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Extendable Mega Hand Fly Swatter

Extendable Mega Hand Fly Swatter

Extendable Mega Hand Fly Swatter
Extendable Mega Hand Fly Swatter
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Fly Swatters Are An Excellent Alternative To Harmful Pesticides

FLIES...those dirty, little summer pests don't stand a chance against the Extendable Mega Hand Fly Swatter.

This Extendable Mega Hand Fly Swatter features a strong and flexible plastic screen on an extendable metal handle with a foam grip. The striking surface is a truly jumbo 6 x 8 inches, which means there is less chance those nasty, little bacteria-carriers will escape. The handle telescopes from 5 to 22-inches, giving you an over-all length of 39 fly-annihilating inches so you can reach flies out of arms length.

Great for your home, camping, picnics and other outdoor activities.


- Colors: Blue, Red, and Green (Sorry No Color Choice)
- Jumbo Size
- Made of Super Flexible Plastic
- Non-Slip Handle
- Made of Non-Toxic Plastic
- High-Quality Stainless-Steel
- Striking Surface: 6" x 8"
- Extends From 13.5" All The Way Up To 30"
- Double-Dipped Rubber Grip Handle

5 Stars  fly swatter 
large, adjusts in length. Very good.

5 Stars  Mega Hand Fly Swatter 
great product, really works well

5 Stars  Great 
I bought several of these because I knew when other people saw them they would want them, and I was right. They are much better than the normal fly swatters in that they have a bigger head, or hand as the case may be, and reach farther. The extended reach means a better kill rate.

5 Stars  Best flyswatter ever! 
This squishes with one swat those huge wood spiders we find in the country. Flies dont get up and fly away after you think theyre a goner. They stay squished.

5 Stars  Best fly swatter ever! 
Bought several and do not regret it. One swat sends them to bug heaven, even those big spiders and killer bees instead of many scary swats before the wiggling stops. The extension handle allows me to sit where I am to reach without getting up and scaring them with my movement. Ingenious design!

5 Stars  It works great 
It is really sturdy and the expansion factor is great. Don t have to wait for the bug to come so close.

5 Stars  Great 
This fly swatter came in handy. I would definitely recommend this item.

5 Stars  big hand slap 
works better than the conventional ones.

5 Stars  I have three now 
I ordered one more with my last Pulse order. One for the deck, one for inside and one for work.

5 Stars  Gag Gift Gone Good 
My parents are always grabbing a flyswatter and complaining about how flimsy they are. I got this as a joke for them, but they love it! Its sturdy enough to get the wasps with one whack, and long enough to reach the peskiest fly.

5 Stars  The best fly swatter ever! 
This is much better than I thought it would be. The telescoping handle is very heavy duty and the padded grip is very nice. The swatter part is huge and is really molded on to the handle quite well. It easily reaches the ceiling. I got 6 kills yesterday. Today only one.

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