I expected 
Ear muffs would be good for children, but not quite long enough to comfortably fit adults.

5 Stars  Top notch, reliable ear warmth 
These ear muffs are top notch, excellent ear warmth, and on top of being reliably comfortable... I am still able to hear whats going on around me. Conversations arent hampered, like it is with ear plugs.

5 Stars  Nice 
Great value.... Nice fit.

5 Stars  Comfortable and warm! 
Have only used them twice as our February has been mild, but they dont slip around and they are warm. Highly recommend.

5 Stars  they worked great 
they protected my ears

2 Stars  Fleece Ear Muffs 
Got these for myself, but I think theyre actually for children. They dont fit me very well. But when our grands come up to visit, they now have a pair of earmuffs!

4 Stars  Good 
Good quality for the price.

4 Stars  warm 

5 Stars  Wonderful 
Love the larger muff to keep my ears warm when working outside.

5 Stars  Very comfortable. 
Lightweight, soft and warm. Good purchase for gift giving.

These ear muffs are simple, flexible and very functional! I intend buying another pair!

4 Stars  Fleece Ear Muffs 
So far we havent needed them, but I tried one and it looks good, made well and just tight enough not to slip.

5 Stars  Best Ever 
I like and it works great

4 Stars  Ear muffs 
Fit well , ok

5 Stars  Using ear muffs 
The ear muffs are perfect. Maybe its mental, but warm ears keep my entire body warm. It is the first time Ive ever worn ear muff not attached to a winter hat.

5 Stars  Fleece ear muffs 
these ear muffs are great for the price. I have hearing aids and still can hear fine with them on and they keep my ears warm

5 Stars  Comfortable 
Very comfortable, and doesn t pinch ears after being on for awhile, very snug.

3 Stars  ? 
The reason I only gave them a 3 was because they were too small to go around the back of my head and cover the ears correctly

5 Stars  Toasty ears 
These ear muffs are really comfortable. Keep you ears nicely warm. I dont need to wear a hat if the only thing I need warm are my ears. And the price was unbeatable..

5 Stars  Toasty ears 
These ear muffs are really comfortable. Keep you ears nicely warm. I dont need to wear a hat if the only thing I need warm are my ears.

2 Stars  Fleece Ear Muffs 
Little to small and tight fit for an adult head.Good for children head size.

4 Stars  Pretty Good 
They do what theyre designed to do but can be awkward at times.

5 Stars  They fit well! 
They are perfect for walking on a good day! They are not too tight or too loose!

5 Stars  A great product for those who dont want hat hair!! 
This product worked very well for me! Being that my hair is short and I dont want it messed up by wearing a full hat, these Fleece Ear Muffs were perfect for me! The fit was perfect, they kept my ears warm and toasty, and my hair stayed neat! And although I was not able to choose the color I wanted, the color I received was exactly what I wanted anyway! I totally recommend them!

5 Stars  warmer 
Works well and the price is right.

3 Stars  Functional but not Adjustable 
These earmuffs are fine. The main drawback is they are not adjustable for size.

5 Stars  Most comfortable earmuffs ever! 
My wife and I walk every morning, rain or shine, with temps between 25 and 50 F. These little earmuffs are perfect for us. Their lightweight, effective, and comfortable. Based upon our experience with them weve purchased over 50 pairs as stocking stuffers and gifts for friends and relatives.

1 Stars  1 size does not fit all 
these do not fit a male unless you have a small head or youre a little boy.....AVOID

4 Stars  Love them 
Only rated 4 stars because they move around a bit when wearing. But they definately keep my ears warm and they are very convenient if you dont always like wearing a hat. Also work well under a hood.

5 Stars  Fleecy ear-huggers 
I have not worn ear muffs since childhood, but I am glad to have these winter ear-warmers now. Some days, even with a hat on, I find that the cold just creeps in around my head. When it is especially chilly, I find these ear muffs are just the ticket. When your head is warm, it helps warm the rest of you as well!

