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Extendable Phone and Tablet Stand

Extendable Phone and Tablet Stand

Extendable Phone and Tablet Stand
Extendable Phone and Tablet Stand
Your Price: $7.99
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SPECIAL: 2 for $13.98 (53% off)
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Securely hold and display any mobile device with our extendable phone and tablet stand.

This is one of the most versatile phone stands on the market because it extends in three places, the base, stem, and phone cradle. This feature makes it compatible with any sized phone and most tablets. Finally, you don't have to fumble with those giant iPads.

While it can extend outwards to give you support for your mobile device, it also folds inward, allowing this to be stored or packed away. It's so compact, it can even fit in your pocket. Take it anywhere with ease.

The stable, anti-slip design has rubberized pads that will keep your mobile device in place. It's made with sturdy metals and polymers, which makes it reliable and long-lasting.

This is great to use in your home or office while the kids can use it in the classroom or for home e-learning.


- High Quality Material
- Extends to Support Tablets and Other Larger Devices
- Non-Slip Grips and Rubberized Feet
- Folds For Portability and Storage
- Great for the Home, Office, and Classroom
- Use for Mobile Gaming, Video Calls, and Work
- Dimensions When Folded: 4.5 in. x 2.5 in. x 1 in.

5 Stars  Great. 
Love this product. Works as advertised.

5 Stars  Great product. 
I didnt know I needed this stand as much as I did until I started using it. It is so handy. I can move my phone around with me instead of lay it on a surface where I forget where it is. Do like it a lot.

5 Stars  iPhone stand 
Greatest product for holding iPhone while taking notes, etc. I find it indispensable.

5 Stars  Works great 
I would recommend this - great to hold iPhone and keep hands free

5 Stars  helps so much not to have to keep hand pressure position to hold phone 
very sturdily built ..... just enough of a curve on the feet to hold the bottom or side of my phone, depending on which way I need to view it ..... only thing is, the phone can fall off very easily, since there is nothing to hold it on the stand .... so I wrap a rubber band around the phone & then around the back of the stand to keep it in place ..... BUT I have one of those poppable buttons on the back of my phone, so I wrap the rubberband around IT and then stretch it out around the back of the stand .... I recommend it for anyone who gets cramps in their fingers or their arms from having to hold their phone ..... I set the stand on my chest & just use it without having to keep my arm/hand in one position !!!!

5 Stars  A valuable, useful stand 
Because of its flexibility to position t different angles and grip the phone it is much easier to take selfie photos. We like it.

5 Stars  This item is great! 
Really love this item!

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Securely hold and display any mobile device with our extendable phone and tablet stand
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