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Eramax Super Absorbent Plus Sized Shammy

Eramax Super Absorbent Plus Sized Shammy

Eramax Super Absorbent Plus Sized Shammy
Eramax Super Absorbent Plus Sized Shammy
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One of the Most Absorbent Towels Out There!

Introducing a new era of shammy. The Eramax UltraDry Shammy Plus is a super sized, super absorbent towel. Made from a mesh reinforced PVA material, this is the softest and most absorbent shammy you'll find.

Guaranteed to be lint and scratch free, this will hold up to 10x its weight in liquid while remaining gentle on the intended surface. You can use this indoors and out on all kinds of surfaces, like marble, mirrors, car exteriors and interiors, glass, tile, and so much more.

Measuring in at a whopping 26 x 17 inches, this is one of the largest shammies on the market. And with more surface area comes more absorbency, however you can easily cut it to size, giving you more towels for more cleaning. Talk about a bang for your buck!

How to Store Your Shammy

When you're done using it, simply slip it back inside the reusable storage tube. Please note, your shammy will dry up and harden, but that's to prevent bacteria growth and foul odors. When this happens, do not unfold it as that can cause damage. Just simply rewet it and use it normally.


  • Super Absorbent Shammy, Holds 10x its Weight in Liquid
  • Scratch and Lint Free
  • Durable, Long Lasting PVA Material
  • Perfect for the Car, Kitchen, Bathroom, Garage, and More
  • Use it On Marble, Tile, Mirror, Counters, Metal, and Glass
  • Strong Mesh Reinforced Interior
  • Reusable Storage Tube
  • Can be Easily Cut to Preferred Size
  • Plus Sized: 26 in. x 17 in.

5 Stars  cleaning car 
It works great clean and dry appropriately like using shammy

5 Stars  It truly is super absorbent 
I use this towel on myself after I shower. It absorbs all the water off my body and hair. I just put on a nice robe after I am done and within minutes Im totally dry. Even as you use it, you can wring it out and get impressive amounts of water out of it and keep going. Works great

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