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Eggs Fast - Never Peel An Egg Again
Eggs Fast - Never Peel An Egg Again
Eggs Fast - Never Peel An Egg Again
Eggs Fast - Never Peel An Egg Again
Eggs Fast - Never Peel An Egg Again
Eggs Fast - Never Peel An Egg Again

Eggs Fast - Never Peel An Egg Again

Eggs Fast - Never Peel An Egg Again

Compare at: $12.99  (66% off)
Sold Out
Sold Out
*PLEASE NOTE: While the video may say you get a price break when you purchase two or more of this item, you do not when it is on sale. The sale price is well below the normal 2 or more discount price.

If you like hard boiled eggs, you'll love Eggs Fast!

Eggs Fast is the fast and oh so easy way to make hard boiled eggs without the pain of peeling them!

Similar to the Eggies you may have seen on TV, Eggs Fast allows you to make hard boiled eggs WITHOUT the shell! Different than the Eggies is that Eggs Fast is 1/2 the price.

It's easy... just crack the egg into the egg fast cup, boil and pop them out! One thing we must point out, in our testing we found that it is essential to coat the cup with oil, butter or Pam. This will make the egg slide right out.

It's not just for hard boiled eggs! You actually scramble up an egg, pour it into the cup and add some of your favorite ingredients for some mini, on the go omelets!

Also great for soft boiled eggs, Eggs Benedict, regular scrambled eggs and whatever you can dream up!

Think about how great it would be to never peel an egg again!

- Like the hottest selling product on TV and in Stores but at 1/2 Price
- Set of 4
- No Shells or Peeling of Shells
- Easy to Use
- BPA Free, Food Grade Silicone
- Dishwasher Safe
- Make Hard or Soft Boiled Eggs
- Great for Deviled Eggs, Salads, Mini Omelets and more...
- Cook flat on the bottom for easy decorating and eating!
- No more messy shells or broken egg whites
- Yolks are creamy and good
- Have Fun - Add ingredients before you boil for one of a kind hard boiled eggs.
- Make hard-boiled eggs from healthy carton eggs like Egg Beaters
- Enough space to hold even Jumbo Sized Eggs

Review this item!

5 Stars
Eggs Fast 
I really like this product. They are so easy to use and I love not having to peel the eggs.

5 Stars
Update to I Love These review 
If they stick, just take a teaspoon and run it around. For the review saying it is no simpler than putting the eggs in boiling water and letting it cool down, that is how I boiled eggs and I know that does not guarantee an easy peel.

5 Stars
I love these 
I put a drop of oil inside, used my finger to coat the inside and then cracked the egg, put the egg inside and placed the lid on, put it in a pot of water. As the water heats up to a boil the eggs will start cooking. When the water is boiling, I turn off the heat and let the eggs finish cooking as the water cools down. That is how I cooked eggs in a shell and that is how I cook them with these. No time change. Easy. Just make sure the cap is tight.

2 Stars
Fn review 
They do not make boiling eggs any simpler than putting eggs in boiling water and then cooling the water down. They just add preparation time to boiling eggs and nothing else. Used once and dont think I will use again, why bother?

5 Stars
If you like hard boiled eggs 
These are so great, just spray with cooking oil and boil. No peeling, no mess. Perfect hard boiled eggs every time.

5 Stars
Work just like advertised

3 Stars
Egg Fast 
Something different to cook eggs. Have to adjust cooking time Made soft boiled eggs at 8-10 minutes Hard boil eggs 15 minutes Dont have to worry about peeling egg shells.

1 Stars
Doesnt work very well 
This beats up the eggs pretty badly & was expensive for something that works so poorly. I ordered two of them & am really sorry I did that. Plan to return both of them. Thanks goodness i tried mine before giving the other one as a gift.

4 Stars
Yep they work great & make cooking eggs fun.. Be careful when cracking eggs open over eggs fast.

5 Stars
it makes it so easy and less mess to clean up

5 Stars
Husband likes how they make the eggs.

2 Stars
Egg Cooker 
Not enough info to make eggs of any kind. I wish it was like I saw on tv. Waste of money!
Hi John! We do give information on our site for how to use this egg cooker. We also have a Video posted showing how to make 2 different kinds of omelets. We would be happy to forward more information about this product. We will send you an email directly! Have a great day!
12/21/2018 - Amber

4 Stars
The only thing not mentioned in the ads is that these silicone containers float so you have to use a much larger pan to boil them in. Although the ad quickly shows the finished egg, anyone one wanting the regular oval shaped white will discover that the tops are flat not round. They work fine as far as ease and taste goes.

5 Stars
Great Buy 
These are almost double the price else where. I love these because I was so sick of peeling half the egg away with the shell.

Review this item!