4 Stars  Kept ears warm 
Wore twice at 32 degrees. Kept ears warm but not sure how good it will be at 10 degrees. Not a lot of fabric.

4 Stars  Ear Muffs 
I think these will be wonderful - e.g., 5 Stars - once we get used to wearing them around the back of the head, rather than the top!

3 Stars  Too small 
It barely covers all my ear. Too small and not very comfortable.

5 Stars  Ear muffs 
Love this. They fit great and are warm.

4 Stars  nice product for the money 
I am satisfied with these earmuffs.

5 Stars  I love these earmuffs! 
These are so handy to use when I dont want to flatten my hairdo with a scarf to cover my ears on a cold day. They fit under the hair on the back of my neck and dont ride up. They are toasty warm!

5 Stars  Simple Design, Effective Protection & Warmth 
An very affordable stocking stuffer for practical everyday cold weather use. Keeps ears covered & protected, making body feel much warmer.

3 Stars  Earmuffs 
Not adjustable

Earmuffs are super. They fit everyone in the family and theres no danger of frosty ears. A great buy!

5 Stars  High quality earmuffs 
These are warm, high quality and a great price

5 Stars  Ear muffs that work 
These ear muffs are larger than some and really cover your ears and keeps them warm and out of the wind. I love mine.

3 Stars  Fleece Ear Muffs 
Not quite as snug a fit as I would like

5 Stars  Earmuffs 
Wonderful fit and comfortable. Will buy more

5 Stars  flees earmufs 

3 Stars  Didn t fit right 
Portion around neck was too wide for me & the muffs didn t sit flush on my ears.

5 Stars  No hat hair necessary 
These ear covers are perfect for those of us who dont like to wear hats but want our ears to be warm. I dont have to worry about hat hair when I get to work either.

5 Stars  Warm and Soft 
Keeps my ears so warm and they are light weight. Very comfortable to wear.

5 Stars  Cozy Ear Muffs 
These ear muffs work wonderfully. They are very warm and cozy!

5 Stars  Love the style 
I cant wait to use them, they are not bulky like the kind that goes on the whole head and messes with the hair, this product will work well and keep my ears warm

5 Stars  Very Warm & great fit 
I purchased these to take my daily walk of 3 miles in west central Michigan. Cold Cloudy and usually breezy days. Keeps me warm without messing my hair up like a full hat. I have a small head so muffs slip down a little but still feel warm and comfortable.

5 Stars  Wonderful 
Really keep your ears warm!

5 Stars  Winters coming! 
These worked great this past winter!

4 Stars  Ears to ya! 
Good fit, effective coverage, works well with baseball-type cap.

5 Stars  Great Product 
Very comfortable. They look nice and fit well.

5 Stars  Good deal 
keeps the ears warm, what more would you want

5 Stars  Great Ear Muffs 
Fit good and love them!

4 Stars  Earmuffs 
Great value for the money!! Light weight and comfortable! Nice to have a spare pair in Western New York winters!

5 Stars  Love these 
Warm ears the whole walk. No more bands or hats slipping off my hair. I have ordered a couple times and now have grey, navy, black and brown. Even bought some for a co worker

2 Stars  EAR MUFFS 

1 Stars  Fleece Earmuffs 
These were a size made for a child and couldnt cover my ears. I am a petite female and was disappointed they wouldn,t even get to the top of my ears. Perhaps a 3 year old could wear these.

4 Stars  fleece ear muffs 
warm, easy to use, worth the money

5 Stars  ear muffs 
Bought enough for whole family just in time for a freeze. All liked them

5 Stars  Well spent money! 
These little gems work great!!!!! They are so easy to use, dont mess with your style, and they are warm and dont cost much - for what you get!


5 Stars  Nice & cozy 
Dont pass this up, cant beat it for the price!!

5 Stars  Perfect 
It was a great relief from the wind keep me warm

5 Stars  Warm Ears! 
My mom and dad love this ear muffs. Havent found any around lately so when I seen them I bought them for my parents. They loved them and liked the price and quality.

