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Farpoint 350 Lumen Tactical Flashlight 2-Pack - Like on TV but 1/2 the Price

Farpoint 350 Lumen Tactical Flashlight 2-Pack - Like on TV but 1/2 the Price

Farpoint 350 Lumen Tactical Flashlight 2-Pack - Like on TV but 1/2 the Price
Farpoint 350 Lumen Tactical Flashlight 2-Pack - Like on TV but 1/2 the Price
Compare at: $39.99  (75% off)
*PLEASE NOTE: Price break info on video may not be accurate when item is on sale. The sale price is well below the normal 2 or more discount price.

The Farpoint Tactical Flashlight is everything you would ever want in a flashlight, and with this deal, you get 2 of them!

This LED torch flashlight is like the Atomic Beam that you've seen on TV, but you won't pay anywhere near what you would for that one. But you get all the same great features, like an adjustable beam that goes from spot to flood focus and 5 illumination settings: High, Medium & Low Beam, Strobe and SOS.

You can cycle quickly through the modes with a light press on the rubberized power bottom on the base.

Flashlights don't get much tougher than this one! It's made from an aluminum alloy that makes it weatherproof and impact resistant. Plus, it features a beveled head that protects the lens, and a wrist strap that keeps it secure even in harsh conditions.

Features and Benefits:
- 2 Pack of Ultra Bright LED Flashlights
- 350 Lumens
- Tactical Design
- Adjustable Beam Focus
- 5 Illumination Modes
- Quick-Press Mode Cycling
- Each Flashlight Uses 3 AAA Batteries (not included)
- Beveled Head Protects Lens
- Wrist Strap
- Weatherproof and Impact Resistant
- Aluminum Alloy Construction
- 5 Hr. Run Time on Full Batteries
- 275m Illumination Distance
- Great for Indoor and Outdoor Use
- 5.25 Inches Long

5 Stars  Powerful Little Flashlight 
This flashlight was even better than I expected. It produces an amazing amount of light and its size makes it so handy. Plus it has the variable size beam of light and the SOS and pulsating beam. I highly recommend this pair of flashlights.

5 Stars  Great flashlight 
These are great flashlights. Small enough, but bright.

5 Stars  would recommend 
Love my new flashlights

5 Stars  Great. 
Everting about this flash light is great brightness, durable and low cost.

3 Stars  not bad for the price 
bright light but part you use to zoom in and out moves too easily allowing the light to zoom in on its own

5 Stars  Bright 
These Lights are as described, super bright and the zoom works great. Could be the best flashlight Ive ever owned.

5 Stars  Tactical Flashlight 2-pk 
I love these they are what they said they were and small enough to fit in my purse. I gave one to a friend and plan on buying more.

5 Stars  Great Flash light 
I live in the Country so this is so much more convenient to use at nite instead of a Spot light. Plus I gave one to my Parents for when the get up at night so they would not have to stumble try to turn overhead lights on.

5 Stars  Super Bright Flashlight for a Super Low Price 
I ordered a two-pack and liked them so much that I ordered another two-pack...and then a third two-pack. I dont guess you can endorse a product more than that. I now have one in my house, one in my garage, one in my car, one on my motorcycle, one in my wifes truck and one in my stepdaughters car. Now my mother-in-law wants one so I guess Ill be putting in another order.

5 Stars  Great flashlights 
You will throw away your old ones. These are so bright. They are great.

5 Stars  How should I know! 
I ordered them. I received them. Hubby opened them. And thats the last I saw of them. Soooo they must REALLY be great. ????

4 Stars  Farpoint 350 Lumen Tactical Flashlight 2-Pack 
Small and easy to carry. Great light effect for morning walks and evening tasks outside where a flashlight is needed.

5 Stars  Great Flashlight for the Price! 
I have always been skeptical about small flashlights being able to emit enough light to get the job done. I was very impressed with the brightness of these small flashlights. My pest control guy stopped by to do a routine inspection of my attic and left his flashlight in the I the truck. I gave him one of these flashlights and when finished came down from my attic he committed with wow is this one of those atomic flashlights? Needless to say they work and get the job done. Thanks Pulsetv.

