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Expandable Portable Clothes Hanger 5-Pack
Expandable Portable Clothes Hanger 5-Pack

Expandable Portable Clothes Hanger 5-Pack

Expandable Portable Clothes Hanger 5-Pack

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How Far Does the Retractable Go-Hanger Extend

These hangers are designed to easily extend and retract so you can hang up your clothes inside your vehicle. Simply pull the ends of the hanger out to extend the arms and then push them in to retract. The hanger extends out to full-size at 17", and retracts down to 5.25" for convenient storage.

A concealed hook is located on middle of the hanger. It can be rotated out for hanging and folded in when not in use. They're perfect for vacations, dry cleaning, business trips, commuting to work, and more! This 5-pack is a great way to keep the whole family looking their best!


- Hanger designed for those on-the-go
- Includes 5 Retractable Go-Hangers
- Extends and retracts
- Pull out to extend arms
- Push in to retract arms
- Extends to full-size 17" hanger
- Retracts down to 5.25" for storage
- Perfect for commutes, road trips, dry cleaning, and more

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1 Stars  Value 0 cents 
Worst coat hanger.... EVER. Bulky. Limited extension. Too much trouble to achieve either extended or collapsed positions. Should have been Scrapped on the drawing board. The first item I have ever found that deserves a 0 Star-rating. Nuff Said!

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Video: Expandable Portable Clothes Hanger 5-Pack

When you're on the go, keep your clothes neat and tidy with the Retractable Go-Hanger.
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