1 Stars  My Review of the Fleece Ear Muffs 
I am very disappointed with this product. The Fleece Ear Muffs were made in China, and its been my experience that anything made in China is a size smaller than ones regular size. This experience was initially with shoes I bought through the internet. So when I saw these Fleece Ear Muffs were made in China, I suspected they might not fit properly on my head, and I was right. The Fleece Ear Muffs did not completely cover my ears and they were tight on my head. I gave the Fleece Ear Muffs to my friend to donate.

3 Stars  warm part is good 
Too short, needs to be adjustable.

5 Stars  A Must Buy 
These ear muffs are so comfortable and kept my ears so warm and at these prices, I wish I ordered more. A must buy and at the least, order 2 pairs, you wont be disappointed.

3 Stars  hard to keep on 
The ear muffs are hard to keep on. Must be placed on the side of the head, rather than over the top. I have used on occasion but find I do not like them as well as regular ear muffs. They can not be adjusted for head size.

2 Stars  fleece ear muffs 
Would have been perfect if adjustable. Gave them away.

4 Stars  warm 
They cover ears and keep them warm on chilly and cold winter days. They are also comfortable.

5 Stars  Woweee what a great buy 
what a gem dandy. amazing how something so small can render such comfort.

5 Stars  LOVE these ear warmers 
I reside in south florida and like other places throughout the USA there are days where the wind is blowing and its cold. For me there are two things that I dont like Cold neck and cold ears. I had the neck part covered but needed to find a solution for my little ears. The ear warmers arrived at a perfect time and I was able to use them happily. Looking forward to using them this week too! LOVE these warmers and got them at a GREAT price! Thank you PulseTV

3 Stars  Adjustment 
Great item, however there is no way adjust the width to your head with these ..for big thinkers or just folks with fat heads-LOL

5 Stars  Good value 
My wife loved this present.

4 Stars  Nice, but very small 
Great price, but uncomfortable if you have a lot of hair.

5 Stars  Fleece earmuffs 
Warm and hit very well.

3 Stars  Fleece Ear Muffs Item #8437 
Product arrived on time, they are ok but it would be better if they were adjustable. They are a little small my my head as well as husbands head, they keep slipping off the ears when walking. I really believe making thwem a little bit adjustable would be great though.

3 Stars  Earmuffs 
For the price they are good for short periods of time outside. If I was going to stay all Day I would get a heavier duty. But you cant beat the price.

4 Stars  Good item 
Easy to wear with hat

5 Stars  Keep Them Ears WARM! 
Fits great, doesnt mess your hair up, keep the ears warm when the cold wind blows!! LOVE THEM SO MUCH!!

4 Stars  looks nice! 
like the color and its warm over my ears love it!

1 Stars  Junk is as junk does 
These would not even go ear to ear. Way 2 small. I cant be the only one to receive these.

5 Stars  Great value, keeps ears warm. 
Earmuffs priced reasonably and functional. They collapse to fit in winter cost pocket.

4 Stars  Warm 
I got this set for my granddaughter. They fit her fine and are warm

OK to buy

5 Stars  Muffs 
For the price these work great

3 Stars  Nice, but small in size 
I hate to wear a hat in winter so these were ordered to keep my ears warm without messing my hair up. While they do the job, they are a bit small. I dont have a huge head and they barely cover my ears fully. If I had a larger head, they would not fit.

5 Stars  Best ear warmers & sound reducer 
Least expensive and best ear cover I ever owned.

4 Stars  Fleece Ear Muffs are Very Good 
The fleece ear muffs are very comfortable and warm. They fit well and are great for the cold morning walks.

5 Stars  warm as toast! 
I had a pair like these a couple years back, and could not find them this year. But then I saw these on your site! I ordered .. they came very quickly... and Ohhhh.. my ears THANK YOU! They stay as warm as toast!

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