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Ergonomic Handshake Wireless Computer Mouse

Ergonomic Handshake Wireless Computer Mouse

Ergonomic Handshake Wireless Computer Mouse
Ergonomic Handshake Wireless Computer Mouse
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The Most Comfortable Computer Mouse

This vertical mouse is designed ergonomically to be the most comfortable kind of mouse for daily use. Instead of cramping your hand (causing carpal tunnel and aggravating arthritis) you hold it as naturally as shaking a hand. The angled buttons and scroll wheel still function the same way and you'll love how easy it is to glide your hand around while navigating.

It features a clickable scroll wheel, and forward/back buttons that you can use while navigating on the web or customized for gaming. Adjust the DPI sensitivity with the push of a button: it ranges from 800-1200-1600. Lower the sensitivity for fine work in digital art, or browsing, and bump up the sensitivity for gaming.

Simply plug the nano USB receiver into your computer and use it up to 33 feet away. The optical mouse works on nearly every smooth surface. and the wireless design means it's great for traveling, working from home, or even replacing that old-fashioned mouse at your office. It runs on two AAA batteries (not included) that efficiently runs for months.

Note: The nano USB receiver is stored on the underside of the mouse. You can plug this in any Windows PC, Laptop, Mac port. You can also use one of these adapters to use it with USB-C devices like an iPad or Android device.


  • Ergonomic Mouse Built for Comfort
  • Unique Handshake Design fights Carpal Tunnel/Arthritis
  • Wireless up to 33ft
  • Nano Receiver Plugs Directly into USB Port
  • Made for Right-Handed Users
  • Forward/Back Buttons by Thumb
  • Adjustable DPI: 800-1200-1600
  • Red Optical Laser Mouse Works on Most Smooth Surfaces
  • Great for Travel or Working from Home
  • Compatibility: Windows PC, Mac, Laptop, Chromebook, Android and More
  • Dimensions: 4.7in x 2.6in x 3in

4 Stars  mouse 
Takes a little getting use too

5 Stars  This feels so much better! 
I really enjoy using this mouse as opposed to the conventional shaped mouse. My hand is in a natural handshake position instead of being cramped around the other. This was an excellent purchase.

4 Stars  Great Ergonomic Wireless Mouse 
An amazing wireless mouse! Just wish the company would have manufactured for left-handed users as well only for right-handed users good thing Im ambidextrous!! lol Still, I love the way my hand is in more of a natural position with this mouse when navigating on my computer. A great purchase!

5 Stars  great 
it was what i needed

5 Stars  Wireless mouse 

5 Stars  Ergonomic computer hand mouse 
So much better for all the computer use . I have been using one for a few years. I bought another one as a spare...just in case! It supports my hand

5 Stars  Ergonomic Handshake Mouse 
Very easy to use, allows my hand to relax while in use. Recommend this device for people with hand problems.

4 Stars  Nice Ergonomic Mouse 
This mouse was a little awkward at first. But once I got used to it, it does feel very comfortable.

4 Stars  Good 
Like the feel and the way it shuts down when not being used.

4 Stars  Very comfortable 
pretty well - but - thee buttons are harder to push than I am used to. Also, my hand seems to move backward so that the buttons brcomr very hard to push and if unused for a while the mouse disconnects. Overall, I do like them and am getting used to them,

5 Stars  E-Z to use 
Great for those of us who have issues with arthritus or rotator cuff injuries.

5 Stars  Great on my hand! 
Ive had both my wrists reconstructed I have severe arthritis and carpal tunnel in both my wrists from that and Ill tell you this mouse has been a lifesaver.

5 Stars  Movin on up 
I have been using this mouse for about two weeks. It takes some time getting use to pressing to the side for the left and right mouse clicks. I find that the ability to switch mouse speeds 800-1600 has helped. 800 for when I need to be precise and 1200 or 1600 when I need to cover the screen faster with less precision. I am also learning to pick my forearm up when moving my right hand from the keyboard to the mouse. Since the mouse is 3 inches high, I have knocked it over or moved it more than 6 inches in some direction. So far, not to the floor. Even after two + weeks, I still forget occasionally. But, I really like this mouse. And I think you will to.

2 Stars  Too bad, its a good idea that needs more work 
Headline says it all. Tried, really tried to make is work comfortably but with no success. Hope others have had better results.

4 Stars  Really helps with my wrist pain 
The mouse configuration really helps with the wrist pain I was having. My only problem is my hands are small and I have to use my middle finger to left click instead of my index finger. It took a little longer to get used to it because of that but now that Im used to it, I dont have any problems. I like it more every day. Solved a big problem for me.My wrist pain was getting so bad using a regular mouse that I couldnt be very productive.

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Ergonomic Handshake Wireless Computer Mouse

This mouse is designed ergonomically to be the most comfortable kind of mouse for daily use. Instead of cramping your hand (causing carpal tunnel and aggravating arthritis) you hold it as naturally as shaking a hand.