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Electronics Mystery Box: Vol 2 (Over $100 in Value)

Electronics Mystery Box: Vol 2 (Over $100 in Value)

Electronics Mystery Box: Vol 2 (Over $100 in Value)
Electronics Mystery Box: Vol 2 (Over $100 in Value)
Your Price: $34.77
Compare at: $130.00  (73% off)

It's back by popular demand! We bundled some of our top electronic items, gadgets, and other goodies in one big MYSTERY BOX!

What's in it? Shhh... we can't tell you but trust us, it's good stuff - valued at over $100! There's at least 6-8 items in every box, and NO duplicates. (So you won't get 6 pairs of the same headphones!)

The theme is Electronics - that's anything that plugs in, has batteries, or supports such items. I guarantee you'll love a few things in this box, if not - these are all perfectly giftable!

The last time we ran this promotion, they FLEW off the shelves so jump on this rare opportunity before we sell out.

Note: Each box has the same items inside, so you might not necessarily get different things if you order multiple boxes. If we run out of stock of one of the predetermined items, we reserve the right to switch it out, so it could change.


  • Mystery Electronics Box - You Don't Know What You Get!
  • 6-8 Different Surprise Electronics, Gadgets, Or Accessories
  • Volume 2 Selection - Over $100 in Value
  • Something In Here For Everyone
  • Makes a Great White Elephant Gift

5 Stars  Worth every cent 
I really enjoyed the Electronics Mystery Box. There were several items that are new to me and look interesting to try out. Plus, 3 I had previously ordered and am happy to have more.


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