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Feline Frenzy with Scratch Pad
Feline Frenzy with Scratch Pad
Feline Frenzy with Scratch Pad
Feline Frenzy with Scratch Pad

Feline Frenzy with Scratch Pad

Feline Frenzy with Scratch Pad

Compare at: $19.99  (70% off)
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Sold Out
*PLEASE NOTE: While the video may say you get a price break when you purchase two or more of this item, you do not when it is on sale. The sale price is well below the normal 2 or more discount price.

Keep your cat busy for hours!

Cats never get tired of trying to catch the furry little mouse that keeps spinning away. The equalized gap only allows your cat's paws to reach for it. The toy is additionally equipped with a scratching pad on the upper surface that serves best manicure and helps keep your cat's paws clean. Lightweight & portable. Takes up very small place. Mouse swivels 360 degrees both clockwise and counter clockwise. No batteries required.

Features and Benefits:
- Keeps your cat entertained for hours
- Scratch pad works like a nail file
- Keeps your cat's nails clean, healthy and strong
- Great for any size cat
- Mouse swivels 360 degrees both clock wise and counter clockwise
- Mouse spins away from your cat's grasp
- Lightweight and portable
- 10" Diameter

Review this item!

4 Stars  Great fun for kitty 
We have 3 cats, but only one has taken an interest in this kitty toy. She chases the mouse til she gets tired, but doesnt hesitate to come back to it later or the next day. A good investment for her.

5 Stars  Always a success with the kittens 
I always have at least 2 or 3 at a time.

3 Stars  Scratch Pad 
I thought it would be fun for my cats but they are old maids! They do not seem to like it, maybe they dont know what it is! They are not to smart.

5 Stars  Feline Frenzy 
Our cat loves it she is only 5 months old and it keeps her going for a long time

5 Stars  So much FUN for my two boys!!! 
Jay and Jesse LOVE their new toys! Each one has been given their own Feline Frenzy with Scratch Pad as their Christmas Gifts. While not the most active of cats, they both really enjoy playing with the mouse in the unit. No batteries,mouse moves by the cats moving it with their paws. Good clean fun for a cat of any size, my boys, 6 years old, are 23 and 25 lb cats. I think youll be pleased by this purchase!

5 Stars  Feline Frenzy 
My Cat Loves It.

2 Stars  Not a thriller 
He played with it a couple of times but quickly lost interest

4 Stars  Cats 
They are having fun withproduct

4 Stars  Mouse toy does not keep cats attention 
My cat played with this for a couple of days, but has not played with it since.I guess he got bored with it, but he does use the scratch pad some.

4 Stars  cat frenzy with scratch pad 
bought this for my daughters cat. cat played with it.

4 Stars  Has some interest. 
On occasion the cat shows some interest in this.

4 Stars  Cats Toy 
I have to put cat snacks inside, for them to play with the mouse. I purchased approx 8-9 of these. I have 18 cats

1 Stars  Piece of Junk 
Cat totally ignored it - no interest at all

My cats havent played with it as much as I thought they would but seem to really like it when they do play with. They prefer to play with it on the bed instead of on the floor.

3 Stars  Cats Loved It--But It Quickly Broke 
All four of my cats adored this toy, especially the 4-month-old kitten, but the cats were a bit rough, I guess, as they ripped the mouse off. If I get in the mood, I will try to sew the mouse back on---if I can REACH inside well enough


1 Stars  Feline Frenzy 
Some cats may love this toy but my cat was not impressed and neither was I. Somehow I was expecting more from this, but do not be alarmed, this was my first real disappointment from all of my purchases so far.

3 Stars  cute ideal 
One cat didnt like it, wont even look at it. The other one played with it for maybe 5 minutes & then that was all. I gave them to my daughter, we will see if her cats like them!!

4 Stars  Somewhat useful 
I have had and still have several cats. Two cats currently have access to this toy and sometimes play with it. Mostly if catnip is added. Have not tried third cat yet

1 Stars  cats wont play with it 
When I got this I thought that my cats would like it just like the video ad. Not so, they sniffed it then walked away never to return. May cats are curious but this didnt interest them, so i cant recommend it . Your cats may be different.

