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Farpoint Flex Fold Security Light

Farpoint Flex Fold Security Light

Farpoint Flex Fold Security Light
Farpoint Flex Fold Security Light
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Light up your driveway, backyard, front door, back porch or patio brighter than ever with the Motion-Activated Flex Fold Solar Light from Farpoint.

Wireless Solar-Powered Outdoor Lighting

That's right; solar powered! During the day the solar cells charge up the 2400mAh Li-ion Rechargeable Battery, so no external power source is needed. Then when the sun goes down any motion that passes within 26-32 feet of the sensor will activate the light and flood the area with up to 1000 Lumens of bright light courtesy of 52 SMD LEDs. Then when NO motion is detected the light will shut off after 30 seconds.

In low light, the light will turn on at 100% (1000 Lumens) and then will dim to 30% brightness (300 Lumens) and stay ON for 8 hours.

The Best Motion-Sensor Lights for Outdoor Security

The light and light panels are 360 degree adjustable giving you full range for the best exposure to sunlight for charging and for directing the light where it's needed most.

Make sure to install the solar panel with direct exposure to full sunlight. Mounting hardware is included along with a detachable bracket. Let the lights charge up for a full 8 hours. This will give you approximately 8 hours of light run time. Remember to turn on the light BEFORE installing. The ON/OFF/AUTO Switch is located in the back of the central light. And the both the lights and solar panel are weatherproof.


- 1000 Lumens - 52 SMD LED Lights
- 360 Degree Rotation
- ON/OFF/AUTO Switch
- 2400mAh Li-ion Rechargeable Battery
- Sensor Distance: 26-32 ft. (8-10 meters)
- Weatherproof IP4 Rated
- Hassle Free Installation
- Mounting Hardware Included with Detachable Bracket
- Charging time: 8 hours
- Run time: 8 hours

5 Stars  Easy Install 
I purchased two and they work as described. The flex lights give a wide range of lighting. I had purchased four Guardian Torch lights about a year ago from another source and within 6 months they were full of water and no longer functioned. There is a lot junk on the market and I hope these are better quality. Bottom line is they are working perfectly now and hope they continue.

5 Stars  Flex Fold Security Light 
Flex Fold light is fantastic! It took longer to set up the ladder and put it away than it did to mount the light. Mounted in less than five minutes. Instead of hiring an electrician to run power to my car port to provide light in my car port at night, I purchased the Flex Light. Works even better than I hoped. Wish I could add a video demonstration. Thank you Pulse TV!

5 Stars  LED bright 
Lights up back yard

5 Stars  Great Light 
Impressed . Just what I wanted

3 Stars  Do not understand the way it works 
Comes on with out motion but does not come on if I stannd in front of it and wave?????

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Video: Farpoint Flex Fold Security Light

Light up your driveway, backyard, front door, back porch or patio brighter than ever with the Motion-Activated Flex Fold Solar Light from Farpoint.
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