Cannot believe how bright this flashlight is!! If I am able to do so I will buy more of these. They are an incredible value.

5 Stars  Cant beat the price 
Sturdy, built well. Bright. I especially like the adjustable beam.

5 Stars  Very handy emergency device. 
Very nice handy small but powerful device.

4 Stars  Great flashlight 
I have bought 12 or 14 of these. I have one in each room of my house.

5 Stars  Farpoint 350 Lumen Tactical Flashlight 
I like the flashlight. It performs as advertised. It actually has too many features. I mostly use this flashlight around the house, live in a rural area without street lights. I shine the light, but then have to keep pushing the button to get it back to the flashlight position.

5 Stars  Flashlights - excellent buy 
Once my grandson saw these on he wanted one for himself. Excellent - they have come in handy on more then one occasion.

5 Stars  Great 
These are great flashlights. Just what we needed for the car for emergencies.


4 Stars  tactical light 
great light with one exception...the product has numerous setting and sometimes when you light it up it goes into blinking mode.. but light works well very luminous.

5 Stars  flashlight 
best value

5 Stars  Bright 
Brightest little flashlight ever. Lites up the whole room, or just a part when using the zoom.

5 Stars  Hot Set Up 
Best Deal going !!!

5 Stars  Bright light 
Very sturdy, bright light in compact flashlight. Easy to carry in luggage or pocket.

5 Stars  Great Product 
Great dual product. Very powerful lights.

5 Stars  Very handy 
Great beam, good size, even fits in your pocket. Appears to be very tough too.

5 Stars  Flashlight 
Love them lights up the yard can watch the dogs make sure they are safe.

4 Stars  Bright!! 
Works very well. Perfect for taking my dog out in the wee hours. Illuminates my 1-acre yard!

5 Stars  Fantastic Flashlight 
This little flashlight will surprise you how bright it is and the emergency flashing is also great. This deal of a 2 pack from Pulsetv is such a bargain you need to order 2 of them for gifts!

I was skeptical of this new LED flashlight, but it is HANDSDOWN the BEST flashlight ive ever owned! Not only is it the BRIGHGTEST ever, the zoom in/out feature actually works! And its the lowest price ive ever seen, 75% less than harbor freight! this is an A+ item in my book!

5 Stars  Excellent item 
These are extremely good flashlights.A+ in my book.

5 Stars  flashlight 2 pack 
Good light,nice & bright,good price.

4 Stars  The Almost perfect great little lights 
I use these at work. They have a great throw range and the zoom is easy to use one handed. Almost perfect compact light because one of the battery holders glue hold failed at the spring loaded nipple almost immediately and it was a bear to figure out how to re-glue it. Im going to buy some of the rechargeable 18650? batteries to see if they last longer. I use these nightly for a total of 20 minutes and a set of Duracells will last about 2 weeks before I really notice a drop off, but if you use it in flash mode the batteries will last longer.

5 Stars  Bright 
Liked them so much I bought ten for the whole family. They loved them as well.

5 Stars  So Bright 
Was amazed as this small flashlight lit up the whole room when our lights went out. Bought more to give to kids.

5 Stars  Flash lights 
Very bright and wider range. well pleased with the flashlight and would recommend it to others

5 Stars  Tactical light 
Just as advertized. Very good value.

5 Stars  Bright light, small size 
Perfect smaller size with all functionality and bright light which can be focused to cover a small or larger area. Going to order two more, live in Ocala National Forest, FL with black bear, wild turkeys/peacocks/sand Hill cranes, etc Letting dogs out at night need bright light to see whats in our horse pastures.

