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Elite TWS Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds For iPhone and Android

Elite TWS Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds For iPhone and Android

Elite TWS Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds For iPhone and Android
Elite TWS Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds For iPhone and Android
Compare at: $29.99  (43% off)
*PLEASE NOTE: Price break info on video may not be accurate when item is on sale. The sale price is well below the normal 2 or more discount price.

The Elite TWS Wireless Earbuds is the closest thing we've carried to high-end Apple and Sony earbuds but without the huge price.

The Best Inexpensive Pair Of Bluetooth Earbuds

With so many Bluetooth® earbuds on the market, there are a lot to chose from. The Elite TWS's stand apart from every other reasonably priced pair. It's the only set in this price range that can compare to $100+ sets.

The sound quality is what everyone really loves about these. With full bass and crisp treble, it's amazing how something this reasonably priced sounds so good.

They are fully touch-controllable, allowing you to answer and hang up calls, control your playlists, adjust the volume, and even summon Siri or Goggle Assistant with a simple double-tap.

The Earbuds come with super comfortable eargels, a portable charging case, and a USB-C charging cord. The earbuds will provide 3-hours of playtime while the portable case will fully recharge them 3 times. When the case needs charged, hook up the USB-C cord for super-fast recharging.


- TWS Series Is Considered One Of The Best Earbuds For The Price
- Fully Touch Controlable
- Comparable In Sound And Features to $100+ Sets
- Charge Case Can Recharge Earbuds 3 Times On One Charge
- Can Use One Or Both Earbuds
- Truly Wireless With No Annoying Cords
- Answer And Hangup Calls With One Touch
- Onboard Mic On Each Earbud For Clear Calls
- USB-C Cord For Super-Fast Charging
- Works With Both iPhone And Android
- Comfortable Eargels Included
- High-End Box Makes This A Great Gift
- Dimensions: 1" X 1" X 1.2"
- Case: 2" X 2.5 X 0.5"

3 Stars  Sensitive to the touch 
The earbuds have good sound quality for the price but turn off too easily with a simple touch. The bids are a little large for my ears so they don t fit securely if I m moving around while talking. They should have additional ear buds to accommodate smaller ears and a way to have to touch/tap certain parts of the bud to adjust controls.

5 Stars  Earbuds 
Working great! I m so glad I got them.

5 Stars  Very pleased! 
This purchase was far beyond my expectations. The price was much lower than in the local big box stores.

2 Stars  Wouldnt buy again 
Easily hangs up phone calls, earbuds hurt my ears, bought a pair for my boyfriend whos a truck driver and he says the volume is low sometimes.

5 Stars  So far so good 
I do not use them every day but when I do, they work just fine

4 Stars  Ear Buds 
Works Good. Sometime they dont stay in my ear Maybe me Havent ever used other wireless ear buds so I really cant compair. For the price I am happy with these.

5 Stars  Love it!!! 
Easy to sync, easy to use, great sound!, all around a wonderful addition to my listening pleasure.

5 Stars  Wireless earbuds 
I bought these earbuds for my wife so she dont get wires in her way when she is working out. The sound and reception is fantastic. She loves them.

5 Stars  Earbuds 
Good quality and great performance at a reasonable price.

5 Stars  Ear buds 
The product has been everything promised. I learn more about these earbuds every time I use them. Im extremely happy.

5 Stars  Great Bargain 
I bought these for my daughter as alternative to ipods. She begrudgingly tried them out thinking they wouldnt be close to ipods because they were 80% cheaper. Now she wears them every where and thinks not only do they sound great, but they fit good and are convenient with there charging case.

4 Stars  Great earbuds 
I like these earbuds, this is the third pair Ive purchased. They have an open clear sound, and good bass, especially if you fit them in firmly into the ear. I can hear everything so well, voices, instruments, it all sounds good, very spaciousness. All the features work nicely, like phone call control and talk, Siri and Google talk, volume up/down. They connect quickly to the phone and to music apps. For the low price of $20, theyre a hit!

3 Stars  Great price! 
Elite wreless earbuds are convenient and charge lasts a good amount of hours, but there is crackling n intermittent pauses when used. The sound sometimes sound muffled, but overall I think it s an Ok purchase. If yur into high quality sound then these aren t for you.

5 Stars  Elite Earbuds 
They were extremely easy to activate and use with my iPhone. They are slightly too large for my ears and tended to drop out while I was doing yard work.

4 Stars  great blue tooth ear phones 
connected great and sound great

4 Stars  Very nice! 
Hey all, I purchased 2 sets of these wireless earbuds, one for my wife, and I have to say Im pretty impressed. For the low price of $19, they sound really good. They have a nice clear sound, airy and expansive almost like surround sound. Very good treble and mid-range and the bass is good, too, it is not overdone like another set of earbuds I have that are bass heavy. Listening to electronic music I can hear cymbals, tin pans and keyboard synthesizers nice and clear...very enjoyable. Another thing I like is that they are lightweight and comfortable, not heavy so they dont become tiring in the ear. Also, they respond to touch controls for volume, google voice and other features nicely just be careful because they are a tad sensitive to the touch. On the negative side, they are not water resistant so keep away from water and sweat. And they are a bit difficult to pull out from the charging case since they fit down inside very snugly and, they are not active noise cancelling. Overall, theyre not bad at all they have quickly moved into the first spot on the list of several wireless earbuds I own for listening. Im listening to them right now as I write this review and theyre great!

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Video: Elite TWS Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds For iPhone and Android

The Elite TWS Wireless Earbuds is the closest thing we've carried to high-end Apple and Sony earbuds but without the huge price.
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