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Emergency Rechargeable Power Failure Flashlight
Emergency Rechargeable Power Failure Flashlight
Emergency Rechargeable Power Failure Flashlight
Emergency Rechargeable Power Failure Flashlight
Emergency Rechargeable Power Failure Flashlight
Emergency Rechargeable Power Failure Flashlight
Emergency Rechargeable Power Failure Flashlight

Emergency Rechargeable Power Failure Flashlight

Emergency Rechargeable Power Failure Flashlight

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Sold Out
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Here's a versatile flashlight that is always ready!

It's a bright dual beam flashlight that you can use at a lower light of 150 Lumens or on the bright setting of 300 lumens.

It has a 1200 mAh Lithium Ion rechargeable battery and base that plugs directly into the wall via a USB plug. Please note a USB port is needed.

What sets this apart from others on the market is the handy night light function that is actually light and motion activated! This function only works when in the charging base.

These are great to have in garages, cellars, halls, attics, bathrooms, offices, children's rooms or even at the entry way of your house so you'll never walk into a dark house again.

Perfect for any emergency situation when you may need to grab a light and go. Stays charged up to 3 hours on a full charge.

The flashlight also has a set of powerful magnets on the bottom. This allows it to be mounted on any metal surface for a hands free lighting option.

- Night Light with Motion Sensor
- Senses movement up to 15 feet away
- Bright LED Flashlight
- Dual Beam 150 or 300 Lumen Setting
- Slide Focus
- Rechargeable 1200 mAh Battery Built-In
- Induction Charging Base Included
- Lasts up to 3 Hours on a Full Charge
- Magnets on Base for Hands Free Operation
- Night Sensor Light 20 Seconds per activation
- Charges via USB - 270 degree Rotatable USB - Great for Emergencies
- Flashlight Length: 6 inches
- Length w/ Charging Panel: 7 inches

PLEASE NOTE: The Night/Motion Sensor mode will only work when charging base is plugged into the wall and the flashlight is on the base.

Review this item!

5 Stars  nice and bright 
very good

5 Stars  Excellent flashlight 
The emergency rechargeable power failure flashlight worked extremely well when we had a power outage at our house due to a downed line. It was so nice to have the flashlights available immediately with the confidence knowing they had a full charge. I also had a problem with one of the flashlights when the order first arrived, and Pulsetv support was perfect, and sent out a replacement that very day!

5 Stars  Works Great 
Just had a 2 day power outage from the latest storm, this light came in Very handy!

5 Stars  Favorite purchase 
Perfect for night light, emergency flashlight is bright and accessible. We use this all the time and have reordered more! Great gift

5 Stars  awesome light 
i like the light very bright to see where i m going

5 Stars  Lights Out? Flashlight On! 
Not long after I received this product, I experienced a brief power outage @ 4 a.m. in the morning. I was up because I was planning a trip to another state. Anyway, I was walking around in near total darkness swearing when I noticed light coming from the utility room. I opened the door and Voila, my own personal light - flashlight beckoning me to hold it, which I did. It was a lifesaver in a time of need, I could finish packing, make my lunch, grab my coffee and be on my way!

5 Stars  great emergency item 
just a couple days after recieving, my power went out in the midst of a storm. yet my new light shined bright and led me to the fuse box

5 Stars  Perfect! 
This was so awesome. I even got to use it this weekend when a storm came thru and took out the electric for several hours! Worked awesomely! In fact, Im ordering more for the house and one for work!

5 Stars  Emergency Rechargeable Power Failure Flashlight 
I am pleased with this item. My only issue with it is I thought it was a 110 plug in not just a USB. Otherwise it has worked great so far.

5 Stars  Very bright 
Just be sure you have a usb plug that is strong enough to hold the flashlight

5 Stars  We love these! 
Great nightlight and flashlight combo always ready for anything!

5 Stars  PLUG IN WHERE??? 
For some reason when I read the ad I missed how it charges. It charges on a USB plug. The USB connector on the charger rotates 270 degrees which is very useful. Also, dont toss out the little white square, it is a spacer to help when attached to a USB port. I like this so much that I spent $20.00 for a new electric outlet that has the built-in USB port. Outside of the USB, it is a GREAT light, very bright. The motion detector is a great extra to the light.

5 Stars  Great Price/Works Great 
The best emergency flashlight

5 Stars  Emergency Flashlight is GREAT 
Got this just in time. Power went out. We had light! Recommend this product.

5 Stars  great light for the money 
works perfectly!

5 Stars  Wow what a night saver! 
Both components work as advertised - ever present motion detected night-light & an adjustable, focused, ever charged flashlight! You cant go wrong with this jewel!

4 Stars  USB Plug-In not a good idea. 
USB Plug-In not a good idea. Might work better if you have a USB on your outlet. By the time you attach a USB outlet the light sticks out 5-6 from the wall.. The flashlight seems very bright and use able. I do not like the plug in mechanism that rotates and is not very strong or stable.

4 Stars  Wopply connection to wall adapter 
Light is very bright and automatically works as advertised when power is removed. However, due to the connection to power is via a USB connector, the connection requires a AC to USB adapter. That is not a problem, but because of the size and relatively heavy flashlight assembly, the whole assembly is very loosy goosy and can easily fall off the power connection if even slightly hit.

5 Stars  Flashlight 
Great item and very happy with purchase

4 Stars  power failure light 
good strong light however not too happy with how it plugs in to outlet. you need an adapter and it is pretty heavy so it does not sit well on the wall.

5 Stars  Handy gadget to have in my mountainous region of PA! 
Cool! Comes in handy for unexpected blackouts causewd by the weather and high winds we get all year round up here in the Poconos. Must admit though- I used to have a device like this but it was of much poorer quality and cost me a lot more! Kudos to Anisa and the GC gang!

5 Stars  Super nice night light 
Great emergency light when power goes out

5 Stars  Very Handy to Have! 
I always have a flashlight available now when I take my little dog outside at night....its VERY BRIGHT!

5 Stars  Love this light 
I l love the night light feature of the light. I am amazed at how bright the flashlight is. I bought 3 more for my family members as a Christmas gift. Great purchase.

4 Stars  Surprisingly efficient flash light 
I really like this flashlight, the motion sensor light is better than I expected!!

Review this item!
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Video: Emergency Rechargeable Power Failure Flashlight

Here's a versatile flashlight that is always ready!
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