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Fire Starter Jungle Camo 2-Pack

Fire Starter Jungle Camo 2-Pack

Fire Starter Jungle Camo 2-Pack
Fire Starter Jungle Camo 2-Pack
Your Price: $4.99
Compare at: $14.99  (66% off)

The Best Fire Starter

This Weather-Proof Fire Starting Rod is the go-to for everyone who loves camping, hiking, and the outdoors. No matter the weather, this will instantly start a campfire anywhere, anytime!

Matches are great, but they're single use and if they get wet, you're out of luck. And lighters won't work in windy or cold environments. But with these ferro rods, you'll get up to 16,000 strikes! This will outlive any lighter by years!

Not only will this survive the elements, but this is guaranteed to burn at temperatures up to 5,500 degrees Fahrenheit. That means no matter the setting, you'll get a fire started in no time.

A Ferro Rod is Worth Having!

It even has two safety features built-in. The compass will keep you from getting disoriented and the safety whistle can be heard for miles, letting those near and far away know of your whereabouts.

With our two-pack, this will be the last fire starter you buy because it will last you virtually a lifetime!


  • Fire Starting Rods with Striker
  • 2 Pack
  • Works in All Weather Conditions: Wind, Water, Rain, Snow, Cold
  • Built-In Compass
  • Emergency Whistle
  • Burns at 5,500 F / 3,000 C
  • Lasts up to 16,000 Strikes
  • Color: Jungle Camo

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