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Electric Nose Hair & Ear Hair Trimmers
Electric Nose Hair & Ear Hair Trimmers
Electric Nose Hair & Ear Hair Trimmers
Electric Nose Hair & Ear Hair Trimmers
Electric Nose Hair & Ear Hair Trimmers

Electric Nose Hair & Ear Hair Trimmers

Electric Nose Hair & Ear Hair Trimmers

Your Price: $5.99
Compare at: $14.99  (60% off)
SPECIAL: 2 for $9.98 (67% off)
Sold Out
Order one (1) for just $5.99
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If you have ever cried while yanking out unsightly nose or ear hairs by the follicle, this Wet & Dry Trimmer by Home Solutions will make your grooming routine fast and painless.

The speed is what does the trick. The high speed rotary blades safely and more importantly PAINLESSLY remove hair from your ears and nose. Even better, the trimmer is water resistant, which means you can use it in the shower. NOTE: water resistant does not mean water-proof. So please do not submerge the trimmer.

At barely 5-inches in length this battery-powered trimmer is perfect for travel and easily fits into a bag or briefcase. And when you're done you can simply rinse it clean. The ideal grooming tool.

- Water-resistant trimmer
- High speed rotary blades
- Perfect size for travel
- Ergonomic grip handle
- Includes blade brush and storage cap
- Length: 5 inches
- Requires 1 AA battery (not included)

Review this item!

5 Stars
(1) Great Trimmer 
It works very well, better than more expensive types on the market.

4 Stars
(2) Get those hairs... 
Good tool at right price

5 Stars
(3) Hair be gone 
Those ear and nose hairs are gone in no time with this electric nose and ear trimmer! Easy to use and and maintain! Battery operated and ergonomically suited for all size hands!

5 Stars
(4) Portable and works well. 
As us men grow older hair grows in places where we do not want it. The Nose and Ears. Perfect trimmer to keep you looking sharp. Works great and very easy to use and clean

5 Stars
(5) Does the job. 
Its also very quiet, unlike the one it is replacing.

3 Stars
(6) Okay 
My issue is that sometimes the power cuts off. Then I have to shake it a little to get the battery to connect and then it will run. When it runs, I do like how it works. And I am not using a cheap grade battery either.

5 Stars
(7) Electric nose and ear hair trimmer 
works well.

1 Stars
(8) Weak 
I have owned others that work well but this one is just weak.

5 Stars
(9) ear and nose trimmer 
Ordered 3 sets, gave two as gifts with a great response. The price was so good I was a little doubtful as to its performance, which was great. The delivery time was also great

4 Stars
(10) Good trimmer 
Its a good trimmer and seems to do the job well. I wish the shaft was a little long and get in the nose a little deeper, but I can work with this one. its great on ear har too!

5 Stars
(11) nose hair trimmer, quick glue 
trimmers work great, no chance to use glue yet

2 Stars
(12) Ear & Nose Hair trimmers 
It handles like a toy, but it does work, if U have a little patience. Hasnt got much power, thus it clogs easily. For my use its ok.

4 Stars
(13) Electric Nose Hair and Ear Hair Trimmer 
Easy to operate and works well

5 Stars
(14) Great product 
I rate products by 3 criteria. Value, effectiveness and ease of use. This product works great without pulling, is easy to use and is very compact. The price was very reasonable so its five stars from me.

5 Stars
(15) Mrs. 
It really worked*******

4 Stars
(16) Electric Nose Hair & Ear Hair Trimmers 
For the price they are a great buy. The only problem is the blades dull very quickly.

4 Stars
(17) electric nose hair trimmer 

4 Stars
(18) Mr. Peter 
On/off switch was a little hard to slide on and off Once I got it going it worked very well

4 Stars
(19) Nose hair & ear trimmers 
I have had several of these over the years. Most were worthless. Some were fair. This one was better than most.

3 Stars
(20) nose hair and ear trimmer 
Great for the cost

4 Stars
(21) Nose & Ear Hair trimmet 
This is a great product. Looking for something like this for a long time. The price was a great deal!!

5 Stars
(22) Nose hairs 
great product works really good, highly recommend this unit

5 Stars
(23) Better Than My Fingers 
Sometimes a gray hair grows inside my nostrils and when I see it, it looks like a slender dried out boogie. T1here are times that I can pull it out using my fingers but then again, sometimes not. I have been eyeing this product for a little while and boy let me tell you what... It is better than my fingers.

3 Stars
(24) nose and ear trimmer 
It is different than The one I purchased about 6 months ago ..it does not get into those stubborn areas like the previous one because it has a rounded head

5 Stars
(25) Nose trimmer 
Works really well. Just what I needed!

5 Stars
(26) Electric Nose Hair Trimmer 
It works great! The price is very low for the quality!I am very pleased!

4 Stars
(27) Nose & Ear Hair Trimmer 
Works very well, easy to handle light weight & seems to be very safe. Priced right.

4 Stars
(28) hair remover 
It is very easy to use and does not irritate the area but doesnt seem to be very effective. My nose hair didnt cut as I wished. Hopefully, the results will improve after a couple of uses.

5 Stars
(29) Hair Trimmers 

4 Stars
(30) Electric Nose Hair & Ear Hair Trimmers 
Great! It works just as expected. My husband loves it and so do I!

4 Stars
(31) Trimmer Time 
Nice and sturdy. Does a great trim!

5 Stars
(32) Electric nose and ear hair trimmer 
I have tried many of these hair trimmers and have not been really happy with them. I would go back to plucking hairs. Ouch! So for the low price of this product, I thought I would give it another try. It is different with a rotary style cutter and is painless and works fabulously! I have to order one for my husband now. He is throwing out the expensive one he bought for himself.

5 Stars
(33) Electric nose hair and ear hair trimmer 
The product works extremely well. I have used it only once since I received it and was well satisfied.

4 Stars
(34) Joe Walz 
Works very well in the nose & ears, much better than cheaperthat I have used in the past.

5 Stars
(35) Nose hair @ Ear trimmer works great! Great price, too 
Awesome device, it works very good, and the cost was very low.

5 Stars
(36) Electric Nose Hair & Ear Hair Trimmers Item #5915 
Inexpensive and works great.

4 Stars
(37) Satisfied 
very good

5 Stars
(38) Excellent 
This product works very well. Easy to use and light with only 1 battery.

4 Stars
(39) Review: Nose Hair and Ear Hair Trimmer 
The product works as well as the last one I had purchased from another online retailer. This one has a top that does not stay securely on. It keeps popping off when I put in the drawer.

Review this item!