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Exclusive Collector's Edition:<br />Ronald Reagan - The Great<br />Communicator DVD Set
Exclusive Collector's Edition:
Ronald Reagan - The Great
Communicator DVD Set

Exclusive Collector's Edition:
Ronald Reagan - The Great
Communicator DVD Set

Exclusive Collector's Edition:
Ronald Reagan - The Great
Communicator DVD Set

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Unavailable in Stores - Exclusive 2 Disc Box Set

Ronald Wilson Reagan, the 40th President of the United States, is credited by many with the greatest peacetime expansion in U.S. History. Twice winning the White House by a landslide, the former sports announcer, actor and California Governor worked with Congress to stimulate economic growth, curb inflation, increase employment and strengthen national defense.

For this up-close-and-personal TV documentary, former CNN Washington bureau chief Frank Cesno was given unprecedented access to the memories of those people whose lives were profoundly touched by former President Ronald Reagan: family members, friends, political colleagues, advisors, fellow world leaders, employees.

Bypassing Reagan's Hollywood career and controversial tenure as head of the Screen Actors Guild, the two-hour film focuses on his political career, and the events in his childhood and early adulthood that helped shape his vision and character. Impeccably unbiased, the film explores both the highs and lows of the Reagan administration, giving equal time to his adherents and detractors.

Among the fascinating revelations herein are former Soviet premiere Gorbachev's affirmation that no one but Reagan could have successfully brokered the US-USSR peace summits, and the observation by son Ron Reagan that his father, though affable and outgoing, always held back "that last ten percent," refusing to allow anyone to get truly close to him. This evenly balanced film will confirm Reagan's greatness to his supporters, and reiterate the man's shortcomings to his non-supporters; even decades after the Reagan regime, there is no middle ground so far as his friends and foes are concerned.

This two-disc boxed set takes a unique look at the Reagan presidency through the clips of more than 100 presidential appearances, rare newsreels and Hollywood footage. The set includes two hours of DVD extras that showcase memorable speeches and addresses through Reagan's tenure as President.

A selection of speeches from Ronald Reagan. The conservative "Reagan Revolution," of free-market economics, the Religious Right, and American military power, dominated American politics for three decades. This volume includes the "Evil Empire" speech, the "Government is the problem" speech, the "Tear down this Wall" speech, and many others.

From the attempted assassination on his life, to his historic speech in Berlin, to his journey to the oval office, Ronald Reagan: The Great Communicator is a comprehensive look at one of the most influential world leaders of all time.

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