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Easy-To-Use and Accurate Electronic Stud Finder w/ Picture Hanging Kit

Easy-To-Use and Accurate Electronic Stud Finder w/ Picture Hanging Kit

Easy-To-Use and Accurate Electronic Stud Finder w/ Picture Hanging Kit
Easy-To-Use and Accurate Electronic Stud Finder w/ Picture Hanging Kit
Your Price: $9.99
Compare at: $29.99  (66% off)

Screwing directly into a stud can provide more support for hanging items, especially anything that feels heavy when you're holding it against the wall. That's when accuracy in finding the stud is important. Using an Electronic Stud Finder will make your life so much safer and easier.

Any homeowner shouldn't be without an Electronic Stud Finder in their toolbox. It can help you easily detect the wood and metal studs. Basically it takes out the guesswork of trying to randomly guess where the studs are and just putting more random holes in the wall. This device can find studs up to 3/4" deep.

How To Use A Stud Finder

All you have to do is slide the electronic finder slowly across the wall and once a stud is detected, the alert system will sound and flash on the easy-to-read display. That's all it takes!

Picture Hanging Kit: Hooks and Hardware

The Picture Hanging Kit, which is included, comes with an assortment of nails and hooks and includes 12 hooks in three different sizes: Small, medium, and large. They can hold between 10-100 lbs, depending on the hooks used. You can hang up just about anything on your walls for storage or decor.


- Electronic Stud Finder
- Picture Hanging Tool Kit
- Assortment of Hooks: Small (4) Medium (4) and Large (4)
- 1" Nails (14) 2cm Nails (4)
- Makes Stud Finding Fast and Easy
- Finds Stud Up To 3/4" Deep
- Easy-To-Read Display
- Audio Signal and LED Lights Will Alert When Stud Is Found
- Includes Assorted Nails and Hooks
- Includes 2 Anti-scratch Pads On The Back
- Runs on 1 9-V Battery (Not Included)

2 Stars  Don t buy this. 
Even at $9.99, this is not a good value. There are better units out there for about $4.00 more. This detector is poorly designed. Opening the unit to install the battery will cause two loose pieces of plastic to fall out. There is no indication of how to replace the pieces or new battery. With patience, the battery can be installed and the small loose pieces re-fitted. If you have the skill and patience to reassemble this thing, it does work well at detecting hidden wall studs.

5 Stars  Fantastic product!! 
Great tool for the household. Very easy to use with any wall.

5 Stars  Works 
Finds the studs easily

5 Stars  works great 
for the money you cant beat it. It is so easy to operate, just press the button and slide. It really works well

5 Stars  Great Tool 
I would recommend this to anyone and everyone should have one of these.


5 Stars  Works as it says. 
Husband loves it.

2 Stars  Stud Finder 
Just okay

5 Stars  Wall Stud Finder 
Works perfectly.......No unnecesary holes in the wall

5 Stars  Worked great 
Used to hang a T.V wall mount. Have purchased items like this before and was unhappy with them, this was easy to use ,worked and was very cheap. I do recommend this item

5 Stars  Works like charm 
Bought this to hang a shelf and clothing rod in my closet. Found every stud, every time.

5 Stars  Works perfectly 
Just an old school stud finder that works the way its supposed to.

5 Stars  handy tool 
I was so proud of myself able to hang a large framed picture by myself! The stud finder worked like a charm, and I used the triple nail hanger provided to ensure it could handle the weight. I have had this picture for about 3 years, finally able to display it!

5 Stars  It works! 
I was doubtful that this gadget would actually work. Not only does it work, its extremely easy to use and has already saved me from putting unnecessary holes in my walls. A very good and useful gadget!

5 Stars  Excellent 
Received expeditiously. Product as described.

5 Stars  It works! 
I already used it and what a difference a great tool makes! No more hitting on the walls trying to differentiate between dry wall and wood. Hanging pictures is a breeze with the stud finder.

5 Stars  Excellent tool 
This is the best stud finder there is.

4 Stars  Stud finder 
Works pretty good most of the time. When it does work its very helpful & accurate

3 Stars  It works 
It works, but is very cheaply made. When you open it to install a battery it falls into 4 pieces. Then its almost a balancing act to get the pieces to stay in place while making sure the battery remains in its place. Almost need 4 hands to get it back together. Im hoping I dont drop it, I dont think it would survive.

5 Stars  Stud Finder 
Replaced an older one. This one is easy to use, and seems to be quite accurate. Pleased with the product.

5 Stars  No more holes! 
Finally I have a way to hang my heavy artwork without a bunch of holey walls trying to find the stud. Works great.!!

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Easy-To-Use and Accurate Electronic Stud Finder w/ Picture Hanging Kit

Pictures and home decor can be very heavy so it's important to find a wall stud to securely hang those items.