5 Stars  I could not believe it! 
I bought 2 of these figuring I would give one to a friend. I warned her I had just received them that morning and did not know if our cat would even like it. We both set them out at our individual homes then compared results. Neither of us could believe it. They BOTH LOVE IT! Without the pain of batteries or having to charge...these things are great for any age cat!

5 Stars  Great Cat Toy 
My cat loves it! I like it because it keeps him busy.

5 Stars  loved it 
This is by far one of the best toys we have bought. Our cats loved it so much we purchased a second for a friend. No batteries! They our cats have managed to chew the mouse tail off but still works fine.

5 Stars  Best Thing Since Sliced Bread & Swiss Cheese!! 
I bought this based on Anisas video. I figured it might collect dust, but it wasnt expensive. My cat is far to big to sit on the top and he doesnt use the top for his clawless front paws... however, he has used it as a pillow! LOL I put it in the middle of the floor and played with it for minute as he watched. Now, I can hear him playing with it 24/7/365, and almost always after he eats. Now, he will come tap me on the arm and lead me to the toy so I can sit opposite him and we ca bat it around and back and forth. Im not sure if hes wanting to share or just too lazy to run around and get the mouse from the other side! LOL Either way, its a joy for both of us. Zeus has gotten phenomenally good at whipping that thing around non-stop at a high rate of speed for a minute or more at times. If you let your cat up on your bed or, if you cat lets you sleep in their bed LOL, then what Ive found Zeus loves is to have the Feline Frenzy tilted back against the pillows, with the empty space between two of the support columns centered so the mouse hangs down like a pendulum. He will lay there and bat that mouse until hes ready to sleep... and the mouse always swings back down since the Feline Frenzy is tilted, so Zeus doesnt have to chase it. In fact, I took a picture the other day of Zeus laying on the bed, his head resting on the Feline Frenzy AND his right front paw still inside the Feline Frenzy from when he was playing with it! LOL He will play with this thing until he flips it over and he moves it wherever he wants to take it. He absolutely loves this toy... so of course I ordered another one for him so he can have one in the living room and one in the bedroom. Well, okay, so maybe the one in the bedroom is as much for me as it is for Zeus! LOL This is a MUST HAVE item for any cat owner!!!!

5 Stars  FinePet Feline Frenzy 
I have bought a LOT of toys for my cats in the past but this toy is by far their favorite. They usually get tired pretty quickly of a toy, but my husband and I sit and watch our cats play until we are cracking up at them. They get very animated and sneak up on the little mouse. A great buy.

5 Stars  Very Entertaining for my cats 
Both my cats like this. Im glad I ordered two.

5 Stars  My cat loves it! 
My cat loves this toy, and plays with it for hours on end--and she still hasnt ever caught that mouse. I just bought 2 more of these to give to cat loving friends for their kitties this Christmas!

5 Stars  She loved it as soon as I put it on the floor! 
This is fantastic! She has played with this every day for at least a little while sense i got it! Great price, and so much fun to see here having fun with it!!

5 Stars  Great entertainment for my cat and I really enjoy watching her 
I had viewed the video before I purchased this toy and decided to give it a try. You were so correct. My cat loves playing with this toy either by herself or with me. Barely an evening goes by that we dont play for a while. Wonderful toy - on behalf of Baby and myself, thanks for bringing this toy to us.

4 Stars  What they get out of it depends on what you put in. 
Our two cats were not all that interested at first. I had to spend 15 minutes helping them make the mouse go. The boy kitty, Errol Flynn, was disappointed when he trapped the tail and it did not try to escape. He has caught real mice -- well, one, anyway, that got inside the house somehow. His not-so-bright but very beautiful sister Eartha Kitten found it more interesting, but once the tail flipped outside the track and she stepped on it, she was puzzled about how to proceed. I tucked the tail back in a few times when it came out, and pushed it a few more times for her until she decided it was not dead. The best use for this lightweight toy might be to put it on the bed in the evening, lie on your side, and help the cats play. You younger types can lie on a yoga mat or something and do the same thing.

Review this item!