5 Stars  Bright 
These flashlights are worth every penny. They are as bright compared to more expensive lights Well worth pulse tvs price. Im Satisfied with purchase

5 Stars  as advertized 
I bought them for Christmas presents so I wont be able to comment on their use until then. They did come promptly and as advertized

5 Stars  Best flashlight Ive ever owned 
Love this flashlight--brighter than any Ive had, and a good, adjustable focus beam will light up a distant point, or my whole backyard, as needed. And of course, the price was right!

5 Stars  flaslhlights 
work great and very broght

5 Stars  Surprised! 
I was blown away with how bright of a light this small flashlight threw. Lit up the whole room when power went out at night. Bought two more sets to give to my kids.

5 Stars  Great little flashlight 
These are the perfect size lights for the car, camping and whatever. Am really happy with them.

5 Stars  Good deal on all counts 
Ruggedly made, great illumination, and at this price a definite bargain.

5 Stars  fast shiping 
item exactly as described

5 Stars  flashlights 
These are excellent

3 Stars  I wonder 
Once this was straightened out it was okay. Still, it left a lot to the imagination.

3 Stars  2 Tac flashlights that work 
I was surprised that they work as well as they do. They are not as bright as some other one but are not as expensive. Its a good purchase and fun to use.

5 Stars  Number one 
Great light have seen similar mine is brighter light .great product very happy

5 Stars  Great product 
Very sturdy. Works as expected

4 Stars  great flashlight 
Nice bright beam with variable spread


5 Stars  Was what I Expected 
good flashlights that do what I was looking for with a price being better than what I was looking for.

5 Stars  BRITE LITE 

5 Stars  Great Flashlight 
The best individual flashlight that I have ever purchased

5 Stars  For vehicle and dog walking 
Excellent product. Bright light when needed, Good beam patterns. Great buy for that flashlight person in your household. Im one of them !

5 Stars  Tactical Flashlight 2-pack 
These lights really shine some light! And it is so easy to adjust the beam. They work magnificently for their price!

4 Stars  Great Lights and Price 
I use these lights for business Great quality for the price Everyone likes the light, only one defective light out of 20 - brought 10 packages in total

5 Stars  Best Flashlight I Have 
Very bright and durable, easy to go between functions. Gave one to my brother because he was impressed by it.

5 Stars  Very Nice Product 
This is a very handy flashlight. Small yet it produces a very bright and adjustable light. To get 2 of them for a very low price made the deal even better. This is a great value.

5 Stars  Good light to have in car. 
I keep one of these lights in my car, because I believe they will be useful in an emergency.

5 Stars  Farpoint 
compact, beam is very strong different settings very good not seen on any other type of light good for car or home I have one the car

5 Stars  great value! 
Very bright and handy.

5 Stars  flashl 
they work great

4 Stars  POWERFUL 
This thing lights up almost my entire back yard.

5 Stars  Great Tool 
love the illumination given off by this tool - you will never be alone at night.

5 Stars  Great Quality & great prices! 
The lanterns, flashlights, and talking tire gauge are a fantastic buy and are made of top quality materials.

5 Stars  good value 
very bright for its size. uses standard batteries

5 Stars  Great product 
What a deal? Four powerful mini-flashlights for under $10. They are everything they are advertised to be. Would highly recommend to anyone who has the opportunity to buy them.

4 Stars  Farpoint 350 Lumen Tactical Flashlight 2-Pack 
A very good buy and I really like it

5 Stars  Great Little Flashlight! 
I love this little guy with the big, bright Headlight! Im going to get more and share with friends and family. They will thank me for it Im sure.

5 Stars  Farpoint Flashlight 
Good deal- one for me and one for a fiend! Great price- thank you!

5 Stars  The light that it puts out is so very bright for its size!!! 
Great size & great price!!!

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Video: Farpoint 350 Lumen Tactical Flashlight 2-Pack - Like on TV but 1/2 the Price

The Farpoint Tactical Flashlight is everything you would ever want in a flashlight, and with this deal, you get 2 of them! The Farpoint Tactical Flashlight is everything you would ever want in a flashlight, and with this deal, you get 2 of them!
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